The number of active users of the educational toy subscription “Toy Sub!” Exceeds 15,000! Acquired “No. 1 number of registered members” for the second consecutive year in a subscription survey of educational toys

Torana Co., Ltd.
The number of active users of the educational toy subscription “Toy Sub!” Exceeds 15,000! Acquired “No. 1 number of registered members” for the second consecutive year in a subscription survey of
educational toys

We are pleased to announce that the number of active users of the flat-rate educational service “Toy Sub!” provided by Torana Co., Ltd. (head office: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Norimichi Shida; hereinafter referred to as “our company”) has exceeded 15,000. “Toy Sub!” is a service that regularly delivers educational toys for each infant aged 0 to 6 years old, which started in 2015. In August 2022, TPC Marketing Research Co., Ltd. It has been ranked first for the second consecutive year in the number of registered members in the survey on
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Launched in November 2015 and celebrating its 7th anniversary this year, “Toy Sub!” Has more than 1,800 types (2022 This is a service that delivers 5 to 6 educational toys selected according to the child’s growth every other month from among the educational toys currently available (as of September 2019).
Based on information such as children’s development and interests, and toy evaluation data from users, experienced toy planners select educational toys for each child and deliver and exchange them every other month.
In addition, from September 5, 2022 (Monday), we will add a new service, “First Selection of Toy Subs! Extensive support is available. As of August 2022, Toy Sub! The number of users has grown about 1.5 times compared to the same month of the previous year, surpassing 15,000.
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According to the “No. 1 survey on the educational toy subscription service market” conducted by TPC Marketing Research Co., Ltd., there are currently more than 15 types of educational toy subscription services in Japan, and the number of registered members of such services In the number ranking, “Toy Sub!” Has 15,000 people (as of September 2022), and won the first place. According to the survey results, the number of registered members of the second largest service is 3,500, and “Toy Sub!”
By repairing and cleaning used toys and delivering them to the next child, Toy Sub! contributes to solving the problem of the
environmental burden caused by discarded toys, which is said to be 60,000 tons per year. We are working to achieve the SDGs as an option for development goals. In addition, based on the idea that “we want children to touch toys with various characteristics of colors and shapes”, the educational toys we provide emphasize the three points of “safety, educational value, and design”. In addition to incorporating a wide range of toys with unusual colors and shapes that are not often seen, it is characterized by genderless toy selection.
-“Toy Sub!” Service Overview-
This is a fixed-price educational service that began operation in November 2015, with educational toys and toys that match the growth of each child aged 0 to 6 years old. At “Toy Sub!”, 6 educational toys and toys for infants (5 toys for children over 4 years old) can be exchanged every two months at the earliest. A dedicated toy planner selects the best toys for each child based on questionnaires given at the time of application and toy return, and regularly delivers toys to rapidly growing infants.
In addition, in September 2022, we will start offering a new service, “Hajimete no Toy Sub! First Selection,” which is a package of recommended toys that babies from 1 to 3 months old will love. We started operation based on the corporate vision of “Let’s increase happy parent-child time”, and as of September 2022, more than 15,000 users are using it. In addition, we recognize that toys themselves are an element of sustainable economic development, and aim to provide a better society for children who will spend the future.
[Overview of Torana Co., Ltd.]
■ Name: Torana Co., Ltd.
■ Representative: Norimichi Shida, Representative Director
■ Location: 1-12-8 EFG Building 7F, Maruyama, Nakano-ku, Tokyo ■ Date of establishment: March 6, 2015
Main business: Operation of “Toysub!” (, a subscription and rental service for educational toys for children aged 3 months to 6 years old
■Corporate site:
■ Official Instagram: Official Twitter:
-Profile of Torana Co., Ltd. CEO Norimichi Shida-
Born in 1983, from Tokyo, father of 4 children.
Founded a web production company with a friend while studying law at Meiji University. After transferring the business, he has business experience as an engineer and product manager at multiple foreign IT companies. In 2015, he established Torana Co., Ltd., which develops subscription services for toys.
●Reason for launching “Toy Sub!”
When my second child was born, when I went to buy a new toy as a family, I saw toys of popular characters lined up on the sales floor, and somehow I started to feel that I was being forced to buy them. rice field.
Feeling a sense of incongruity, I left the popular character toy store and went to the educational toy store. I felt the “non-marketing charm” in the toys displayed there.
Educational toys need to be selected according to their age, such as learning appropriate reactions through single actions such as “holding” and “hitting” from 0 to 1 year old and learning how to move the body.
Among them, I thought that if there was a service where a toy professional could create a “toy playlist” that suits the child, I would like to use it. was the origin of
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