“The Key Points of SDGs Taught by Lawyers – SDGs Practical Methods for Recruiting and Retaining Human Resour ces” will be held online for free on Thursday, November 10.

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“The Key Points of SDGs Taught by Lawyers – SDGs Practical Methods for Recruiting and Retaining Human Resources” will be held online for free on Thursday, November 10.
~ 46 years since the opening. A law firm that has advisory contracts with more than 100 companies mainly in Kyoto, a legal corporation Kyoto Sogo Law Office

Kyoto Sogo Law Office (located in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto), a law firm that is well versed in the field of corporate legal affairs, will publish “The Key Points of SDGs Taught by Lawyers – SDGs Practical Methods for Recruiting and Retaining Human Resources” online on November 10, 2022. It will be held on Thursday.
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Regardless of company size or industry, the number of companies working on the SDGs is increasing nationwide. There are 17 sustainable development goals set in the SDGs, but the eighth goal, “decent work and economic growth,” is a common issue for many companies. In the midst of a shortage of human resources, it can be said that not only recruitment of human resources but also retention and productivity improvement are essential management issues for sustainable corporate management.
In this seminar, we will focus on the 8th development goal of the SDGs, “decent work and economic growth”, and will focus on “work style reform”, “working style reform”, From the perspective of “labor due diligence” and “supply chain management”, we will summarize it in 60 minutes. You can watch it online for free from all over the country, so please join us at this opportunity.
In addition, as the second part of this project, we are planning to hold a seminar titled “Initial response to SDGs – Build a compliance system from here” on December 8 (Thursday) from 15:00 to 16:00. Please make an appointment. Details will be provided at this seminar and in a separate press release.
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[Implementation overview]
Date and time: November 10, 2022 (Thursday) 15:00-16:00 *Application deadline is November 7 (Monday)
■ Holding method: Online by Zoom
*The Zoom URL will be sent to the email address you applied for. *On the day of the seminar, access is possible from 30 minutes before the start of the seminar.
■ Tuition fee: Free
– Please join us if you are a manager like below! –
・I want to know the outline of SDGs
・I want to work on the SDGs of “decent work and economic growth” ・I want to improve the working environment and achieve human resource retention and productivity improvement
・I want to create a healthy work environment and prevent the outflow and retirement of human resources.
・I want to know the necessity and benefits of consulting/requesting a lawyer ▼Click here to apply for the seminar▼
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Legal Professional Corporation Kyoto Sogo Law Office (affiliated with the Kyoto Bar Association)
Lawyer Masakazu Iyama
As Kyoto’s first general law firm, Kyoto Sogo Law Office has responded to all the needs of lawyers mainly in Kyoto. Utilizing the strengths of each lawyer who serves as a corporate lawyer for more than 100 companies in and outside of Kyoto, our highly mobile “Moving Lawyer Group” supports you not only in Kyoto but also all over the country. We provide countermeasures and responses to the latest labor issues in modern society where work styles are questioned.
April 2000 (52nd term) Registered as an attorney
[Graduating school]
Master of Law, Graduate School of Law, Ritsumeikan University [Main activity history]
Having an interest in criminal cases and labor cases, I was also involved in committee activities related to criminal defense and poverty issues at the Kyoto Bar Association, and I was given the opportunity to serve as the chairman of the Criminal Affairs Committee and chairman of the Poverty Issues Project Team. There was also. In 2013, he was appointed vice president of the Kyoto Bar Association and managing director of the Kinki Federation of Bar Associations. I was also involved in the management of each organization. Currently, I belong to the Kameoka Arbitration Association and serve as a mediator for civil arbitration cases pending at the Kameoka Summary Court. In response to requests from universities and various organizations, I am also in charge of one-off lectures and seminars.
[Focus field]
We focus on measures and responses to various legal issues that accompany corporate activities, focusing on labor and labor issues from the standpoint of companies and employers.
[Inquiries about seminars]
Legal Professional Corporation Kyoto Sogo Law Office
TEL: 075-256-2560
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