Tickets for the musical “A Christmas Carol” in Tokyo are now on sale! Comments from Eisaku Yoshida, Yu Hayami, Yoji Yoshida, and Naoki Nishida have arrived! !

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Tickets for the musical “A Christmas Carol” in Tokyo are now on sale! Comments from Eisaku Yoshida, Yu Hayami, Yoji Yoshida, and Naoki Nishida have arrived! !

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A Christmas Carol is an original musical based on the novel by British writer Charles Dickens. A mysterious and heartwarming 12-hour miracle that unfolds on a special day once a year is depicted with vivid music and dance.
Eisaku Yoshida will play the lead role of Scrooge. In recent years, he has been active in grand musicals such as “Catch Me If You Can” and “Phantom”, making use of his outstanding expressive power. This time, I will challenge the new frontier of an old money lender. Yu Hayami plays Scrooge’s three key women: fiancée Isabella, actress Eliza, and grave thief Yvonne. Yoshida and Hayami co-star for the first time in 30 years since the drama “Shinjuku Sarakin Monogatari”. This will be Hayami’s first three roles, and we are looking forward to seeing how she will play women with completely different personalities. Yoji Yoshida plays Scrooge’s best friend and business partner Marley (ghost). Yoshida, who has been active in many musicals and has been deeply involved in this work, will support the side.
The direction, script, and music for this work is Naoki Nishida, who has directed and written the Broadway musicals “Sound of Music,” “Footloose,” “ALICE,” “FAME,” “NOW.HERE.THIS,” and Huis Ten Bosch. will serve.
This work will be performed 22 times in 20 locations nationwide, including Tokyo, so please enjoy the Christmas mood at the theater. ◆ Eisaku Yoshida
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“When I was a child, this Christmas Carol was one of the picture books that left a deep impression on me. Time passed, and I was deeply moved when I thought that I would be playing the role of Scrooge.
Everything.He runs a business as a money lender and doesn’t care about others.On the eve of Christmas, Marley’s ghost appears to him and he sees his past, present and future.This is a work that has a lot of realizations.Children It’s fun to watch it as it is, and those who have experienced life will be able to think differently.There will be 20 performances from Akita to Kumamoto, including Tokyo.Please share Christmas with us. Let’s share!”
Yu Hayami
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“I’ve been familiar with this story through picture books and movies. This time, I’m excited to play three roles for the first time in my life. Isabella is 17 years old. I want to cherish the feeling of loving Scrooge straight and pure. Eliza is a cool actress full of confidence and has a gorgeous show scene, so please look forward to it!Yvonne, the grave thief, is a new challenge with a role she has never played before.You can enjoy the live stage while using your five senses. It will definitely be a positive addition to your life, and this work in particular will serve as food for tomorrow.I would like you to come and experience the magic of Christmas.”
◆ Yoji Yoshida
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“Murray was a money thief like Scrooge, but when he died he regretted what he had done. After watching the play, I feel really happy.I hope that you will enjoy watching it with your important partner, family, three generations and four generations, and talking about how it was and how it was!”
★Direction/Script/Music Naoki Nishida
Over the past few years, the number of national performances of large-scale musicals has decreased dramatically. However, this time, we have been given the opportunity to perform “A Christmas Carol,” a story of love and miracles that is suitable for the end of the year, in 20 cities. Isn’t this just a miracle? I’m working on practice while being moved by various things.
Among the many “Christmas Carol” stages around the world, this work will make you excited about the miracle of “once-in-a-lifetime encounters” where you can meet audiences from all over the country, and we will present it wholeheartedly with a wonderful cast and staff. We will not disappoint!
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-Performance overview-
Title: Musical “A Christmas Carol”
December 21 (Wednesday) – December 22 (Thursday)
Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Playhouse
*A total of 22 performances in Tokyo and nationwide tour will start from November 2022.
Official website
Click here for local performance information
Scrooge: Eisaku Yoshida
Three Women -Isabella Eliza Yvonne-: Yu Hayami
Murray (Ghost): Yoji Yoshida
Spirit of Christmas Past: Mai Hoshino
Current Christmas Spirit: Megumi Maki
Future Christmas Spirit: Yuki Ichikawa
Bob: Ryo Watanabe
Cheryl: Ayumi Kobayashi
Tim: Ichika Hatanaka Runa Yoshida (double cast)
Martha: Tanaka Yumeha
Scrooge (youth): Toru Hirayama
Ensemble: Ren Shimizu, Shiyo Ikeda, Reiwa Hashimoto
Aiko Dozono, Anka Nishihara, Yoryo Matsuhashi, Fuu Mizusawa
Direction/Script/Music: Naoki Nishida
Music: Masahiko Harigae
Choreography: Kiyoshi Yoshida
Costumes: Kumi Sakurai
Lighting: Satoru Suzuki
Sound: Ryotaro Takahashi
Art Design: Ayako Takahashi
Singing Instruction: Jun Kitagawa
Hair and Makeup: Kazue Kawamura
Production Assistant: Mizuki Matsui
Stage Director: Masanori Nambu
Production: Chitose Kurashige Mie Kawai
Producer: Kenji Nagatake Motoko Nishihara
Executive Producer: Kazuma Mimura
Planning and production: Anabuki Entertainment Co., Ltd.
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