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[Model change] iCloud storage space is not enough! ? What should I do? -iCareFone
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If your iCloud storage is full, here are some easy ways to free up space. [Image 1

What Causes iCloud Storage Not Enough?
1. I have a lot of videos and photos stored in iCloud.
2. The iPhone system backup capacity is large.
3. There is an app that stores a large amount of data in iCloud Drive. How to check iCloud used storage
1. Open the Settings app and tap “Username” at the top of the screen. 2. Tap “Manage Storage” in the iCloud item.
3. After tapping “Manage Storage”, the total amount of iCloud storage and the amount currently used will be displayed.
[Image 2

Not enough iCloud storage! Introducing how to reduce storage and increase free space
Method 1: Delete unwanted data from iCloud backup using iPhone or other devices Step 1: Open the Settings app, select “iCloud” and tap “Storage Management”. Step 2: Tap “Backup” at the bottom of the screen.
Step 3. The device name will be displayed, so tap the name of the device that does not need backup and select “Delete backup” to complete the deletion!
[Image 3

Method 2: Turn off apps you use in iCloud
Step 1: Open the Settings app and tap “Username” displayed on the screen. Step 2, Tap “iCloud” to display a list of currently installed apps. In step 3, the ON/OFF switch is displayed on the right side of the app, and the app with this turned off will not be backed up to iCloud after that.
[Image 4

Save important data on your computer and delete unnecessary data – iCareFone [Free]
Step 1: Connect your iOS device to your PC/Mac and launch iCareFone. [Image 5d35551-156-7a7aa9fb7dd970acc07c-6.jpg&s3=35551-156-ddf5169945277775b8a9ad50d11964dc-800x514.jpg
Step 2: Once the device is recognized, select the content you want to backup. [Image 6d35551-156-8dbb37db72a70adaaa8f-7.jpg&s3=35551-156-69b7acd3c57554e429731883314f91af-800x514.jpg
Step 3. Select either “Check backup data” or “Check backup list” at the bottom of the screen to check the details of the created backup. [Image 7d35551-156-65ae3a292fb1632ba3a4-8.jpg&s3=35551-156-576b1e2fc4bf0735383cadfe770a37c1-800x514.jpg
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