Thai online school “YUUUM” where you can start learning from teaching materials, enrollment fee, cancellation fee, free of charge is now available!

Thai online school “YUUUM” where you can start learning from teaching materials, enrollment fee, cancellation fee, free of charge is now available!
Online educational service for Thai travelers and immigrants to learn Thai conversation

YUUUM is a subscription service by Japanese people living in Thailand that allows you to learn Thai through videos, with a concept of “Thai language is interesting.”

Learn Thai daily conversations that are not taught in textbooks YUUUM’s theme is “Let’s learn Thai daily conversations that are not taught in textbooks”.
Rather than learning the Thai language academically, we have prepared an experience that allows you to enjoy learning together with the unique Thai culture.
Currently, there are 1 free course and 6 paid all-you-can-take plans. In the future, we plan to offer not only travel-related courses, but also more interesting and fun courses such as love courses, BL courses, and collaboration courses with influencers.
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・ Those who want to know the conversational phrases that are actually used locally
・ Those who want to learn Thai expressions that can be used before traveling ・Those who are tired of self-studying Thai
[Characteristics of YUUUM]

Held weekly live streaming study sessions
Live streaming once a week via Zoom, introducing phrases that can be used immediately, video commentary of actual conversation scenes, and accompanying Thai culture.
You should be able to know the charm of Thailand that you don’t know about, which you can’t enjoy just by learning the language.
*You can also ask questions by chat or voice.
*It’s okay if you don’t show your face.
*Even if you can’t participate on the day, you can still watch the past videos later.
* When you join (paid plan only), you can also watch past live streaming videos.

Monthly course update
You can learn Thai anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.
Through videos, you can listen to Thai phrases that are used in daily life, try to pronounce them together, or try to write the Thai characters in the text. You can also ask questions about each class.

Start learning for free. Contract only before travel. Cancel anytime. At YUUUM, you can start learning for 0 yen.
There are also Thai learning methods on YouTube, so anyone can easily start learning.
The paid course is 8800 yen per month (tax included), all videos are unlimited, and live distribution study sessions are held once a week. From the members, “It’s like a lesson class because it’s once a week, so it’s easy to continue. 』
“I can now hear Thai, which was difficult for me to hear. ] We are happy to hear from you.
Also, from a member, I would like to learn Thai conversational phrases before “traveling”. There was a request, so the cancellation fee will be 0 yen so that you can cancel at any time, and you can contract and learn again at any time.

A community where Thai learners can output to each other
YUUUM provides a community like a bulletin board where anyone can post freely without limit on the number of times. It can be used
effectively for information exchange between members. In addition, I will deliver information that can only be known in the community, such as my Thai learning method, things not talked about on YouTube, etc.

Message from the President
Thank you for watching until the end.
I myself had the experience of moving to Thailand two years ago, and at the same time it was new to me to live alone overseas. I remember feeling deeply.
“I wish there was a Thai language school where I could learn the daily conversations that actually happen in Thailand.”
YUUUM is a service that I made for myself who felt like that at the time. For those who feel the same way, you can learn ahead of time the daily conversation phrases that are packed with my Thai life.
Compared to conventional Thai language schools, the enrollment fee and teaching material fee are 0 yen,
We were particular about creating a service that is easy for those who like Thailand and those who are interested in the Thai language to start.
If you are considering traveling or emigrating to Thailand, please use it once before traveling,
I would appreciate it if you could make your time in Thailand more enjoyable. Thai is one of the minor languages. In addition, there are some troublesome parts, such as consciously pronouncing “5 tones” that are not in Japanese, and the number of sounds is as many as 32 in Japanese, compared to the 5 vowels in Japanese. .
At YUUUM, we focus on Thai conversational phrases that you can actually use, and carefully explain from the pronunciation.
We hold live study sessions regularly every week, so we are preparing an environment where it is difficult to get frustrated with learning Thai.
First of all, why don’t you start from free and enjoy learning real Thai daily conversations that are not found in textbooks?
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