The drama “Suihando” will be relay broadcasted by 4 commercial stations in Niigata Prefecture! A drama with the theme of “cooking rice” set in Minamiuonuma City has been completed.

SPOON Co., Ltd.
The drama “Suihando” will be relay broadcasted by 4 commercial stations in Niigata Prefecture! A drama with the theme of “cooking rice” set in Minamiuonuma City has been completed.
In order to convey the importance of food and solve problems related to food, the drama “Suihando” (4 episodes), which was produced with the theme of “cooking rice”, will be relay broadcast on 4 commercial stations in Niigata Prefecture!

October 17, 2020. SPOON Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Mitsuharu Tanida) has announced that it has produced a rice cooking drama that is closely related to the rice paddy area, ‘Soil Road’, as an attempt to solve social issues with drama (video). The stage of the work is Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture, which is known as one of Japan’s leading producers of high-quality Koshihikari rice. The drama will be relay-broadcasted from November 13th (Sun) to November 30th (Wed) by 4 commercial stations in Niigata Prefecture. Japanese food is full of problems, such as the lack of successors to farmers, the problem of increasing food mileage due to the stagnation of local production for local consumption, and the problem of food loss. By producing a drama about young people who pursue rice cooking with a hagama, which is currently disappearing, this work is planned to create empathy and the importance of eating each meal with care, and to serve as a foothold for solving various problems.・It was produced.
The broadcast schedule for each episode is as follows:
Episode 1 BSN Niigata Broadcasting
11/13 (Sun) 25:25-25:50
Episode 2 UX Niigata TV 21
11/16 (Wed) 25:55-26:20
Episode 3 TeNY TV Niigata
11/26 (Sat) 25:35-26:00
Episode 4 (final episode) NST Niigata General TV
11/30 (Wed) 25:30-25:55
[Image 1

Suihando main visual
SPOON Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Mitsuharu Tanida) focused on “solving various food problems in Japan” and as a first step to solve the problem, “Paddy field community-based rice cooking drama “Suihando” ]” (hereinafter “cooked rice road”). Each episode is 25 minutes long, and all 4 episodes will be broadcast in collaboration with 4 commercial stations in Niigata Prefecture (BSN Niigata Broadcasting, UX Niigata Television 21, TeNY TV Niigata, NST Niigata General Television). It was decided.
In Minamiuonuma City in the summer of 2022, shooting was conducted using actual stores and facilities with the cooperation of
Minamiuonuma City, including local extras.
[Image 2

Naoto (Kuon Chika), the main character, on the train heading to Minamiuonuma City
The main character, Naoto Aramachi, who goes to a university in Tokyo, asks another main character, Hikari Shimomura, a junior from Minamiuonuma, Niigata Prefecture, to cook rice at a camp he visits with his circle. The story progresses from the place where he visits Minamiuonuma City in the summer after seeing the technique.
[Image 3

Hikaru Shimomura (Kokoro Toyoshima) Daughter of the head of the rice cooker and a candidate for Suhan
In Minamiuonuma City, there was a rice cooking art called “Suihando” that had been secretly passed down since the Warring States period. The rice cooker has two families, the Uemura family and the Shimomura family. It was a custom that the winner was allowed to have the title of “Suihan” and the ancient treasure “Aiungama” until the next match.

[Image 4

International University Rice Cooking Seminar Professor Komatsuzawa (Masahiro Komoto) who knows the secret of cooking rice
It is allowed to appoint a substitute for the “Suihan candidate”, and in order for Naoto to become a “Suihan representative candidate” and participate in the “Faruiai” on behalf of that person, it is necessary to learn the necessary skills for cooking rice in Minami Uonuma City. I had to pass on the skill by performing the training “Sui-gyo” to inherit the skill from the “rice cooker (suihanja)” who has been handed down from generation to generation. The content depicts how Naoto, Hikaru and others grow through the connections with various people in the days of “Suigyo”.
[Image 5

Hikaru’s parents who welcome Naoto who visits Minamiuonuma, playing the role of mother Misaki (Misayo Haruki) and father Inahiko (Daikichi Sugawara)
The performers are Chikashi Kuon from Shibata City, Niigata
Prefecture, and Kokoro Toyoshima from Gosen City, Niigata Prefecture. Masahiro Komoto, Reiko Tajima, Akira Hamada, Daikichi Sugawara, Misayo Haruki, Koji Furukawa, Kouki Nagamura, Suzuka Ohgo, Honami Kurashimo, Minwa Cho, Taijiro Tamura, and Yuki, who are active in movies, stages, and TV dramas. Taira Aika, Maria Yuriko and other talented actors solidify the demanded roles. In addition, local performers such as Minamiuonuma City exchange ambassador Osman Sangkon and Suzuki Qtaro (Hiking Walking) will also appear. The theme song was written by Yuya Ozaki, a singer-songwriter.
[Image 6

International University of Japan Professor Osman Sankon (Osman Sancon) and Professor Komatsuzawa (Masahiro Komoto) having a heated discussion about the Guinean rice dish “Rigula”
The broadcast schedule of the drama rice cooker road is as shown in the table below.
[Table 2: ]

The production costs for this project, which was planned as a social issue-solving drama, were contributed by the producers (SPOON Co., Ltd. and Maesaku Co., Ltd.). The two companies will create a new genre called “local drama” as a method to spread the awareness of social issues through videos and create opportunities for many people to think about solutions, as a method to convey the charm of the region. rice field.
What is the “cooking road”? At this time, there are no plans to rebroadcast or release it online. There is no doubt that it will be a very valuable broadcast. If you live in Niigata Prefecture, please take a look.
In addition, the production of a sequel to the drama “Suihando” is already under consideration, and we are looking for local governments and companies that can collaborate.
■Suihando Official Site
■ Drama Suihando Trailer
[Video 2:]

■ Staff
Director/Screenplay: Dai Isomi
Planning: SPOON Co., Ltd.
Production: Maesaku Co., Ltd.
Producer: Masahiko Sasaki
Music: Yasunori Tanaka
Draft: Mitsuharu Tanida
Opening song “The future I connect”
Lyricist/Composition Yuya Ozaki
Arrangement TOMI YO
Song Yuya Ozaki
Ending song “Go forward without hesitation”
Lyricist/Composition Yuya Ozaki
Arrangement TOMI YO
Song Yuya Ozaki
Cooperation: Minamiuonuma City/Niigata Prefecture/Alpha Agency Co., Ltd./Sony Music Entertainment
Everyone in Minamiuonuma City

■ Comments from stakeholders
SPOON Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Mitsuharu Tanida (Planning/Draft)
SPOON Co., Ltd. advocates a planning company that solves social issues with ideas, and has provided planning, video production, and production work as a service. In 2020, we launched “MUSIC/SLASH”, a video distribution platform that combines high-quality video distribution and copyright protection functions as a planning business to face the issues of the Japanese music industry. What our company focused on as a target for a new problem-solving project was the “various food problems in Japan” represented by the shortage of successors in agriculture, local production for local consumption, and food loss.
I wondered if there was anything I could do to address this issue even now. Rather than being a problem on the producers’ side, I wondered whether it would be possible to change the situation by changing the attitudes of consumers and consumers. was. Therefore, I wondered if I could make a change by bringing the most important Japanese meal, the act of “cooking” when eating rice, to the center of modern life. In the history of Japanese food, which has been creative and ingenious to make each meal delicious, there are still quite a few people who want to eat delicious rice.
If you go to a consumer electronics store, you will find a lot of rice cookers for cooking delicious rice from each manufacturer. I found hope in the current situation where the efforts and hard work of engineers who want us to eat rice deliciously are spreading all over the world as such products. These products have eliminated mistakes in cooking rice, but in times when there were no such products, the work played an important role in housework and cooking. By cooking delicious rice, I thought that the Japanese dining table in the past had more gratitude for today’s meals and each meal.
I thought that this feeling may have created a connection of gratitude to the person who prepared the meal and to the producers. If they can feel this feeling more strongly, they will be able to regain a stronger bond with the producers, which will lead them to eat locally harvested crops. This will lead to revitalization of local production for local consumption, and increase the possibility that it will lead to income for producers even in rural areas. And by restoring the relationship between local agriculture and local eating habits, food miles will be reduced. I wanted to create such a future. In order to put the culture of rice cooking at the center of eating habits in modern society, it is necessary to create content that expresses the depth and fun of rice cooking in an era where there are times when it fails, and to ask questions to the modern world. Finally, we decided to produce a drama with the theme of cooking rice.
The realization of this project would not have been possible without the efforts of many collaborators. Everyone who cooperated with this project, the actors and their affiliated offices, the staff including the production staff, and everyone involved. Above all, the local governments and local collaborators who accepted the large-scale shooting. And I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the four commercial broadcasters in Niigata Prefecture who have considered and decided to collaborate with four commercial broadcasters, which can be said to be the first in history. It is a challenging attempt for a commercial station to broadcast across barriers. However, I would like to thank you once again for making the decision to cooperate with this project.
This drama “Suihando” has an aspect of “social problem-solving drama”. In the future, I think that this drama project will have great meaning as an example of creating and fostering local excitement by having such a transmission method. I am also grateful to my parents, who gave me the opportunity to create this project and who had the greatest influence on me. .
Everyone in Niigata Prefecture. Please enjoy the rice cooking drama that is closely related to the paddy field.

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