The much-talked-about T-shirt is finally available at Qoo10 The popular big silhouette T-shirt is now available at LIME SHOP Qoo10!

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[The much-talked-about T-shirt is finally available at Qoo10] The popular big silhouette T-shirt is now available at LIME SHOP Qoo10! A simple short-sleeved T-shirt is now on sale. It is a versatile item that is thick and can be used for layering.

New release from 10/3! United Athle’s simplicity in pursuit of “plain” is attractive.
Highest grade T-shirt with ultra-thick fabric and big silhouette The strongest T-shirt with a heavy-duty and American-style fabric that is made by knitting extremely thick open-ended two-ply yarn with a crisp feel!
Trendy big silhouettes and accent colors such as “acid khaki”, “acid blue” and “vintage natural” catch the trend.
Furthermore, by making the number of stitches coarser in the stitch work, a classical atmosphere is produced.
Even if you wear it as a plain outerwear, it will look good! [Image 1d59167-515-994e7a2032f58f72182c-0.jpg&s3=59167-515-63303db7dac9da1c32c40a37af028ed1-300x300.jpg
Point 1
The sleeves and hem are finished with double needles after overlock stitching. Point 2
Double stitching is used on the collar rib and armholes.
Point 3
Coarse stitchwork creates a classical atmosphere.
[Image 2d59167-515-93977a9ce6521dcd3f05-1.jpg&s3=59167-515-30d3ace64bc7b9e7fc2a3ecfba47ba60-300x300.jpg
[Image 3d59167-515-8858610f122be7a0dfa5-4.jpg&s3=59167-515-47c5b4139094b8fd9306ea599c61b801-300x300.jpg
[Image 4d59167-515-ca3898a980993a7a17f4-2.jpg&s3=59167-515-b6ef01906efbde3c57ea2dac4b297a6a-300x300.jpg

Purchase from here
United Athle big silhouette T-shirt 1,490 yen (tax included)
Composition: 100% Cotton
Size/Length/Width/Shoulder Width/Sleeve Length
[Image 5d59167-515-2ec193e4bc521cf42819-5.jpg&s3=59167-515-ac2b2ea676d4ee15aea1369303374909-300x300.jpg
“important point”
*Please wash with similar colors.
*Please use non-fluorescent detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach or detergents containing fluorescent whitening agents.
*Please use a pressing cloth when ironing.
*Do not iron the printed part.
*Due to the nature of the dye, the color may transfer due to friction or sweat. *Please understand that there may be a difference in color between the image and the actual product due to the nature of the camera and monitor.
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