THE ROPPONGI CLINIC THE ROPPONGI CLINIC supports TV Tokyo’s “Completely packed Ichiko has no choice but to become charismatic”!

THE ROPPONGI CLINIC supports TV Tokyo’s “Completely packed Ichiko has no choice but to become charismatic”!
THE ROPPONGI CLINIC Sayaka Nagao appears in drama

“Completely packed Ichiko has no choice but to become charismatic” is a drama scheduled to be aired every Tuesday at 0:30 midnight from November 1, 2022. Sayaka Nagao, the representative of THE ROPPONGI CLINIC Ebisuin, will appear as herself.
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What do you mean, “Ichiko who is completely full has no choice but to become charismatic?”
(The following is quoted from the TV Tokyo official website) A young female announcer who has fallen into the abyss due to a big mistake meets a charismatic female president of a beauty industry and encounters various difficulties while growing as a person. Supervised by MEGUMI, who shows multiple talents such as variety, drama, and movies, and has a deep interest in beauty. MEGUMI will not only supervise, but will also appear in the role of a charismatic beauty president himself, and will incorporate a lot of beauty items and beauty methods that he supervised into the story.
・ Official website: ・Broadcast start date: November 1, 2022
Sayaka Nagao, the representative of Ebisu-in, appears as herself. In the work, various beauty methods appear as “hints for overcoming women’s difficulties”, and one of them is set in our hospital, and in the third episode, Sayaka-sensei appears as herself. .
Please look forward to how Sayaka Nagao will be involved in the story! [Image 2d110404-3-53deba4f5a679188935d-1.jpg&s3=110404-3-61006477599ec990ca32d9d10da274bb-403x400.jpg
THE ROPPONGI CLINIC is also an official sponsor of the Mrs. Japan Tokyo Tournament, and is a beauty clinic with the motto, “The best cosmetic medicine for each individual.” We provide haute couture medical care that pays close attention to the details of our patients’ concerns.
If you go to salons and clinics and try various treatments repeatedly, you will not get true beauty. Sayaka Nagao, a charismatic beauty expert, contributes to the pursuit of beauty for patients as a beauty coach. At our hospital, we are working hard every day to become a lifelong family doctor for those with a high sense of aesthetics. Please join us feel free to come.
Location: 3-11-14 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Contact: 03-6438-9244
Clinical departments: cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic surgery THE ROPPONGI CLINIC Roppongiin
Location: Uni Roppongi Building 5F, 7-15-17 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Contact: 03-6438-9244
Medical department: Cosmetic surgery
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-Profile of Sayaka Nagao, Representative of Ebisu-in Temple- With Kenshin Uesugi as his ancestor, he cuts into aesthetic medicine with the spirit of the Sengoku warlord.
After graduating from Aichi Medical University, first of all, in order to learn widely, I worked at the Tokyo Mutual Aid Association Federation of National Public Servants Association Hospital, which is an affiliated hospital of the Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital, and the Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital. I acquired the necessary clinical experience and skills as a cosmetic dermatologist in the department of medicine, anesthesiology, and internal medicine.
I have trained at a local internal medicine clinic and a dermatology clinic in Tokyo, and have gained a wide range of medical experience, including insurance diseases.
I worked at Shonan Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, one of the largest in Japan, and have been in charge of many patients at Shinjuku Main Clinic, Yokohama Clinic, and other cosmetic dermatology clinics. At the Noel Ginza Clinic, led by the president of the Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery, I have devoted myself to providing the best medical care for each patient.
With an unparalleled passion and commitment to aesthetic medicine, and based on his polished experience at many clinics, he is highly appreciated not only by Mrs. We have received your evaluation. In 2020, I opened a beauty clinic that is the culmination of my work, in order to always put patients first and provide the best medical care.
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