TIGER A lineup of 9 earth colors with wishes for the global environment! Lightweight, compact and easy-to-carry mini bottle

A lineup of 9 earth colors with wishes for the global environment! Lightweight, compact and easy-to-carry mini bottle
Vacuum insulated custom bottle new series MMP-D/E type to be released in early October 2022

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Tiger Thermos Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshitoshi Kikuchi, Headquarters: Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture), a world leader in heat control technology, will release the “Vacuum Insulated Custom Mini Bottle MMP-D/E Type” on our official website in 2022. It will be on sale from early October.
From July 2020, we have released the “Custom Bottle Series”, which can be customized from a lineup of multiple main bodies and pens, exclusively on the official website, and it has been well received for enjoying your favorite combination. increase. The MMP-D/E type to be released this time is the 4th custom bottle series. In addition to popular colors such as Rainforest (dark green) and Pacific Beach (light beige), 5 bright new colors such as Azalea (pink) and Anemonefish (orange) have appeared. It weighs about 110g and is suitable for carrying around, and we recommend that you add the bottle as a fashion item to your daily coordination.
The inside is SIAA (Association for Antibacterial Products Technology) certified antibacterial treatment, and the inner surface of the bottle is Tiger’s unique hygienic specification “BioGuard”, which uses Super Clean Plus, so you can use it safely and cleanly every day. increase. Tiger Thermos pursues sustainability, and while considering the human rights, health, and environment of users, we will deliver vacuum insulated bottles that are close to each customer’s lifestyle. [Product Features]
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【Product Summary】
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[Details of product features]
1.Customizable from 9 colors of bottle body and 2 colors
You can enjoy customizing to your liking from 9 earth colors and 2 colors that are conscious of sustainability. The name of the color of the bottle itself expresses our desire to protect it for the future. [Image 4

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2. Uses antibacterial processing and Super Clean Plus
 Tiger’s original hygiene specification “BioGuard”
The MMP-D/E type is the “BioGuard” series, which is a hygienic specification unique to Tiger Thermos, with antibacterial processing and Super Clean Plus processing on the inside of the bottle. Since it is used every day, we are developing it with the desire to deliver a safer bottle that is safer.
Suppresses the growth of bacteria by 99% or more compared to antibacterial unprocessed products. *
SIAA certified antibacterial fabric
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“Antibacterial properties” that suppress the growth of bacteria, “safety” that satisfies our own safety standards, and “appropriate labeling” of antibacterial properties.
*Test result: Antibacterial activity value of 2.0 or more
SIAA certification number: JP0122676X0001G
The SIAA mark is an antibacterial symbol established by the
Antibacterial Product Technology Council.
The SIAA mark can be displayed on products that meet the following three criteria: 1. Antibacterial (*1), 2. Safety (*2), and 3. Appropriate labeling (*3).
(*1) Compared to the surface of products that have not been
antibacterial treated, the rate of bacterial growth is less than 1/100, and the antibacterial effect is confirmed even after the durability test.
Antibacterial properties are determined based on the results of tests conducted according to the international standard ISO22196.
(*2) Meets the safety standards independently determined by SIAA. (*3) The type of antibacterial agent and the processed part must be specified. In addition, the packing is also treated with antibacterial treatment, so it can be used cleanly.
“Super Clean Plus” processing that is resistant to stains and odors [Image 9

The inner surface of the bottle does not use fluorine coating, which has a high environmental impact, and achieves the same level of anti-dyeing with our unique electropolishing technology “Super Clean Plus” processing.
The smooth and glossy finish makes it resistant to stains and odors, so you can use it cleanly with just a quick wash.
It is also resistant to rust, so you can put sports drinks in it. (Clean immediately after use)
A: Super Clean Plus processed (smooth surface, resistant to stains and odors) B: Super Clean Plus unfinished (the surface has small unevenness and is prone to stains and odors)
3. Super lightweight slim & compact!
“Mujuryoku” bottle, perfect for carrying around
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 Tiger’s unique spinning process makes the inner bottle material as thin as possible (approximately 0.1mm). Weighing only about 110g, it is lightweight enough to be carried around.
It is not a burden to carry around, so it is recommended for short outings or light exercise such as jogging.
A: Thickness of inner cylinder about 0.1mm B: Thickness of outer cylinder about 0.3mm
C: Push the roller
Other features
Non-slip surface powder coating
Granules are kneaded into the paint, and the surface of the paint film is intentionally uneven to make it difficult to slip even when held with wet hands.
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●Smooth taste like a mug cup
A smooth mouthfeel that combines the cleanliness of stainless steel with the comfort of drinking. By curling the upper part of the drinking mouth, we reproduced the mouthfeel of a mug cup.
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Firmly heat and cool with vacuum insulation
A stainless steel vacuum double structure achieves high heat and cold retention! Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for a long time. [Image 13

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Purchase here:
https://www.tiger-corporation.com/en/jpn/product/vacuum-insulated-products/mmp-e01p/ [Reference Information] Four Promises of Tiger Vacuum Insulated Bottles [Image 15

In order to realize consideration for health, consideration for human rights, and consideration for the environment, Tiger Vacuum Insulated Bottles has four promises: “No conflict minerals,” “No fluorine coating,” “No whole production,” and “No plastic waste.” I’m here. Click here for more information on the “Four Promises”:
https://www.tiger-corporation.com/en/jpn/about-us/sustainability/ 【Product Specifications】
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Vacuum insulated custom mini bottle MMP-D/E type product details web page: https://www.tiger-corporation.com/en/jpn/product/vacuum-insulated-products/mmp/ Vacuum Insulated Custom Bottle Lineup:
https://www.tiger-corporation.com/en/jpn/product/list/vacuum-insulated-products/custom-sustainable/ Tiger Mahobin NEXT 100 Year Statement Movie “Do Hot! Do Cool!” Now Available! [Image 17

https://youtu.be/MQe_G1aveuM Details about this release:

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