The excitement reached its climax with the appearance of guest artist Miru Shirama! Next-generation beautiful girls from all over the country appeal the local charm from the runway “Bishojo Zukan COLLECTION 2022” ends

The excitement reached its climax with the appearance of guest artist Miru Shirama! Next-generation beautiful girls from all over the country appeal the local charm from the runway “Bishojo Zukan COLLECTION 2022” ends
The Ministry of the Environment x Mito Yukimi (actress) proposes a new trend of “sustainable fashion” on a special stage

The community-based media “Bishoujo Zukan” operated by Bishoujo Zukan Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Koryo Nakamura) is a runway show “Bishoujo Zukan COLLECTION 2022” by “gemstones of next-generation beautiful girls”. was held online on Sunday, October 2, 2022.
The state of the day was distributed live for free on the live distribution & video application “Mikucha” developed and operated by DONUTS Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Keisei Nishimura), and it showed excitement unique to online.
[Image 1

Since its launch in 2002, the local free paper “Bishoujo Zukan”, which features beautiful girls all over the country, has been published by Fumi Nikaido, Maika Yamamoto, Hinako Sakurai, Fumika Baba, Yuna Kuroshima, and others before their debut. We have produced many actresses and talents so far. Currently, it is not limited to free papers, but is being developed as a community-based media that takes up local beautiful girls by making full use of media such as SNS and live distribution. The ability to discover, expand and disseminate nationwide is highly evaluated both inside and outside the industry. “Bishoujo Encyclopedia COLLECTION” is a runway show by “gemstones of next-generation beautiful girls” that started in 2021. This second event, “Bishojo Zukan COLLECTION 2022”, is based on the concept of “National Cities, National Cutting Edge” and focuses on the three axes of “local brands”, “local beautiful girls” and “local guests”. At the same time, the attractiveness of each region was conveyed with the fashionable collection unique to “Bishoujo Zukan”, which is expanding nationwide, and the gorgeous show lasting about 1 hour and 30 minutes ended with great success.
“Bishojo Zukan COLLECTION” Official Website:
Fully appealing the charm of the local area! “Local brand SPECIAL STAGE” “Bishoujo Zukan COLLECTION 2022” was MCed by Erina Dawkins, a talent who has model experience in “Gifu Bishoujo Zukan”. At the “Local Brand Special Stage”, which is also one of the main stages this time, apparel brands born from Gifu Prefecture, where she is from, Miyagi Prefecture, Tochigi Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, Hiroshima
Prefecture, and Fukuoka Prefecture. Models belonging to the
prefecture’s beautiful girl picture book wore themselves and showed off a lovely walking.
In addition, in the talk corner, models from each prefecture emphasized points of fashion and comfort, and fully conveyed the appeal of local gourmet and recommended products from the perspective of a strong attachment to the local area.
[Image 2

From the left: Erina Dawkins, Kurumi Miyajima (Kurumi
Miyajima/Affiliated with Mori no Miyako Bishoujo Encyclopedia), Anna Takada (Ana Takada/Affiliated with Tochigi Bishoujo Encyclopedia) [Image 3

Miyu Ichinose
Miyu Ichinose (Miyu Ichinose, belonging to Hiroshima Bishoujo Encyclopedia), who won the semi-Grand Prix at the “Bishoujo Zukan AWARD 2022” held in April 2022 and also served as the key visual model for this event, is a local Hiroshima brand “ The World is My Oyster” and talked about the charm of Hiroshima Prefecture with a smile and the impression of walking on the runway.
“Today, I was able to try a style that I don’t usually wear, so it feels fresh for me. Just by wearing it, you can feel the oysters, so I would like everyone to wear it.
In Hiroshima, oysters, which is the theme of this outfit, are very delicious and I love them, so please try them when you visit. Itsukushima (Miyajima) is especially fun because you can eat oysters at stalls and see deer. Cherry blossoms bloom beautifully in spring, so it is a recommended local sightseeing spot. There are many famous places such as Peace Memorial Park and delicious food, so I would be happy if you could visit Hiroshima! ”
[Local brand]
・ Tochigi Prefecture CYBER NEON: ・Gifu Prefecture PARADOX WONDER: ・ Hyogo Prefecture Chesty:
・ Hiroshima Prefecture The World is My Oyster: ・ Fukuoka Prefecture -by RYOJI OBATA: A collection of next-generation model rough stones selected in the Bishojo Zukan AWARD Grand Prix and Mikucha auditions
Selected from the top 100 “beauty gemstones of the next generation” nationwide published in the photo book “100 Selected Beautiful Girls” (scheduled to be released in November 2022) published by the Bishojo Encyclopedia. 4 people appeared.
“Bishojo Zukan AWARD 2021” Grand Prix Karen Shiraishi (belonging to Incent) showed off the sophisticated and fashionable outfit of “jouetie (”. “ Bishoujo Zukan AWARD 2020” Grand Prix Yuuri Sato (belonging to Yuri Sato/biz) and “ Bishoujo Zukan AWARD 2022” Short hair fall in love maiden award / Credo award Hina Kurashima (Kurashima Hina / dream factory belonging) , wearing a girly costume with plenty of frills and ribbons from “merry jenny
(”. “Bishoujo Zukan AWARD 2022” Grand Prix winner Yua Sugawara (affiliated with Fukushima Bishoujo Zukan) has a swaying hem of “dazzlin (”. She captivated the audience with her elegant dress.
[Image 4d4237-1088-4b6202f7601935591f2a-3.jpg&s3=4237-1088-ffabddbd625ff826de01d2f0b421eb95-3900x2600.jpg
Photo from left: Hina Kurashima, Karen Shiraishi, Yua Sugawara, Yuuri Sato [Image 5d4237-1088-fb4413242c731baa1635-4.jpg&s3=4237-1088-ac952dd793e6c5da4ee9c75ea88eac27-1800x2700.jpg
Yua Sugawara
Yua Sugawara, who graced the final stage of the “100 Selected Beautiful Girls STAGE”, shared her impressions of the stage held at the church.
“It was my first time walking on a Virgin Road runway, so unlike the usual runway, posing was difficult. But I was able to enjoy walking! Prior to the holding of this event, attention was also drawn to the stage where the rivers who won the audition held at Mikucha appeared! At “WEDDING STAGE”, Claudia’s original brand “Lulu felice”
(, which handles Disney collaboration dresses, will be displayed in a gorgeous and gorgeous dress at “17kg Collaboration STAGE”. 7 models each showed off the trendy style of the Korean fashion brand “17kg (Ichinana Kilogram,”, which is popular among women in their teens and twenties.
Also, at the “ALTA Collaboration STAGE”, Riri Sueyoshi (Riri Sueyoshi / Nagasaki Bishoujo Zukan) and Saaya Yamamoto (Yamamoto Saya / Yokohama Bishoujo Zukan), who are ambassador models of the fashion building “Alta”, will appear with a river. He enthusiastically talked about his impressions and enthusiasm for being appointed as an ambassador.
At the “Sustainable STAGE”, a special talk show with the Ministry of the Environment and Miyuki Yukimi will be held.
In the “Sustainable STAGE”, four rivers and actress Mito Yukimi, dressed in costumes selected by the comprehensive vintage EC mall “VCM (Vintage Collection Mall,” appeared. I showed off my dignified walking.
After finishing the runway, Ayano Kanaizuka from the Ministry of the Environment, who is familiar with fashion and environmental issues, Miyuki Yukimi, who is the program navigator for “SDGs Lab” (BS12 Twelve), and Erina Dawkins, the MC, took the stage!
Under the theme of “sustainable fashion”, we conveyed that wearing old clothes and vintage clothes, which are attracting attention again in Y2K fashion, is also the first step toward achieving SDGs, and various things that are easy for Generation Z to easily adopt. We sent out action to the viewers.
[Image 6d4237-1088-c66a4f8ed64f1b904fae-5.jpg&s3=4237-1088-3ff9129d5cc476a6d350ffa126e5777c-3900x2600.jpg
Photo from left: Ayano Kanaizuka, Mito Yukimi
[Image 7d4237-1088-8caa138f302e880c2a32-6.jpg&s3=4237-1088-06fe757be014e4fc65fe8c713af989e4-1800x2700.jpg
Mito Yukimi

Miru Shirama (former member of NMB48) from Osaka prefecture presents a spectacular performance that stands out for its beauty
Former NMB48 member Miru Shirama, who has been an idol for over 10 years in Osaka where she was born and raised, will appear as a guest artist! He dynamically performed his solo debut single “Shine Bright” released in July 2022 with a cool and sharp dance performance. The other day, she announced the release of her second single “MELTY” (released on November 30, 2022), and it was a spectacular stage where her feminine and dignified beauty stood out.
[Image 8d4237-1088-69f4f474c1b0597a4abd-7.jpg&s3=4237-1088-d24d75c42bfb1619e0f0de62b04d301e-3900x2600.jpg
Miru Shirama
“Bishojo Zukan” will continue to proactively disseminate the charm of each region along with the “gems of next-generation beautiful girls” nationwide who are full of local love through auditions and events that make use of the network that is developed in 47 prefectures. We will contribute to revitalization.
What is “Bishojo Zukan”?
“Bishoujo Zukan” is a free paper launched in 2002 with the concept of “let’s increase the number of beautiful girls in the city”. In the past, it has produced many actresses and talents such as Fumi Nikaido, Yuina Kuroshima, Fumika Baba, and Hinako Sakurai. In addition, in the “100 Most Beautiful Faces in the World” that has continued since 1990, actress Maika Yamamoto, who graduated from “Bishoujo Zukan”, ranked first in Japan in 2019, and in 20, 21 and 3 years. It is attracting attention, such as achieving consecutive nominations.
In March 2020, Tex Farm Foundation Co., Ltd., which was developing the “Bishojo Zukan” licensing business, signed a capital and business alliance with DONUTS Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Keisei Nishimura).
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An app operated by DONUTS Co., Ltd. that allows you to enjoy communication through live distribution and video posting. Started operation in December 2013 and exceeded 17 million downloads in Japan. It currently has over 5 million monthly visitors. In July 2020, the service name was changed from “MixChannel” to “Mikucha”.
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Bishoujo Encyclopedia Co., Ltd. Overview
Company name: Bishoujo Zukan Co., Ltd.
Location: 5th Mizuho Building 3F, 5-21-7 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kosuke Nakamura, Representative Director
Established: 2007
Business description: “Bishojo Zukan” licensing business
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