Teramoto Co., Ltd. Sanitary kitchen duster with excellent stain removal effect will be released on September 30

Teramoto Co., Ltd.
Sanitary kitchen duster with excellent dirt removal effect will be released on September 30
Teramoto Co., Ltd. (President: Nobushige Teramoto, Headquarters: Osaka City), an environmental beautification product manufacturer founded in 1995, has released a new hygienic kitchen duster “Creper” from the household goods brand tidy. did.

The spread of the new coronavirus infection has led to an increase in time spent at home, which has brought about various changes in housework. I’m here.
The gold scrubbing brush, a typical kitchen duster that is widely used around the kitchen, is very convenient for removing sticky dirt, but it irritates your hands when you hold it, tends to damage the object to be cleaned, and the scrubbing brush itself. There are also people who are dissatisfied and anxious about the sanitary aspects. The creper is a kitchen duster with a soft texture that looks like a metal scrubbing brush. Although it doesn’t irritate like existing scrubbing brushes, it is highly effective in removing stains, making it suitable for cleaning oil stains on cooking utensils. The product itself is hygienic because it uses highly antibacterial thread. The product name is a combination of “copper,” which means “copper,” and the verb “scrape,” which means “to scrape off.”
A hygienic kitchen duster (metal scrubbing brush) that is highly effective in removing stains, woven with copper thread and
antibacterial thread.
[Image 1d103075-3-2d9f271dd2567be0baaa-0.jpg&s3=103075-3-9894770b6926e3178adbeee78e13a5b2-1800x2700.jpg
It has a stylish appearance that does not look like a metal scrubbing brush. [Image 2d103075-3-1d9c1b2cd8ee7bcce934-3.jpg&s3=103075-3-0cc302b10df48c46d87aca034f2b3cb9-3900x2600.jpg
For oil stains such as stoves and ranges.
[Image 3d103075-3-d7a2b797bae8eb0e2b36-2.jpg&s3=103075-3-0bd3d6657e5fbffed33b05245bfb8058-3900x2881.jpg
You can also clean the burnt dirt on the pot.
[Image 4d103075-3-f88f41fdc283e3daf4fe-10.jpg&s3=103075-3-478fd823dcc43eb9bcbcd0b70a873313-3900x2600.jpg
For cleaning sinks such as drains.
[Image 5d103075-3-cf8a8cc37849e63a8036-5.jpg&s3=103075-3-48ad458e94c73aa531972f6536b69c40-3900x2600.jpg
It can be placed upright due to its cylindrical shape, etc., and it dries quickly.
[Image 6d103075-3-8ebac40d85604a213bf6-11.png&s3=103075-3-c879a068f20588239aedff680e08ede3-1952x655.png
You can put your finger in it, roll it up, or use it in a shape that makes it easy to apply force.
[Image 7d103075-3-c6be3c3eb9c94a5abf83-1.png&s3=103075-3-f81e3ab92af8071becf667c97b097769-2525x1212.png
■ Materials: Body = polyester, copper, aluminum, cotton
■Size: Approximately Φ6 x H10.5cm ■Weight: Approximately 8g ■Price: 990 yen (tax included)
■ Country of Origin: Japan ■ Release: September 30, 2022 ■ Sales Route: Department stores, lifestyle shops, mail order, etc.
tidy homepage: https://tidy.tokyo/
tidyInstagram https://www.instagram.com/tidy.tokyo/

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