The sustainable tableware brand “eterble” has announced its first collection.

World Service Co., Ltd.
The sustainable tableware brand “eterble” has announced its first collection. Newly released tablecloths made from recycled fabrics that were originally developed.

World Service Co., Ltd. (Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Keisuke Chatani), which operates a rental business of tablecloths for hotels and wedding halls, is a sustainable tableware brand, eterble. First collection on October 6, 2022 will be announced. From gifts for all occasions to home parties and daily use, the 8 tablecloth lineup will be on sale at the official online store on October 6th to beautifully decorate the space related to life and enjoy life more abundantly.
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eterble is a sustainable tableware brand for people who care about the environment and the earth. Based on the idea that “happy times around the table should not harm the future of the earth,” tableware that not only has good design but also expresses our sincere feelings for the earth in order to realize a full-fledged sustainable life. We will work on making.
In the first collection, there are tablecloths using the original recycled fabric “eterble fabric” developed by eterble, which is recycled from the rental tablecloths for hotels and wedding halls that are no longer used, and tablecloths using carefully selected sustainable cotton. Eight lineups will appear. The creative director is Yasuko Hayama, who has fulfilled the dreams and wishes of many women at wedding venues as a supervisor, planner, and coordinator in Japan and the United States. Based on his international achievements and experience, he will serve as the director of eterble with a view to proposing and cultivating a culture of tableware that colors the dining table. The first collection supervised by director Hayama will be available on the official online store from October 6, 2022. “Making tablecloths from tablecloths” Unique recycling manufacturing process Original recycled fabric “eterble fabric”
The original recycled fabric “eterble fabric” that appears in the first collection is a recycled polyester originally developed by eterble. Rental tablecloths used in hotels, wedding halls, and party venues that have become unusable due to scratches or holes are normally incinerated. At eterble, we have recovered this waste cloth and succeeded in manufacturing and recycling recycled polyester using these as raw materials. The collected cloths are sorted by color before entering the recycling process. After being finely cut, it is turned into recycled yarn at a spinning factory, and then turned into a beautifully finished recycled fabric called “eterble fabric” at a weaving factory, and is reborn as a new tablecloth. After being used as a tablecloth, it can be recycled again through the same cycle. “Making a tablecloth from a tablecloth” This process creates a permanent eterble tablecloth.
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Creating environmentally friendly fabrics
The conventional dyeing process used to make fabrics used a large amount of water, placing a burden on the environment. In order to solve this problem, eterble manages all the manufacturing processes of “eterble fabric” by color. By doing so, it is possible to make recycled fabric that maximizes the original color of the tablecloth that is the raw material. This eliminates the need for additional dyeing, eliminating the process that uses a large amount of water that would normally be required during dyeing, and at the same time prevents water pollution.
“Delivering to the End” Ethical Initiatives
All manufacturing processes of “eterble fabric” are carried out in factories in Japan. Completing the collection, cutting, spinning, weaving, and sewing processes in Japan is one of eterble’s commitments to future sustainable initiatives. Especially in the sewing part, we ask seamstresses who make wedding dresses to hand-finish items that require high sewing skills, such as tablecloths made by tableware seamstresses. In addition, we will eliminate waste by making products such as coasters and luncheon mats, and delivering high-quality “eterble fabric” to the people who are important to us.
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“Happy time around the table so as not to hurt the earth” A new challenge World Service Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the tablecloth rental business for prestigious hotels and wedding halls in Japan and overseas. However, even a durable tablecloth can become damaged after a certain period of time. When we decided that it would be difficult to provide it to our customers, we used to incinerate it all, but looking to the future of tableware centered on tablecloths, we decided not to throw away tablecloths.
Based on the idea that “happy times around the table should not harm the future of the earth and society.”
Eterble, a new challenge, is a home linen brand that makes use of the experience of renting tablecloths to first-class hotels and the know-how of making tablecloths. Due to its environmentally friendly approach and high quality, it has already been decided to introduce it to high-end luxury hotels in Japan prior to its general release, making it a tableware brand that is also selected by first-class hotels. In the future, we will continue to introduce it to more luxury hotels in Japan and overseas.
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About the first collection
Sales start on the official online store from October 6, 2022 The first collection will be on sale at eterble’s official online store from October 6, 2022. The first collection was inspired by the Spanish and Portuguese art that creative director Yasuko Hayama encountered while living in New York, and was created with the image of an independent woman’s lifestyle. The beautiful yet somewhat melancholy colors of the sunset falling on the Atlantic Ocean, and the shades of the buildings and flowers bathed in the setting sun, are expressed in the slightly faded colors and geometric patterns of the cloth. The three-tiered tucked tablecloth using “eterble fabric”, which is also the signature model of this collection, pursues independence that is attractive at first glance, but can be attractive on its own. I aimed to express the playfulness and a little special feeling that a smart woman thinks. A tablecloth made of carefully selected sustainable cotton that can be used for a variety of chic occasions.
The casual broad embroidery gives it a familiar impression, and is inspired by the brilliance of the light reflected on the water surface of Sunset Beach in Portugal. For anniversaries, home parties with friends, and to make everyday life a little more special, eterble tablecloths draw a satisfying landscape on the dining table, inviting you to a new world from the dining table.
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