Tecban Co., Ltd. *Microsoft 365 Seminar* October 26th (Wednesday) / Web Seminar Are you thinking of SaaS backup in the same way as the on-prem version? Explanation of responsibility for data on the cloud and the optimal backup service are open to

Techban Co., Ltd.
[October 26th (Wednesday) / Webinar] Are you thinking of SaaS backups in the same way as on-prem versions? Explanation of responsibility for data on the cloud and the optimal backup service are open to the public! ! will be held

Tecban Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Mutsuo Takamatsu*,
hereinafter Tecban), AvePoint Japan Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Ken Shiomitsu, hereinafter AvePoint), TD SYNNEX Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) Co-sponsored by Koto Ward, Representative Director: Shigetaka Kunomochi, hereinafter referred to as SYNNEX) and Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. (Minato Ward, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hitoshi Yoshida, hereinafter referred to as Microsoft), held a web seminar “Thinking about SaaS backups in the same way as on-prem versions.” Aren’t you? An explanation of who is responsible for data on the cloud and an optimal backup service will be open to the public!!” will be held. [Imaged31612-280-9ec89a802a9a7b988c5b-0.png&s3=31612-280-59a7ba2e5b73104fa410812dc0c7775e-2388x595.png
■ Seminar overview
Under the influence of the new coronavirus, which has been prevalent since 2020, each company has been forced to make major changes in the way employees work in order to continue business.
In this way, work from home and telework have become popular, but IT services have also been expanded, and in recent years, the use of cloud services has expanded rapidly. I hope everyone will think about it.
In this seminar, we will explain where the responsibility of protecting data in cloud services lies for everyone who uses Microsoft 365 on a regular basis, and introduce a backup service that can be said to be a data protection mast.
*This seminar will be the content of the seminar held on May 26, 2022. ■ Seminar content
・Reconfirm Microsoft 365
When using cloud services, it is important to understand the division of responsibility corresponding to the shared responsibility model. In this session, after sorting out the shared responsibility model, we will explain the effectiveness of Microsoft 365 for the areas of responsibility that our customers bear.
・Data security protected by Microsoft 365
Data on the cloud such as SharePoint and OneDrive is increasing day by day. How do you ensure security?
We will introduce how to ensure security with Microsoft 365, including our own experience of using it.
・Self-defense to win the first move!
Cloud data backup that does not panic even if an emergency introduced in the scenario occurs
I think that we are collaborating on a daily basis with Microsoft Teams and OneDrive.
It goes without saying that the data shared within the company is important to the company.
So, do you have data protection measures for those files? In fact, there are many opportunities to lose such important data, and preparation for backup and restoration is essential for businesses. In this part, we will introduce data loss scenarios and measures that each company should take.
・We will solve all your problems with Microsoft 365!
Please leave it to us as a one-stop service from introduction to post-operation support.
Due to the epidemic of the new Corona, the need for cloud services is increasing more than ever before, and the use of Microsoft Teams in particular is increasing rapidly.
Among them, we have received more and more inquiries on a daily basis regarding operational issues including Microsoft 365, so we would like to introduce our support services including security, which is also the theme of this time.
◇ Date: October 26, 2022 (Wednesday) 10:30-11:25
◇ Capacity: 500 people
◇ Participation fee: Free
◇ Application: https://www.techvan.co.jp/event/20221026_1030webMicrosoft_365/ *This seminar will be held in web seminar format.
■ Company information
AvePoint Japan Co., Ltd.
URL: https://www.avepoint.com/jp
URL: https://www.synnex.co.jp/
Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
URL: https://www.microsoft.com/ja-jp/
Techban Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 〒108-0022
Yokoso Rainbow Tower 4F, 3-20-20 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: February 29, 1996
Representative: Representative Director Mutsuo Takamatsu*
Capital: 100 million yen
Business: Business system development
IT infrastructure network construction
Managed service
software quality service
URL: https://www.techvan.co.jp/
■ Contact information
URL: https://www.techvan.co.jp/contact/
*The height of Takamatsu is the height of the ladder.

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