The era of liberalization of high school careers has arrived! “Ima College is hot!” A must-read for faculty and staff A book that draws out students’ choices in life

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The era of liberalization of high school careers has arrived! “Ima College is hot!” A must-read for faculty and staff A book that draws out students’ choices in life
Professional education magazine CareerMapLabo

-What is CareerMapLabo-
The dropout rate at vocational schools is 13.2%, while the dropout rate at universities is 2.5%*. there is.
On the other hand, vocational schools are constantly studying the practice of vocational education that is directly linked to future occupations.
Originally, Good News Co., Ltd. (https://www. thought. CareerMapLabo, a magazine specializing in vocational education, provides information on vocational education from various angles, It was published as a way for students to grasp the choices they need in their lives.
* 2020 Basic Survey of Schools, Job Separation of New Graduates (March 2017 Graduates) Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
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CareerMapLabo Cover
A high percentage of vocational school graduates find employment locally For example, a little-known fact is that according to survey data on the local employment situation of vocational school and university graduates, a high percentage of vocational school graduates tend to find employment locally.
[Image 2d55573-13-a9787a600dee363731ec-3.jpg&s3=55573-13-d9ee7b2327e27ee9a54b94e90dafc575-1776x1346.jpg
From this point of view, there are many cases where vocational schools are implementing initiatives in collaboration with local communities. In this CareerMapLabo,
Chugoku Design College that led Okayama’s denim boom
Kyoto Culinary College, which collaborated with Miyazu City to plan a student restaurant
We have published an article about the case.
Interview with Mr. Kazuhiro Fujiwara, Practitioner of Educational Revolution “By combining three skills, we aim to become a highly scarce human resource.” [Image 3d55573-13-355e9dc723d78f06f2b6-2.png&s3=55573-13-2bd43a5c53bac496b84690b666c63c71-323x276.png
Mr. Kazuhiro Fujiwara
Special Feature 1: Japan’s Career Future of Diversity Is There a Future for Universities and Others?
Go to college, go to vocational school, get a job…
In the current situation where there seems to be a choice and there is no room for choice, the future of “career diversity”
An article that explores the question of what teachers can present from various angles
Special Feature 3: Advancing Digitalization: How Should Educational Sites Respond?
Digitalization is progressing rapidly in the field of education. How should teachers respond to this move?
Visiting professor at the University of Tokyo Institute for Future Initiatives An article on how faculty and staff should be in digital education based on Keita Nishiyama’s opinion
・Special contributions
Mr. Fumiaki Nakayasu, General Education Production Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
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Mr. Fumiaki Nakayasu
Mr. Tadaki Tadakatsu, Chairman of the Association of Tokyo Specialized Training Colleges
[Image 5d55573-13-dcc1511f7937f4b95c83-4.png&s3=55573-13-41fd95a41c9b244f1595021fd637ddde-243x323.png
Mr. Tadataka
Mr. Keiichi Yoshimoto, President of the Japan Vocational Education Society [Image 6d55573-13-d0827d5eaa586e9def10-6.jpg&s3=55573-13-5bf604dbb40e8afbe9f4a470dd389a0c-1212x1183.jpg
Mr. Keiichi Yoshimoto
– Thoughts on publication –
Our vocational school student job hunting app “CareerMap” was launched in 2015 as a tool to DX the on-campus employment guidance of the vocational school so that the teachers can work on the job guidance to their heart’s content in their free time. So far, nearly 100 vocational schools have officially introduced the system, and the total number of students using it is about to exceed 90,000. This time, beyond the framework of the app, we will raise awareness of the field of “vocational education” that vocational schools are working on, provide information so that various people can choose various careers by themselves, As a way to sow seeds, we have decided to publish a vocational education magazine, CareerMapLabo.
-CareerMapLabo Editor-in-chief Maki Itakura-
We want to create a world where people choose their own skills to hone themselves and choose their “work” as another standard, instead of leaving the company to decide their own career after graduating from university. On top of that, the “vocational education” that vocational schools are responsible for can be an option that further enhances the freedom of individual career choices. This magazine was published with the desire to let many people know the value of “vocational
*The first issue is distributed free of charge to high school teachers and vocational school teachers.
If you would like to subscribe, please contact CareerMap Editorial Department Itakura (
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