The Essence of Promoting Femtech in the Growing Market

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The Essence of Promoting Femtech in the Growing Market
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The femtech industry is attracting a great deal of attention, with “femtech” being nominated for the 2021 new word and buzzword award. According to a forecast by Femtech Focus, an NPO that distributes information and supports startups in the femtech field, the femtech market is said to grow to a market size of 1.186 trillion dollars (approximately 138 trillion yen) by 2027. I’m here.
The femtech market is expected to grow further in the future, but what is behind the excitement of femtech in the first place?
Women’s wellness and well-being, women’s active participation and work style reform, empowerment, education and training, childcare and pregnancy, gender disparity and diversity. Femtech is not a transitory trend, it has a variety of women’s worries and conflicts, and we have a strong insight. Deepening your knowledge and understanding of femtech and knowing the insights that underlie it should be very useful for future business growth and communication strategies. In this seminar, we will explain in detail the femtech market and the outcomes that femtech aims for. By correctly understanding femtech and femcare and learning the essential needs and data there, we can utilize it for various measures.
If you are involved in communication targeting women, product/service development, women’s empowerment, diversity promotion, and corporate branding, please join us.
– Seminar Overview –
Learn the basics of femtech
Learn about the essence of women’s issues
Understand the insights of women who have high expectations for Femtech Get tips on how to use femtech and femcare
– Advantages of the seminar –
We can improve our products and services by reflecting the voices of our customers.
Investigate latent customer needs and deepen customer understanding Optimization of PR methods for new products/services targeting women Develop new products that reflect customer feedback
Visualize social needs/unspoken voices and connect them to measures and CC/branding
-Recommended for those who have such a sense of problem/person in charge- I want to reflect women’s voices in products and services
I want to promote diversity and the empowerment of women
Think strategically about communication when releasing new products/services Since the repeat rate of products and services is low, we want to review needs and make improvements
Guest Speaker: Ms. Anna Creshenko (President, Flora Inc.)
[Image 1

Graduated from the Faculty of International Relations of the Ukrainian National University of Odessa. In 2017, he received a scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and came to Japan. After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Kyoto University in 2022, he entered the Graduate School of Management at the same university. Selected for Phoenix Incubation in Kyoto in 2020. Founded Flora in Japan for the purpose of physical and mental care for women due to pregnancy depression of a close person. In 2022, she won the Shining Women’s Award at the Kansai Business World Seminar hosted by the Kansai Economic Federation and the Kansai Association of Corporate Executives.
Guest Speaker: Ryota Takada (CMO, Flora Inc.)
[Image 2

Entered Chuo University Faculty of Law in 2019. Since 2019, he has been engaged in the management of a cram school and has grown to the second largest in the industry in the Shinjuku area. Many activities at foundations and corporate juridical persons. From December 2019, he participated in attemy Co., Ltd. as the internship program development business manager. In 2021, he left the cram school and joined Flora Co., Ltd. In addition to overseeing advertising operations and SNS operations as CMO, he is also engaged in a wide range of activities such as sales to corporations and local governments and service content creation.
Facilitator: Mami Naito (Sustainable Branding Business Promotion Officer, YUIDEA Co., Ltd.)
[Image 3

After working as a creative at an advertising agency, he has long been involved in the editing of the high fashion e-commerce division of a business company. At the same time, he was engaged in the operation of various websites such as corporate sites, EC, owned media, etc. After working in public relations, he served as a new business development manager.
After joining YUIDEA in 2021, he is responsible for the mission to promote the sustainable branding business, and in addition to being the editor-in-chief of the owned media “Sustainable Brand Journey”, he is working on program development and communication design proposals. ▼Date and time
Please select the desired date and time from the following on the application form.
Wednesday, November 16, 2022 14:00-15:00
Tuesday, November 29, 2022 15:00-16:00
Tuesday, November 29, 2022 19:00-20:00
December 8, 2022 (Thursday) 15:00-16:00
*This seminar is a recording distribution of the seminar held on June 30, 2022. ▼Participation fee
Online recording delivery by Zoom
* For those who have applied, we will send you a viewing URL in advance. ▼Program flow
1. Introduction
2. Femtech market and Flora’s story of us
3. Talk session: What kind of insights do women have there?
4. Q&A
▼How to apply
Please fill in the necessary information on the special form and apply. The application deadline is [until noon on the day of each delivery date]. We are looking forward to your application.
We also accept applications for free individual consultations. If you are interested, please check “I would like an individual consultation meeting” in the application form below.
Flora Inc.
Developing AI and IoT services that liberate women’s minds and bodies from prejudices and taboos
[Image 4d20348-26-e8f3819d9c5625d2aaaf-4.png&s3=20348-26-9fda76f2cef8eff3f7091302207f4356-1021x467.png
Flora Inc. (head office: 32 Yoshida Tachibana-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto) was established on December 8, 2020 as an AI/ML/data science startup in the healthcare field. Maternity” has started. Under the supervision of the Biodata Engineering Group of Osaka University, registered dieticians, and midwives, we are developing a unique health management algorithm that grasps the overall health of each woman.
The next-generation menstruation and fertility app flora app equipped with a unique AI algorithm contains content supervised by experts and scientifically grounded content. These contents are of course practical, but we aim to free women from gender bias, and we post many contents with few stereotypes.
flora app implements functions and contents that lead to improvement of physical health, as well as functions and contents that lead to improvement of mental health. We provide information to improve the mental health of users through guided meditation sounds, on-demand lectures, columns, etc.
[Image 5d20348-26-f6401050d46f20793d0d-5.png&s3=20348-26-75faf351c66b65aac355a66826269cf8-1058x567.png
Flora Co., Ltd. believes that increasing the number of femtech and femcare services that solve women’s unique health issues will lead to a society in which it is easier for women to balance health and work. If women are healthy, not only will the amount of labor losses for companies decrease, but also the active participation of women will be promoted and the active participation of women will become more commonplace, thereby eliminating prejudices and biases against women. I think we can aim. In order to contribute to such a trend, we are also focusing on BtoB services that can support the creation of new businesses.
YUIDEA Co., Ltd.
Marketing communication in the sustainable x ethical era
Working on sustainability and disseminating our activities will have a positive effect on various stakeholders. Consciousness of
sustainability has increased in consumer activities, and we have entered an era in which it is considered that we do not communicate = we do not work on it. We increase value to become a “brand of choice” through sustainable branding.
By using sustainable branding, we will amplify and expand solutions to social and regional issues through individual empathy and resonance. [Image 6d20348-26-f030f408ce6883a518cf-6.png&s3=20348-26-ff990219ae6dba860706c7010b222d91-1257x867.png
[Image 7d20348-26-7303d2800a274d735b99-7.png&s3=20348-26-f0f006061b8deca577cf64eb2e0ea848-1286x817.png
YUIDEA optimizes communication based on the needs and values ​​of the new era, based on the knowledge gained from planning and proposing products that connect to people’s lives for over 25 years.
Reach out to a wide range of target customers, deepen brand
understanding, and convert them into customers.
Furthermore, by increasing customer loyalty and cultivating repeat users, we help improve lifetime value. In addition to planning and analysis, we collaborate with a team specializing in creative and technology, and can consistently handle site, visual, video, etc., so we can design without blurring the axis.
▼Contact us
YUIDEA Co., Ltd.
Sustainable Brand Journey Editorial Department
Twin Hills Myogadani, 4-5-16 Kohinata, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0006 TEL: 03-4503-5282 (Weekdays: 10:00-18:00)
Email address:
Person in charge / Naito

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