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The Bank of Nagoya started full-scale operation of SCOPE, a personal loan business support system.

IT4 Co., Ltd.
The Bank of Nagoya started full-scale operation of SCOPE, a personal loan business support system.
-Promoting operational efficiency through the centralization of housing loan operations and an automated screening system-

ITFO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Tsunenori Sato) has launched a personal loan business support system “SCOPE” at The Bank of Nagoya, Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture; President: Ichiro Fujiwara). We also announced today that the personal credit information inquiry system “MICS 2.0” has been fully
operational from October 3, 2022.
◆ Background of introduction
The Bank of Nagoya decided to consolidate its housing loan operations from 10 to 4 locations, and in order to develop a system to provide more prompt and enhanced services, it implemented the personal loan operation support system SCOPE, which realizes speedy screening. and adopted the personal credit information inquiry system “MICS 2.0”. ◆ Overview of introduction and expected effects
In this introduction, we will promote paperless documents received at the loan center, manage the progress of projects with the screening workflow, check personal credit information, automatically screen with the screening support function, and request the guarantee company to screen the guarantee. This will greatly improve the examination speed, and it will be possible to respond to the examination results at an early stage. In the future, we plan to promote automation and efficiency by strengthening cooperation with other systems, and will continue to provide total support for the bank’s loan operations. ◆ What is the personal loan business support system “SCOPE”? Responding to mortgage screening, unsecured loan screening, and developing credit screening, after receiving a loan application, inquiries to personal credit information agencies, name identification and aggregation of inquiry results, suitability for loan conditions and past transaction status This is a web-version package system that automates the checking of A series of processes can be managed as a whole, and examination efficiency can be improved.
◆ What is the personal credit information inquiry system “MICS 2.0”? It provides a connection function with personal credit information agencies (KSC, CIC, JICC), and can obtain information from multiple agencies with a single inquiry process. Response information is analyzed and aggregated by a function that automatically aggregates response information from each credit information agency.
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・SCOPE personal loan business support system
・MICS 2.0 personal credit information inquiry/registration system
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