The limited-time aquarium space trip “UNDER WATER SPACE” and the original goods “Space fish can badge gacha” that can only be purchased here will be on sale from today!

The limited-time aquarium space trip “UNDER WATER SPACE” and the original goods “Space fish can badge gacha” that can only be purchased here will be on sale from today!

Opened at “Yokohama World Porters”, a large commercial facility in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, operated by UWS ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masanori Miyazawa, hereinafter UWS), which develops entertainment businesses related to fish such as aquariums. We are pleased to announce that the original goods “Space fish can badge gacha” will be on sale from today at the limited-time aquarium and aquarium space travel “UNDER WATER SPACE”. [Image 1d70875-51-fbd79a4e399371e1f302-8.jpg&s3=70875-51-3a19d9c450e19bd4b4ef62b0da76ef3e-3900x2600.jpg
■ New product overview – “Space fish tin badge gacha”
The fish in the museum are likened to space fish, and we made a can badge with an original design. There are 8 types (porcupine fish, parrot fire, wooper looper, flower horn, fusaginpo, fin long carp, kissing gourami, moon jellyfish). In addition, since it is on sale at the product sales space of the aquarium space travel “UNDER WATER SPACE”, even customers who do not enter can enjoy it.
◇Product details image
▼ Porcupinefish
[Image 2d70875-51-3797a1b443989b0e2eb6-7.jpg&s3=70875-51-f09ada582a29ad80551b049a8b19d646-2454x1636.jpg
▼ Parrot Fire
[Image 3d70875-51-98879a9df2c04477ba9f-4.jpg&s3=70875-51-9cad726c94a79cce07f2efda4889a5ff-2360x1573.jpg
▼ Wooper looper
[Image 4d70875-51-2c917b0ec6c32009234e-1.jpg&s3=70875-51-6a3558564190e575a92a390e6ccd2b68-2414x1609.jpg
▼Flower horn
[Image 5d70875-51-312a0731f2afa15d49a5-0.jpg&s3=70875-51-d430e6abc357c8d8563290661157e22d-2340x1560.jpg
[Image 6d70875-51-9b5093aea2538c096519-3.jpg&s3=70875-51-0bfc43fae1c52ae58a5176adca26aad2-2464x1642.jpg
▼ Long-finned carp
[Image 7d70875-51-f5ac77645b27d9484db1-5.jpg&s3=70875-51-23641c1ec0a4a58a0682dbd8e98dcae6-2322x1548.jpg
▼Kissing Grammy
[Image 8d70875-51-41f8f89681205b69313c-2.jpg&s3=70875-51-50fac050d31d69e6e43151ea29fe1721-2290x1527.jpg
▼ Moon jellyfish
[Image 9d70875-51-8694f661a07ffeadc2c8-6.jpg&s3=70875-51-5632f203dd76d59ab955a19429db375c-2398x1599.jpg
■ Overview of aquarium space travel “UNDER WATER SPACE”
Period: December 22, 2020 to January 15, 2023
Opening hours: 10:30-21:00 (Last entry 20:00)
Fee Adults (Junior high school students and above): 1200 yen Children (elementary school students and above): 600 yen
Under elementary school age: Free
Venue: Yokohama World Porters 4F, 2-2-1 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Visitor target: 200,000 people
■ About “UWS ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd.” (website Company name: UWS ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-9-1 Osugi, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 132-0022
Representative: Masanori Miyazawa, Representative Director
Business: Planning and management of events, production, exhibition and maintenance of aquariums, leasing and rental of aquariums

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