Three Shakes No-code ETL tool “Reckoner”, multiple functions added such as data linkage destinations!

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No-code type ETL tool “Reckoner”, addition of multiple functions such as addition of data linkage destination!
Several functions that can be used in “Reckoner” have been added, such as adding data linkage destinations and strengthening data conversion functions.

Three Shake Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Takuma Yoshida, hereinafter referred to as Three Shake), a group of SRE and security professionals, has released a no-code ETL tool called “Reckoner ( We are pleased to inform you that we have updated the function of Recorder.
Service site:
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[Update information]
1. Add data link destination
With this update, the function of linking with Google related services has been enhanced. By realizing data linkage with existing linkage partners, it has become possible to promote more integrated data utilization.
・It is now possible to link with various data of Google Search Console. [Image 2

・It is now possible to link with various data of Google Ads. [Image 3

・It is now possible to link with email open rate data from Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.
[Image 4

2. Enhanced data conversion function
This update adds the following data conversion and analysis functions. ・Conversion Encryption
・Conversion Decryption
・Convert column join
・Analysis Pivot function added
~ The pivot function allows you to aggregate multiple fields and perform calculations using functions.
[Image 5

■ What is Reckoner?
Reckoner is a no-code ETL and data pipeline service.
Reckoner completes all of the normally complicated data linkages, such as “specification (program design) -Data utilization can be realized in an intuitive way like never before.
[Image 6

Overview of Reckoner Data Integration
Service site:
Reckoner will continue to release features to facilitate customer data integration.
A 14-day free trial is now available.
[Three Shake Co., Ltd.]
Three Shake is a technology company with strengths in technology in the IT infrastructure field. In the SRE consulting business “Sreake”, which has been provided since its establishment in 2015, professionals who are familiar with AWS / Google Cloud / Kubernetes consistently support from technical strategy to design, development and operation. In addition, based on the know-how cultivated in the SRE field, in April 2020, we started providing the cloud-native data linkage platform “Reckoner”, making it possible to easily realize the use of big data for business analysis and marketing. Since then, we have started providing “Relance”, a recruitment service specializing in freelance engineers, and “Securify”, a security service, and consistently provide everything from technical strategy design to secure application development and data utilization in the DX era. We are working on a possible system.
Company name: Three Shake Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takuma Yoshida, President and Representative Director Location: Grand First Shinjuku Gyoen, 22-1 Daikyomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Business description: Operation of SRE specialized consulting business “Sreake” (
Operation of security service “Securify”
Development and operation of data collaboration platform “Reckoner” (
Development and operation of “Relance”, a recruitment service specializing in freelance engineers ( )
Company HP:

Details about this release:

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