Techtouch Co., Ltd. No-code guide/navigation tool “Techtouch” won the Good Design Award

Techtouch Co., Ltd.
No-code guide/navigation tool “Tech Touch” wins Good Design Award Meets the needs of users who do not want to fully use the system, as well as those who want to reduce the number of inquiries about not being able to fully use the system, and the needs of companies.
Techtouch Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Naka Inada, below , our company) announced on October 7 that its in-house developed system “Tech Touch” won the 2022 Good Design Award (sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion). The award was given in recognition of the realization of a UI that anyone can intuitively operate.
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■Reason for award
Techtouch is a mechanism that enables anyone to easily master the system, meeting the needs of both users with limited literacy and companies that want to reduce the number of man-hours required to improve work efficiency. You appreciate the design.
We have adopted two mechanisms, “no-code” and “extended functions,” so that the person who introduced the system can create a navigation system that matches their actual work, making it easy to operate within the company. increase.
Techtouch’s design contributed to winning the award by realizing a UI that can be operated intuitively by anyone, regardless of IT literacy. Specifically, we pay attention not only to the amount of information and the design that emphasizes the strength of the information, but also to the use of words. Consideration is given to using expressions that are as simple as possible on “Tech Touch” in response to the fearful characteristics of Japanese, which tends to have a large number of characters.
In this way, the concept of “anyone can easily master the system” has been highly evaluated.In recent years, despite the trend of UI/UX improvement, service developers have focused on developing new service functions. There are many situations where it is easy to get lost. On the other hand, even if the service is attractive enough to solve the user’s problem, there is another problem that there are few cases where it is used as intended by the service developer.
In response to such a situation, “Techtouch” serves as a bridge between tool vendors and users, taking on the role of improving the UI and supporting users in utilizing the system. As an important element of this effort, we aim to realize a UI that anyone can intuitively operate. This is the first time that we have received the Good Design Award as a result of our efforts to design each screen with
consideration given to the amount of information and the strength and weakness of the information so that even those who have just started using it can understand what to do. I was able to.
■ Comments from the judges
A service that allows you to post operation guides on various websites with no code. It meets the needs of both users with limited literacy and companies that want to improve work efficiency by reducing the number of man-hours required. We look forward to further success in the context of achieving more comprehensive digital utilization throughout society at limited costs.
■ About the Good Design Award
Good Design Award ( Activities to improve our lives and society through design. Designs are given to various things that surround us, regardless of whether they are tangible or intangible. Designs are things that people have built to achieve some ideal or purpose, and we evaluate and honor their quality.
The “G Mark”, which is recognized only for designs that have won the Good Design Award as “good design”, is a communication tool that connects society and design, and has a very high recognition rate in Japan.
■ About the no-code guide/navigation tool “Techtouch”
Techtouch is a no-code guide/navigation tool that can set up an input guide on any system on the web, and by correctly navigating to the goal, overwhelmingly reduces the man-hour burden of client support and internal inquiries. is.
Guided navigation that makes it possible to use the system reduces mistakes that occur due to not knowing how to enter data into the system, as well as tasks such as responding to various inquiries and double-checking. Many companies have introduced it as a new form of system education.
Among the companies that have introduced it, there are cases of large companies that have significantly reduced the man-hours involved in system utilization, such as a 33% reduction in the inquiry rate and a 79% reduction in the return rate. (*1)
Since its launch in 2019, it has been used by information system departments, human resources departments, and contact centers, mainly in major companies. It is also used as part of system utilization in the public sector.
Techtouch Co., Ltd. realizes a world where all users can master the system through real-time guide navigation displayed in the
easy-to-stumbling part of the system, and a society where no one is left behind by DX.
*1: Excerpt from introduction case: * 2: We have a track record of demonstration experiments with Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture:
-Example of navigation set with Tech Touch-
[Video 2:] -List of “Tech Touch” introduction examples-
[Tech Touch Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
・ Company name: Tech Touch Co., Ltd.
・ Location: THE EAST, 5th floor, Kasumigaseki Building, 3-2-5 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6005
・Representative: Naka Inuda
・ Business description: Development and provision of the digital adoption platform “Techtouch”
・Company website:
[Image 2d48939-85-a3b28b0b5cd6566bbe82-1.png&s3=48939-85-6467f3a9cc842e36dbcb3d186ce32b0e-1999x515.png
■ Inquiries about news releases
-Inquiries about service introduction-
Techtouch Co., Ltd. Sales representative: Nishino
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Techtouch Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Okuda

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