The brand’s first monogram collection is born to commemorate the 15th anniversary of “TATRAS”

The brand’s first monogram collection is born to commemorate the 15th anniversary of “TATRAS”

An iconic monogram collection with the brand logo as a design motif was born from “TATRAS”, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.
A pop-up store will also be held to commemorate the launch of the brand’s first monogram collection.
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TATRAS will announce the brand’s first monogram collection.
The new icon created by the design team based in Milan, Italy is inspired by an urban image with the TATRAS brand logo as a motif. Using the iconic design of TATRAS’ standard material and the glossy jacquard material developed for this collection, we will also develop hats and caps using the same material as well as down jackets. . [Image 3

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[Product development destination information]
10/12 (Wed.)-10/18 (Tue.) Special venue next to the main stage on the 1st floor of Kobe Daimaru
Nagoya Takashimaya 4F Rose Patio 11/2 (Wed)-11/15 (Tue)
Daimaru Sapporo store 1st floor event space 11/2 (Wed)-11/15 (Tue) Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store Tower Hall 2nd Floor Event Space 11/16 (Wed)-11/29 (Tue)
Shinjuku Takashimaya 2nd floor event space “The Main Square” 12/14 (Wed)-12/20 (Tue)
Kyoto Daimaru west escalator north side event space 12/14 (Wed)-12/27 (Tue) Tokyo Daimaru 1F women’s clothing side event space 12/21 (Wed)-12/27 (Tue) Iwataya Main Store Main Building 1st Floor Kirameki Board 12/28 (Wed)-1/10 (Tue) [Image 7

LUCA ¥126,500-
[Image 8

LORI ¥110,000-
[Image 9

MUSSA ¥121,000-
[Image 10

BOUBA ¥88,000-
[Image 11

BENE ¥165,000-
[Image 12

SALIAM ¥19,800-
[Image 13

COMA ¥22,000-
[Image 14

THEO ¥24,200-
Customers who order Monogram Collection down wear at the above stores will receive a mug and saucer with a monogram design on a first-come, first-served basis.
Crafted from the fine bone china material used in prestigious hotels and restaurants, the crystal-clear white porcelain features the iconic Monogram design.
[Image 15
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