Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd. Kazeo Juku, a pioneer of cross-dressing idols, will hold Halloween Party 2022 ! “Disguise yourself as handsome as the members think”

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Teichiku Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Kazeojuku, a pioneer of cross-dressing idols, will hold a Halloween party 2022! “Disguise yourself as handsome as the members think”
Fudanjuku, a pioneer of men’s clothing unit, held “Fudanjuku Halloween Party 2022 Hello! Halloween ~Hello Hello Win!~” at Shibuya Stream Hall on October 29th.
After the opening VTR, each member appeared in costume. The first song started with “T.O.T! ~Vivid Men~”. The venue was instantly in the Halloween mood with the same song with the theme of Halloween. At the end of the first song, he said, “Hello, we are Fuo Juku!” and “Welcome to the Halloween party!”
To introduce the members in disguise again. With the costume concept of “handsome” that the members think, Alan Hazaki is “Kingdom Hearts Sora”, Rinku Eijo is “My Hero Academia Katsuki Bakugo”, Sekita Yuki is “Prince Charming”, Shijo Ou Gen is “Michael Jackson”, Yoshimune Akahoshi is “Sengoku Busho Date Masamune”, Kotaro Kurumizawa is “Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi”, and Tendo Taiyo is “The Cat Returns Baron”. [Image

And when it was announced that the purpose of this live was an unprecedented project where the audience would compete for lines and dance performances related to the song by rock-paper-scissors, and the winner would take all the prizes, people wondered, “What kind of live will it be?” The venue was wrapped in a sense of anticipation. In “Innocent Lover”, the winner of rock-paper-scissors, Alan, decides the opening lines in a cool way, and then the winner of “Men’s Revolution” is Taiyo. “I won’t let you go tonight,” “I love you to the bones,” he said coolly, and the winner of “Chen Men Heaven” was Kotaro. The song, which has a lot of dialogue, is a difficult song to take as a total song, but like Kotaro, each member inspired the song to color the song. The winner of “Hello Hello” is Yoshimune. The rap part in the middle of the song is different from Rinku and Alan’s low-pitched rap, and expresses Yoshimune’s dignified view of the world. The winner of the “herbivorous lion” is the sun. The song, which sang “Herbivory is not allowed” and “Manly things”, completed the middle part of the dialogue part with full of energy like the sun. The winner of “Shunkan Araki Future” is Kotaro. After deciding on the opening line of “respect spice for Alan”, he demonstrated Kotaro’s personality with a unique dance that was conscious of being capy cappie in his solo dance. The winner of “NOIR ~Noir~” who said “I want to show the turn of this song, so I definitely want to win” was Alain. When he decided to take a super unique turn that he was very serious, the cool expression in the final pose of everyone showed the feeling that he had accomplished everything.
The main part last performed “Rhapsody by the opening for the new opening ~If you are here, we smile ∞~”. At the end of the encore, they sang “LIKE A RAINBOW” to conclude the live.
Entering the 15th anniversary of their debut, the single title “Baby U”, which will be released on December 14, has been announced, and the punk version of their representative song “Katsunda!” be done. Furthermore, at the Christmas live performances held in Hyogo, Aichi, and Tokyo, the ban on vocalizing during live performances has been lifted. Please check the website for details. A new single will be released in December, a Christmas performance to decorate the end of 2022, and Fuo Juku, which will run through the 15th anniversary year next year, will keep an eye on it.
Comment from Kanta Yuzuki on behalf of Kazeo Juku members
“Fujio Juku Halloween Party 2022 was held again this year!! The title of this time is “Hello! All out! ! Each member also dressed up as a character or person they thought was handsome (laughs). I think it was a live show where I was able to show you. And at the end of the main part, we also announced the title of the new song “Baby U” which will be released on December 14th! The event will start again for the release! Please look forward to it! ! ”
-Product information-
New single “Baby U”
Release date: Wednesday, December 14, 2022
■ First Press Limited Edition A
TECI-913 / Price ¥1,580 (Price without tax ¥1,436) / Single CD + DVD DVD: TEBI-15687
Contents of the CD: M1 Baby U M2 Win! (Punk Ver.)
DVD contents: MUSIC VIDEO + making video
■ First Press Limited Edition B
TECI-914 / Price ¥1,580 (Price without tax ¥1,436) / Single CD + DVD DVD: TEBI-15688
CD contents (planned): M1 Baby U M2 Win! (Punk Ver.)
Contents of the DVD: Bonus footage planned
■Regular Edition
TECI-915 / Price: ¥1,100 (¥1,000 without tax) / Single CD
CD contents (planned): M1 Baby U M2 Win! (Punk Ver.), M3 undecided + Instrumental for the above 3 songs
-Live event information-
Fudanjuku Christmas Live 2022 ~No Silent Night~
■December 10th (Sat) Hyogo/Kobe Harbor Studio
[Part 1] Open 12:00 / Start 12:30
[Part 2] Open 16:30 / Start 17:00
(Q) Sound Creator 06-6357-4400
■ December 11 (Sun) Aichi / Fushimi Lion Theater
[Part 1] Open 12:00 / Start 12:30
[Part 2] Open 16:30 / Start 17:00
(Inquiries) Sunday Folk Promotion 052-320-9100
■December 25th (Sun) Tokyo/Shibuya Stream Hall
[Part 1] Open 12:00 / Start 12:30
[Part 2] Open 16:30 / Start 17:00
(Inquiries) Sunrise Promotion Tokyo 0570-00-3337
Please check the website for details such as other event schedules. [information]
Official site http://nfs724.com
Official Twitter https://twitter.com/fudan_juku
Teichiku Entertainment https://www.teichiku.co.jp/artist/fu-danjuku/

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