The definitive edition of the Kanagawa ramen book! More than 200 carefully selected shops published “Ramen Wal ker Kanagawa 2023”

Kadokawa ASCII Research Institute Co., Ltd.
The definitive edition of the Kanagawa ramen book! More than 200 carefully selected shops published “Ramen Walker Kanagawa 2023” Introducing plenty of new stores that hold down the trends of 2022-2023! A total of over 15,000 yen! Free tasting tickets and half-price coupon plans are also available

Kadokawa ASCII Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President: Noriko Kase) will release Ramen Walker Mook “Ramen Walker Kanagawa 2023” on Monday, October 31, 2022.
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A thorough introduction to new and popular shops to visit in Kanagawa! “Ramen Walker Kanagawa 2023” is the latest issue of the Kanagawa version of Ramen Walker, a ramen magazine developed in each area of ​​Japan. We will introduce plenty of the latest ramen information in Kanagawa, focusing on popular shops that you should really visit now and new shops that hold down the trends of 2022-2023.
In addition, special projects such as premium noodles that only readers can eat, noodles that are notable for ordering noodles from the Ramen Walker Hall of Fame nationwide, and discount coupons such as free tasting tickets are also available.
The definitive Kanagawa ramen book “Ramen Walker Kanagawa 2023” can be purchased at bookstores nationwide and online bookstores such as Amazon.
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■ NEW OPEN The strongest next generation
A large collection of notable shops that raise the level of Kanagawa, such as shops of talented shopkeepers who have trained at famous shops, and Kanagawa’s first shops by famous shops in Tokyo! We will introduce 27 stores carefully selected by the editorial department from about 180 stores that opened in Kanagawa Prefecture in the past year. Check out the ridiculously high-level new store that can become the face of Kanagawa in the future!
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■Two popular groups of shopkeepers will talk about the
much-anticipated special talk between the shopkeepers
A special interview was held by a young talented shop owner who is attracting attention in Kanagawa. We will deliver plenty of passionate stories of the two, such as their passion for ramen, their dreams for the future, and their thoughts on their hometown!
[Image 3d17610-11-9dc97830811d71e427eb-2.jpg&s3=17610-11-48246678a1ad7e3f25d0a495fd09e51b-800x566.jpg
■The evolution of Tanrei Ramen is amazing!
Tanrei ramen with a clear soup made from various ingredients such as chicken bones, dried sardines, etc. In Kanagawa, the fierce
battlefield, we will introduce a number of popular shops that have come to be called “Kanagawa Tanrei-kei”, such as legendary shops that have had a great influence on the next generation, and shops that have attracted attention for their unique evolution. .
[Image 4d17610-11-03c41644c1d0cb06293c-3.jpg&s3=17610-11-68065125a833798a1a2f4735ccbe0876-800x566.jpg
In addition, we will deliver a lot of content, such as the
announcement of the results of the annual “Ramen Walker Grand Prix 2022”, a catalog of delicious shops by area, an introduction to the noodles ordered from the Hall of Fame stores nationwide, and a convenient route map for searching. “7 MEN Samurai (Johnny’s Jr.)” will also appear as the final part of the serial project by Ramen Walker 2023 Mook!
“Ramen Walker Kanagawa 2023” Ramen Walker Mook
List price: 900 yen (excluding tax)
Release date: October 31, 2022 (Monday)
ISBN: 9784049111286
Magazine code: 62634-40
Format: A4 size, 116 pages
Published by Kadokawa ASCII Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Official website URL: * In addition to the Kanagawa version, “Ramen Walker 2023” is available in the Tokyo, Kansai, Tokai, Miyagi, Hokkaido, Yamagata, Fukushima, Kyushu, Chiba, Ibaraki, and Saitama versions. is also scheduled to be issued.
About Ramen Walker
It is the “Japan’s highest peak” comprehensive ramen media that introduces ramen that you should eat now with all-out coverage. In addition to “Mook,” which serves as a ramen guide for each area of ​​Japan, “WEB,” “YouTube,” and “Twitter,” which introduce the latest news as a portal site for ramen fans, a ramen information program currently being broadcast on Fuji TV CS. With “Ramen Walker TV2” and the world’s first media-linked real store “Ramen Walker Kitchen”, we are transmitting the possibilities of Japanese national food “Ramen” with multifaceted and overwhelming media power.
Mook WEB
TV program “Ramen Walker TV2” Real store “Ramen Walker Kitchen” [Image 5d17610-11-d9f40b8ec91313a1a6c0-4.png&s3=17610-11-3e08809e81511a63510349c0ecd2ab67-396x160.png
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Kadokawa ASCII Research Institute is developing a wide range of businesses, including surveys, consulting, marketing, business solutions, publishing, and educational support, utilizing the knowledge cultivated in media management and content production. We comprehensively utilize our content power, media power, and research power to work on solving our customers’ problems.
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