The novelized version of “Five Songs”, which dramatizes the world view of Dreamcom’s “Uta”, will be released on October 14th!

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The novelized version of “Five Songs”, which dramatizes the world view of Dreamcom’s “Uta”, will be released on October 14th!
You can listen to the song of the story from the QR code! -Read, listen and enjoy Dreamcom’s “5 songs, 5 stories”-

The novelization of the original drama “Five Songs” of “Star Channel”, which handles BS broadcasting and distribution services,
It will be released on October 14, 2022.
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“Five Poetry” is the world view of the famous song of DREAMS COME TRUE, which boasts absolute popularity. Teamed up with Mr. to make a drama.
In addition to the 4 carefully selected songs, a total of 5 songs, including a new song written for this project, gave birth to “your story” that everyone can relate to love, friendship, and family ties. This book also includes the full text of the poem that became the image of the novel, novelized by the writer Katsura Kunii.
Furthermore, by reading the QR code on the band, you can listen to each song on the corresponding music subscription service.
You can listen to the songs recorded in the story from the QR code on the belt! Also includes poetry of 5 songs!
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*”QR Code” is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Inc.
#1 Left letter inspired by reading the sky
A “love story” of a woman reunited with her unforgettable lover #2 Not a hobby lace handkerchief inspired by mascara eyelashes “A story of love and friendship” of a dress coordinator who cannot become a heroine
#3 Crybaby Boy’s Atelier inspired by TRUE, BABY TRUE.
A mother who slips back in time and meets her 18-year-old son, “A story for you who are doing your best”
* “TRUE, BABY TRUE.” is bold Gothic with a half-width space after “,” #4 Bicycle park inspired by many times
A “family story” of a man who reunites with his father who evaporated 30 years ago.
#5 Akaboshi Kotsu Bus inspired by Spirilla
A “miraculous story” of three women who hit it off after a bus failure Author (novelize) comment profile
[Image 3d5069-1621-b825562dcb7d014296a5-1.jpg&s3=5069-1621-a674853878c89fb110560641465a37d9-419x550.jpg
Five dramas inspired by famous songs. It’s a wonderful story that makes you laugh, makes you laugh, and shakes your heart. I wrote with all my heart that I would like you to enjoy such a drama in the form of a novel.

Kei Kunii Profile
Screenwriter, novelist, composer.
In addition to the scripts for sensitive works such as the movie “Yunagi no Machi Sakura no Kuni” and the anime movie “Nijiiro Hotaru ~ Eternal Summer Vacation ~”, we have published a novel “Butterfly Embracing” that depicts the true feelings of women. handle the work. His novelizations include “Hiyokko”, “Yuki no Hana”, the best-selling “8 Years Old Bride Miracle True Story”, “Tsuyukusa”, and “Seven Secretaries THE MOVIE”.
About the drama “Five Songs”
Exclusive distribution on Star Channel EX from July 2022, exclusive broadcasting on BS10 Star Channel
(From 20:00 on October 8, # 5 “Spirilla” exclusive distribution / TV first broadcast)
Screenplay/supervisor: Yoshikazu Okada
Screenplay: Masakazu Hamada/Mako Watanabe
Production: Tohokushinsha/MMJ (C)2022 Tohokushinsha
Official website:
DREAMS COME TRUE “Five Songs” SUPER LIVE 2022 will be held!
Wednesday, December 7, 2022 / Thursday, December 8, 2022
Venue: Osaka Castle Hall
December 17th (Sat) / December 18th (Sun)
Venue: Yokohama Arena
For details, please visit the website →
“Five Songs”
[Image 4d5069-1621-7633c1666bb5ef18d3a0-0.jpg&s3=5069-1621-012bea5be1b71d9f5edb2d552c8d18e7-1360x2000.jpg
“Five Songs”
Release date: October 14, 2022
List price: 1430 yen (tax included)
Sold at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide

Details about this release:

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