The December issue of Figaro Japon “Fascinated by stories, Okinawa.” will be released on Thursday, October 20th.

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The December issue of Figaro Japon “Fascinated by stories, Okinawa.” will be released on Thursday, October 20th.
A new complete guide to Okinawa that touches on sustainable culture. The binding appendix introduces the 37 best addresses on the main island!

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Figaro Japon December 2022 issue
The endlessly transparent and beautiful sea, and the plants that grow vividly and vividly under the full sun. Music and crafts that have been handed down from the Ryukyu Kingdom in ancient times, buildings that coexist with nature and are built with respect, and a unique food culture that sublimes familiar things while devising them are all examples of Okinawa’s tolerance and people. That’s because of the strength of the. The special sense of liberation you feel every time you visit this place will become even stronger when you learn about the story behind it. Now that the world’s values ​​are changing, let’s take a trip to touch the essence of Okinawa again.
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Figaro Japon December 2022 issue
Yuna Kuroshima, what Okinawa taught me.
Actor Yuina Kuroshima, who grew up in Okinawa until she moved to Tokyo at the age of 17, visited her hometown again. Looking back at your roots, what do you feel about Okinawa and what makes you who you are today?
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Figaro Japon December 2022 issue
Art de vivre life found in migration.
Two women who were fascinated by Okinawa and moved there. Knowing the wisdom of life inherited by the Uchinanchu (locals), he conveys its charm from the perspective of an immigrant. Take a look at their wonderful lives, enjoying their careers so far!
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Figaro Japon December 2022 issue
A restaurant of local production for local consumption that excites the main island.
Chefs fascinated by unique Okinawan ingredients offer sophisticated cuisine and a stylish space. I would like to pay attention to the new restaurant unique to the main island.
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Figaro Japon December 2022 issue
Destination Hotels, Latest Listings.
Relaxing rooms that make the most of the good location, activities in the pool and the sea, and gourmet food that incorporates local ingredients… A superb stay at a hotel that will be the highlight of your trip to Okinawa.
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