The electronic contract system “Contract Minister” started providing multi-party contract functions, enabli ng contracts with three or more parties

TeraDox Inc.
The electronic contract system “Contract Minister” started providing multi-party contract functions, enabling contracts with three or more parties

TeraDox Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Keiji Saito) is an electronic contract system “Minister of Contract” that supports contracts with multiple contract partners, such as three-party contracts. We have started providing contract functions.

Background of launching multi-party contract function
With the increasing computerization of various administrative and private procedures, the penetration rate of electronic contracts, which complete contracts online, continues to grow.
In May 2022, due to the enactment of the Revised Law on Real Estate Transaction Business, the ban on electronic contracts has been lifted significantly even in real estate contracts, which became a big topic, and our company’s “Minister of Contracts” has received a lot of attention from people in the real estate industry. Inquiries have surged.
In the real estate industry, there are many cases where contracts are concluded between three parties, such as lease contracts, between the lender, the tenant, and the intermediary. have become.
Overview of multi-party contract functionality
You can set up to 5 addresses to which the contract will be sent. This function makes it possible to conclude contracts with three or more parties, such as real estate brokerage contracts such as buyers, sellers, and brokers.
Confirmation and agreement of the contract will be done in a relay format. You can also use it as an approval flow before sending to the contract partner by setting your company’s superior etc. as the destination. Flow of contract conclusion between multiple parties
[Sender’s operation]
1. Create a contract.
2. Set the destination to send the contract.
Enter the recipient’s name, email address, and company name (optional) in the order you want them to agree to the contract.
At this time, set whether or not to add an electronic signature and the authentication method at the same time.
3. After confirming the contents of the contract and the information of the destination, we will send it.
[Operation of destination]
4. An agreement request email will be sent to the address set first in the order of agreement. Access the contract from the URL described in the email.
5. Check the contents of the contract, and if there are no problems, perform the agreement operation.
6. After completing the operation, the first recipient will receive an “Agreement Completion Notification Email”, and the sender will receive an “Agreement Completion Notification Email” to the sender.
7. An agreement request email will be sent to the second destination in the agreement order. Thereafter, after the agreement is completed in the same way, an agreement completion email and an agreement request email will be sent to the following address.
[Sender/destination common]
8. When all recipients have completed the agreement, the contract file and agreement conclusion certificate will be sent to all senders and recipients by e-mail.
[About the Minister of Contract]
This is an electronic contract system that allows you to create, send, conclude, and manage (save) contracts in one stop. With simple functions and an easy-to-use design, even those who are new to electronic contracts can use it with confidence.
The price starts from 0 yen, and the paid plan is also very
reasonable, starting at 2,200 yen.
Contract Minister Service Introduction
[Development background and thoughts of the Minister of Contract] We set up a project team in anticipation of a rapid acceleration of the movement away from stamps, such as the digitization of
information, the lifting of the ban on side jobs through work style reforms, and the reduction of paper resources from the perspective of SDGs.
The penetration rate of electronic contracts has grown significantly over the past few years, but due to the restrictions on activities due to the declaration of a state of emergency last year, we believe that the use of electronic contracts is expected to accelerate and expand. It was decided to raise the priority and work on development. With electronic contracts, it is possible to reduce the need to go to work because the creation, transmission, and conclusion of contracts can all be completed online, even with the problem of having to come to the office to stamp paper documents.
I would like to see it become more popular in the world because it reduces anxiety about the new coronavirus infection and the burden of commuting, and also leads to the reduction of CO2 emissions and resources from movement.
Click here for the reason for the low price and the secret story behind the birth of the service
TeraDox will continue to provide services that contribute to the development of society.
[Services operated by TeraDox]
Easy, low-cost, legally compliant electronic contract system “Minister of Contracts”
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[Company Profile of TeraDox Co., Ltd.]
Company name: TeraDox Inc.
Location: Shimizubashi Yabe Building 9F, 3-10-3 Honmachi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Keiji Saito, President and Representative Director URL:
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