The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd. Supporting local medical, cultural, environmental, and sports initiatives

The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.
We support local medical, cultural, environmental, and sports initiatives. Contributing to SDGs through the use of support vending machines
The Hokuriku Bank (President: Hiroshi Nakazawa) and Hokuriku Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd. (Takaoka City, President: Hidetsugu Itoji, hereinafter referred to as Hokuriku Coca-Cola) will open a facility related to Hokuriku Bank as part of their joint efforts to promote SDGs. We have concluded an “agreement on the installation of support vending machines” to donate a portion of the sales of the vending machines installed in the SDGs to local organizations that are actively working on the SDGs and use them for their activity expenses. rice field.
Each support vending machine has a designated donation destination, so users (employees and customers of the Bank) can purchase drinks and other items by selecting the organization they want to donate to. It is an initiative that allows you to easily contribute to the SDGs and raise awareness about it.
In addition, this initiative was realized with the approval of Hokutate Co., Ltd. (Toyama City, President Hiroyuki Kamigan), which is responsible for the management of the bank’s vending machine sales. Taking advantage of the introduction to the base, we will switch the vending machines already installed in the sales offices in the three prefectures of Hokuriku to the support type in the future.

[Image 1d27374-339-a290c99cb19db9a4ecee-2.jpg&s3=27374-339-a8e1e8dc22f1984ebe62d5cebbabce6d-1040x693.jpg
support vending machine
1. Outline of “Agreement on Installation of Support Vending Machines” (1) Conclusion date
Tuesday, October 18, 2022
(2) Content
Part of the proceeds from Hokuriku Coca-Cola vending machines installed at Hokuriku Bank will be donated to local organizations that are actively working on the SDGs for the purpose of supporting their activities.
(3) Recipient organizations (as of October 18, 2022)
・Japanese Red Cross Society Toyama Branch
・Toyama Prefectural Cultural Promotion Foundation
・Toyama Afforestation Promotion Organization
・Toyama Environmental Foundation
・Toyama Athletic Association
* In the future, we plan to add organizations in Ishikawa and Fukui prefectures as donation recipients.
[Image 2d27374-339-a8e913a4a9b9852afcea-0.png&s3=27374-339-e71288d6cbc9cb94d4267e42a5b8a7aa-433x306.png
Donation destinations are displayed on each vending machine. 2. Applicable SDGs goals
[Image 3d27374-339-91a02b9df33bd4584b2a-1.png&s3=27374-339-5a1993b79a805bf10e1e5355772d3328-370x249.png

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