The number of members of the No. 1 media material portal site “Media Radar” has exceeded 95,000!

Eyes Co., Ltd.
The number of members of the No. 1 media material portal site “Media Radar” has exceeded 95,000!

The number of members of Japan’s No. 1* advertising media and marketing material portal site “Media Radar” operated by Eyes Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Noriyuki Fukushima) has exceeded 95,000. .
* Survey contractor: Tokyo Shoko Research Co., Ltd. Survey period: September 2022
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Media Radar started its service on March 14, 2007 as an “information dissemination site for Internet and mobile advertising.” We offer performance-based reward-type functions that allow you to post materials, videos, and seminars, and hold large-scale seminar events. Since its launch, it has provided leads to many companies as Japan’s No. 1 media material portal site specializing in the advertising industry. And as of October 2022, the total number of Media Radar members has exceeded 95,000.
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What is media radar?
Media Radar is a search site for the advertising industry that connects marketing personnel/advertising agencies and media companies. By registering as a member, you can view advertisements, marketing materials, and videos published by publishers on Media Radar for free, and apply for free seminars for the advertising industry. In addition, since the posting company can obtain the member information of those who have downloaded materials and watched videos, and the applicant information of seminars, it can be used as a means of acquiring prospective customers.
Topics for 2022
It’s been 2 months since I left 2022 years. Here, we will introduce topics such as service development conducted by Media Radar in 2022. February 2022
“Implemented a “competitive domain setting” function for publishers. 』 By setting a competitor’s domain, even if a download occurs from a member who belongs to a competitor, it is a function that
automatically excludes it from acquired leads. As a result, publishers can reduce the hassle and unnecessary costs when managing leads, and can now manage leads more efficiently.
March 2022
“Marketing seminar event “Media Radar EXPERT WEBINAR WEEK” 1st anniversary. 』 “Media Radar EXPERT WEBINAR WEEK” is a marketing seminar event where multiple experts explain various advertising and marketing genres from multiple perspectives.
Since the event was held, it has been supported by many people, with over 9,000 entries and 128 companies on stage.
The 8th event is scheduled for December 2022. Participation is free, so don’t hesitate to apply!
October 2022
“Batch download function now available! 』
When members use the site, it is a function that allows them to download materials in bulk from the site’s search results page and category pages. It is also possible to download only the materials you are interested in at once, making it easier to compare and consider materials.
Posting companies can apply a bulk download function to expand the target of lead acquisition to latent layers, or a format that eliminates bulk downloads as before and emphasizes lead acquisition from actual layers. Now you can choose the policy that suits you. ▼ Click here to download all the materials you are interested in
“Implemented a new feature that allows you to watch seminar videos for free! 』 We have implemented a function that allows you to post and watch seminar videos. Until now, the main method of obtaining information on Media Radar was to download material files posted on the site, or to participate in seminars held by publishers on specific dates and times. , it is now possible to “watch seminar videos directly on the media radar”, making it possible to obtain information more intuitively, regardless of time or place.
▼ Click here to watch
About media radar members
Here are the benefits of registering as a member of Media Radar. ▼ Click here for member registration
“Understand trends in the advertising industry”
Media Radar is constantly updated with popular and new arrivals. In particular, you can learn about the latest trends and popular materials in the advertising industry from the “Popular Materials Ranking”, which is updated daily. If you are interested in what advertising methods and media are popular in the advertising industry, where trends change quickly, please see below.
▼Popular materials ranking
“Sign up for a free seminar”
Media Radar offers free seminars useful for advertising and marketing! Seminars that are useful for improving skills and acquiring the latest marketing information and know-how are available. You can see the seminars that will be held in the near future from the seminar list, so please apply.
▼ Click here for a list of seminars
Posting information on media radar
Companies that operate services in the media, advertising, and marketing fields post materials, seminar information, and seminar videos on Media Radar, gaining leads from members through material downloads, seminar applications, and video viewing. can. It is possible to operate with reduced risk because of the performance fee type fee structure according to the actual number of leads acquired. ▼ Click here for company registration

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