Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd. Digital release of a flood of circle / Ryosuke Sasaki’s new song “Yume wa Curse” has been decided! The new event “Meteor Observatory” will be held for 2 days in Sapporo with Masashi Yamada (THE BACK HORN)!

Whom it may concern
Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd.
A flood of circle・Ryosuke Sasaki’s new song “Yume wa Kurui” will be released digitally! The new event “Meteor Observatory” will be held for 2 days in Sapporo with Masashi Yamada (THE BACK HORN)!

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a flood of circle Vo. Ryosuke Sasaki will digitally release a new song “Yume wa Kurui” on October 28th.
Following “Jikyuken” released in August and “JUDY JUDY JUDY” released in September, it will be a single release for 3 consecutive months. Comment from Ryosuke Sasaki
I have to give you some sad news (for me).
The ambition to record this song in Memphis was once crushed. Realizing that 5 years had already passed since the release of my first album, “LEO”, which I made with local musicians at the Royal Studios in Memphis, I wanted to continue the work, so I contacted Royal’s boss = Boo. However, he seems to be extremely busy with Silk Sonic, which he is involved in, and so on.
Don’t get me wrong, he’s not bad of course.
It’s a matter of me and the power of my music.
This is not the time to be sad.
That’s why, when the chance comes, I’ll just try to write the best song at that time, and I’ve decided to put my heart and soul into finishing this song “Yume wa Kurui” by myself, so I decided to release it. did.
Because it’s a song that I really like, and I thought that if I let people listen to it after “Jikyuken” and “JUDY JUDY JUDY”, they’d look troubled again.
I haven’t given up yet.
Furthermore, the new event “Meteor Observatory” will be held at Sapporo cube garden on 11/10 (Thu.) and EZOHUB SAPPORO on 11/11 (Fri.) with Masashi Yamada (THE BACK HORN)! Ticket pre-sale starts today at the a flood of circle fan club.
On October 20, a flood of circle held a free live at Yoyogi Park Outdoor Music Hall, and THE KEBABS also decided to tour nationwide in December. It seems that releases and live performances will continue, so please pay attention to the trends of Ryosuke Sasaki Works. For details, please visit the official website.
□ Release information
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digital single
Ryosuke Sasaki
Title: Dreams are curses
Release schedule: Start distribution from each streaming service from 0:00 on Friday, October 28
□ Event information
11/10 (Thursday) Sapporo cube garden
“Meteor Observatory Day 1 at cube garden ~ Drunk Edition ~”
18:30 Open / 19:00 Start
[Performers] Ryosuke Sasaki (a flood of circle), Masashi Yamada (THE BACK HORN) [Ticket] Advance ¥4,400 (+D fee)
“Meteor Observation Team Day 2 at Ezo Hub ~ Sober Hen ~”
19:00 open / 19:30 start
[Performers] Ryosuke Sasaki (a flood of circle), Masashi Yamada (THE BACK HORN) [Ticket] Advance ¥4,400
[a flood of circle fan club precedence]
Period: Sunday, October 2, 2022 21:00 to Monday, October 10, 2022 (holiday) URL: http://sp.arena.emtg.jp/afloodofcircle/
[Official advance]
Period: October 13, 2022 (Thursday) 12:00 to October 16, 2022 (Sunday) 23:59 URL: https://w.pia.jp/s/ryosukesasaki22s-os/
A flood of circles
“I’M FREE 2022”
October 20, 2022 (Thursday) Yoyogi Park Outdoor Music Hall, Tokyo 18:00 start
free entrance
* A priority area will be set up in front of the stage. A “priority area admission ticket with reference number” is required to enter the priority area.
[Priority area application lottery acceptance]
Period: 10/1 (Sat) 12:00 – 10/10 (Mon/Holiday) 23:59
URL: https://pia.jp/v/afloodofcircle22free-p/
“THE KABABS Desperate”
December 10th (Sat) Osaka BIGCAT
December 11th (Sun) Nagoya ReNY limited
December 16 (Friday) Tokyo Toyosu PIT
a flood of circle official site

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