The long-awaited new color “black” of the ultra-lightweight “compact release gun”, which was sold out in just one and a half days after the first sale, is now on sale!

Nobitel Co., Ltd.
The long-awaited new color “black” of the ultra-lightweight “compact release gun”, which was sold out in just one and a half days after the first sale, is now on sale!
It can be carried in a smartphone size, and you can easily perform myofascial release anywhere.

Nobitel Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masahiro Kurokawa), which operates a stretch specialty store “Dr. We are pleased to announce that “Black” will be on sale from October 26th today.
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What is a compact release gun?
The “Compact Release Gun”, which was fully supervised by “Dr.stretch”, a stretch specialty store that offers its own technology “Core Balance Stretch” in over 200 stores around the world, is a massage gun that weighs only 225g and is the lightest class in the industry. By realizing an overwhelming ultra-lightweight model compared to conventional massage guns, it is now possible to carry the massage gun in a pocket or bag in the size of a smartphone.
This product has been a hot topic since its launch, with the first sale being sold out in just a day and a half.
The new color “Black”, which will be newly released this time, has a luxurious and elegant finish combined with a sophisticated compact design. With the appearance of a new color that can be used more easily, you can easily perform myofascial massage not only at home but also during breaks at work, long trips such as business trips and trips, and between golf and sports. increase.
We have received many happy words from customers who have already used this product, and we will introduce some of them.
-Voices of our customers-
● “I feel like my shoulder blades, which have been stiffened by desk work, have become clearer and my range of motion has increased. I also have weakness around my collarbones, and when I hit them, I feel my face tightens!” (Male in his 50s)
● “Even though it’s small, it’s powerful and full power is amazing! I didn’t know how to use it correctly, so the ‘correct usage book’ was very helpful.” (Male in his 30s)
● “I feel relieved as the swelling in my legs is dispersed!” (Female in her 30s) ● “I use it before I take it to the golf course and during breaks.” (Male in his 40s)
● “I take it on business trips and use it for foot care.” (Female in her 30s) [Image 2d12643-110-ce0bbdf7698ac914f4e0-2.png&s3=12643-110-0a0bc1c39adf87bf082090386efd9532-1000x520.png
This product is characterized by its compact design and full functionality. The attachments that can be attached to the main unit include an innovative cup type that loosens bony joints such as elbows, shoulders, and knees that are difficult to massage, a point type that provides pinpoint care for areas of concern such as pain and stiffness, a décolleté area, and more. There are 3 types of double head type that loosen the sternocleidomastoid muscle of the neck, etc., and you can accurately approach by changing the attachment according to the area of ​​concern.
In addition, there are 4 levels of vibration adjustment function, 550, 1500, 2400 and 2800 rotations per minute, so you can adjust the strength of the massage according to your preference. It also has a 10-minute auto timer function to prevent excessive myofascial massage. Comes with a “How to use guide” supervised by Dr.stretch that can be used easily even by first-time users.
The “How to use guide” that comes with this product is a privilege unique to Dr.stretch’s full supervision. In order for even first-time users of massage guns to feel free to use it, there are descriptions of “how to use”, “attachments”, and “modes of use” according to 23 muscles such as the neck, arms and legs. It can be used in various situations together.
[Image 3d12643-110-50cee3e6b4555327a4b8-7.jpg&s3=12643-110-c8ad8a7b1a847afed528331873db0662-1240x1748.jpg
-During desk work-
Head plate muscle for tired eyes, stooped back, and painful shoulders Apply so as to pinch the muscles next to the cervical vertebrae (neck bone). Let’s go back and forth three times to trace the neck vertically.
Attachment: Double head type
Mode of use: Yellow (1500 rev/min)
[Image 4d12643-110-6d73b78a2259536575bd-4.jpg&s3=12643-110-ceef6f794604452f54d5be2ef693332d-1240x1748.jpg
-For long-distance drivers and taxi drivers-
Trapezius muscles For those with painful shoulders, poor posture, and those who want to regulate their breathing
Cross your hands and slide over your neck and shoulder on the other side. 4 Let’s go back and forth.
Attachment: None
Mode of use: Blue (2400 rev/min)

[Image 5d12643-110-fe43074b6419c9e6680a-5.jpg&s3=12643-110-116bff8ade9a4c0789439c0f92327ae8-1240x1748.jpg
-For golfers-
Rotator cuff Improves performance and relieves lack of exercise Place it on the back side of your armpit. Do 10 round trips vertically. Attachment: Double head type
Mode of use: Red (2800 rev/min)

[Image 6d12643-110-a842721acc3a978743da-6.jpg&s3=12643-110-a09b6334faa9d1ffab69ccb1ea9577ba-1240x1748.jpg
-Worried about Economy Syndrome-
Tibia (tibialis anterior/peroneus) leg swelling and lack of exercise Apply to the front (tibialis anterior) and lateral (peroneus) of the shin. Slide from ankle to knee five times.
Attachment: Cup type
Mode of use: Red (2800 rev/min)
The “Compact Release Gun”, which is more overwhelming than
conventional massage guns and has an ultra-lightweight body and compact design, is available at the online store “nobitel Store” and some other online shops. is. In addition, unlimited member-only discount coupons that can be used at “nobitel Store” are being distributed at “Dr.stretch” stores nationwide.
“Dr. stretch supervised compact release gun” product information

[Image 7d12643-110-7e40f7b0beb1a1cc878e-0.png&s3=12643-110-129700ecaa4e412626603514293b60af-1000x520.png
Publisher: nobitel Co., Ltd.
Price: 13,800 yen (tax included)
Color: White, Black
Dimensions: (Approx.) Width 128mm x Depth 35mm x Height 89mm Power cord: 350mm
Power supply method: Rechargeable
Battery used: Lithium ion battery (rated voltage: DC7.4V, rated capacity: 1300mAh) x 1
Rated time: 10 minutes
Auto timer: 10 minutes
Vibration speed: Mode 1: 1500, Mode 2: 2400, Mode 3: 2800, Mode 4: 550 Strength adjustment: 4 levels
Material: Body: ABS resin body, Vibration part: Aluminum, Attachment: Silicon Warranty period: 1 year
Purchase page: ■ Click here for product details
nobitel Store:
nobitel Store Official Instagram: nobitel_store
What is “Core Balance Stretch” provided by Dr.stretch?
[Image 8d12643-110-270d05eddb81c33d3691-3.jpg&s3=12643-110-6ea88ec1ba7e12ece5294c099529430e-1920x1277.jpg
Dr.stretch’s original technology that approaches the core part of the muscle, the “deep muscle”. This technology, which has been introduced to many professional athletes and professional sports teams, was independently researched and developed by Motoki , who was active as a body maintenance trainer for the major league team Boston Red Sox so that anyone can take it. . In the future, we would like to work with professional teams and amateur athletes to make stretching a part of the culture and deliver health and vitality to everyone in the community.


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