The AI ​​meal management app “Asuken” won the Grand Prize at the BabyTech (R) Awards 2022 Pregnancy and Pregnancy Category for the meal advice course “For Pregnancy and Breastfeeding! Tomorrow Mama Course”!

asken Co., Ltd.
The AI ​​meal management app “Asuken” won the Grand Prize at the BabyTech (R) Awards 2022 [Pregnancy and Pregnancy Category] for the meal advice course “For Pregnancy and Breastfeeding! Tomorrow Mama Course”!

Asken Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President Hiroshi Nakashima, hereinafter “our company”) develops and operates Japan’s No. 1 * 1 AI meal management app “Asken” meal advice course “pregnancy and lactation period” Ni! Tomorrow Mama Course” (hereinafter referred to as “Asumama Course”) won the Grand Prize at the BabyTech (R) Awards 2022 (hereinafter referred to as BTA2022) [pregnancy and pregnancy category].
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“Asuken” aims to be a service that is useful not only for dieting but also for solving food problems at all life stages. This course was developed to provide reliable dietary advice to pregnant and lactating women who need accurate information for the growth of their unborn baby and their own health. rice field.
We will continue to provide dietary advice courses that meet various needs, and sincerely work on developing apps that are easier and more comfortable to use and easier to continue, and improving their functions, to raise people’s awareness of nutrition and We will do our best to help you improve your eating habits.
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■ Award name
BabyTech (R) Awards 2022 Pregnancy and Pregnancy Category Grand Prize ■ Award recipients
Meal advice course for AI meal management app “Asuken” “For pregnancy and lactation! Tomorrow mama course”
■ Judge’s comments
I feel the significance of Asken, a well-established meal management app, starting as a service related to the first 1000 days of life. It would be great if basic data on maternal and child food, nutritional management, and physical condition were accumulated, and information could be disseminated from Japan to the world as a tool and scheme for the health of infants.
Underweight women are a social problem in Japan, and on the other hand, it seems difficult for pregnant women to manage their weight, even after giving birth.
Pregnant women don’t want to eat anything, especially during morning sickness. You can rest assured that the Asken app has a good reputation for essential nutrition and food advice according to the season.
About the BabyTech(R) Awards
Papasmile Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO Tetsuya Nagata) held the event for the first time in Japan in 2019 at an event to award baby tech products, services, and childcare appliances distributed in Japan. In 2022, the fourth year, in anticipation of the development of the global baby tech market, after discussions with the organization that had the rights to the Baby Tech Awards in the United States, the “BabyTech (R) Awards 2022” will not be limited to Japan. It is held under a different name.
The BabyTech (R) Awards 2022 Grand Prize and Special Award Ceremony will be held at the “Nursery Expo 2022” held at Tokyo International Forum (Yurakucho) on November 21 (Monday) and 22 (Tuesday), 2022. And at the BabyTech (R) Awards 2022 booth, the Grand Prize, Excellence Award, and Special Award-winning products will be displayed, and the “Asumama Course” will also be introduced.
For more information, please visit the BTA 2022 homepage.
■ For pregnancy and lactation period of AI meal management app “Asuken”! About Assumama Course
“Asuken” calculates calories and nutrients simply by reading the images and barcodes of the meals you ate, and easily records your meals. Support.
In the “Asumama Course”, pregnant and lactating women who need to take more energy and nutrients than before pregnancy can manage their weight and nutrition at once. provide advice. We aimed to provide a service that is close to the physical condition and feelings of women who are experiencing morning sickness during pregnancy, sleep quality after childbirth, mental health, eating habits, etc.
-What you can do in the Tomorrow Course-
[Image 2d58653-67-dcb1be2c8567d354c000-0.png&s3=58653-67-895465d273a90dab47d3c868dfd2605a-3792x1800.png

You can check the recommended weight for each week
Easily check the excess or deficiency of necessary nutrients with the nutrient graph
Receive tips on how to take nutrients that you want to be aware of in a well-balanced manner
You can check the OK/NG food list
You can enter “morning sickness” in the body record

-Reference Materials-
AI meal management app “Asuken”
“Asuken” is the No. 1 AI meal management app in Japan with over 7.5 million*² members (7.9 million including overseas). You can search for the meals you ate that day from more than 100,000 menus, and record them simply by taking photos and barcodes, and the excess or deficiency of 14 items of calories, various nutrients, and 14 items will be displayed instantly in a graph. You can see the diet content and dietary advice from the AI ​​nutritionist every day, and you can understand what you should eat at your next meal, so you can improve your eating habits by acquiring the ability to choose meals. Received the 3rd Japan Service Award “Excellence Award” under the Prime Minister’s Commendation System for “Innovative and Excellent Service”. [Image 3d58653-67-2220846f4b69f07b3172-3.png&s3=58653-67-66fdab0a323c51f8ddb16272474e1e71-960x720.png
Meal management app “Asken” site:
*1: Total number of downloads and revenue from January to June 2022 in the “Healthcare/Fitness” category of the Japanese AppStore and Google Play (according to
*2: Cumulative number of members as of July 2022
[Image 4d58653-67-49531a5bdada97a91a8e-2.png&s3=58653-67-8ae349efb611673ff4ee5ab10a3889c0-984x499.png
asken Co., Ltd.
asken is developing the following businesses with the mission of “making people healthier tomorrow than today” by combining nutrition knowledge and AI.
・ Domestic personal service: Development and operation of AI meal management app “Asuken”
・Services for medical institutions: Providing “Asuken” meal records and a system for administrators to assist in nutritional guidance at hospitals
・Corporate services: Use of “Asuken” for groups for the purpose of improving the eating habits of employees and promoting the health of citizens.
・Services for overseas individuals: Development and operation of smartphone app “Asken Diet” in North America
・Development of a treatment application (medical device program) that assists diet therapy
Established: October 1, 2007
Location: Tokyo Opera City Tower 42F, 3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1442
Shareholder: Green House Co., Ltd. (100% stake)
Corporate site:

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