TIGER In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Tiger Thermos, the electronic jar sold in the 1970s has been reprinted in a bottle with a popular nostalgic floral design!

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Tiger Thermos, the nostalgic floral pattern that was popular in the electronic jar sold in the 1970s has been reprinted as a bottle!
Vacuum insulated bottle (flower pattern bottle) MMZ-F035 Early October 2022 release

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Tiger Thermos Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshitoshi Kikuchi, Headquarters: Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture), a world leader in heat control technology, will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023. A limited number of vacuum insulated bottles (flower pattern bottles) MMZ-F035 with nostalgic floral patterns will be released on our official website from early October 2022.
For the bottle pattern, we have selected two types: the Showa period flower pattern -poppy-, which was widely used in rice cookers and pots in the 1970s, and the soft-colored flower pattern drawn in the early Heisei era -English garden-. , You can also enjoy the transition of floral trends from Showa to Heisei.
For those who used floral-patterned home appliances and thermos bottles at the time, this is a bottle with a retro cute design that will remind you of the Showa era and make you feel nostalgic, and for young people, it will make you feel new.
In addition, the poppy pattern is also used in the special appendix lunch box of “Tiger Mahobin 100th ANNIVERSARY Nostalgic Floral Bento Box BOOK” released by Takarajimasha Co., Ltd. on September 27th. You can enjoy using a lunch box and a bottle as a set.
As we have done for the past 100 years, we will continue to be close to our customers’ lives for the next 100 years, and by creating smiles and harmony, we will contribute to “spreading happiness around the world.”
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Tiger official website sales page▶
https://www.tiger-corporation.com/en/jpn/product/vacuum-insulated-products/mmz-f/ [Product Features]
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【Product Summary】
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[Details of product features]
1. Tiger Thermos In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of its founding, a special reprint of the nostalgic floral design!
The popular pattern “poppy” representing the Showa era and the “English garden” drawn in the early Heisei era have been adopted. [Image 5

A reproduction of the Showa period flower pattern “poppy” by Tatsuo Sekidome. It is a trendy pattern of the 1970s, in which red petals are bathed in the sunshine and blooming vigorously. Bright and vivid poppies were very popular at the time and were widely used in rice cookers and pots. Since it is a product from the Showa period, we no longer have the original drawings, so we used a 3D scanner to read the patterns of the electronic jars we had at the time and created the data.
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Yoko Katayama’s realistic Western-style floral design “English Garden” was created by discovering and commercializing an unpublished original painting drawn in the early Heisei period. The combination of delphinium and goldfish is beautiful and has a soft color floral pattern that reproduces an English garden. From the Showa era to the Heisei era, there was a shift from a method of vividly expressing large petals with a distinct floral pattern to a texture of small flowers gathered together like a bouquet and finished in soft colors. I was particular about how to reproduce the beautiful pearl treatment drawn in the original painting on the bottle, and completed it. [Image 7

A poppy-patterned lunch box is included!
Tiger’s 100th anniversary official fan book is now on sale!
On September 27, 2022, Takarajimasha released “Tiger Mahobin 100th Anniversary Nostalgic Floral Bento Box Book”.
A cute retro floral bento box with the same poppy pattern as the bottle is attached. In addition to the 100-year history of Tiger Thermos, this magazine has a lot of content such as introducing recipes that can be served in the appendix lunch box and introducing Tiger’s retro pop products.
ISBN: 978-4-299-03214-0
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For those who purchased a poppy pattern bottle
We present a floral sticker that can be pasted on the lid of the lunch box! For those who have purchased a poppy-patterned bottle from the Tiger official website, a sticker that can be attached to the lid of the flower-patterned lunch box will be delivered together with the bottle. Please spend a wonderful lunchtime with the poppy-patterned bottle and lunch box.
2. Uses antibacterial processing and Super Clean Plus
 Tiger’s original hygiene specification “BioGuard”
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This product is “BioGuard”, a hygiene specification unique to Tiger Thermos, which uses an antibacterial treatment and a Super Clean Plus treatment on the inside. Since it is used every day, we are developing it with the desire to deliver a safer bottle that is safer. In addition, the packing is also treated with antibacterial treatment, so it can be used cleanly.
Suppresses the growth of bacteria by 99% or more compared to antibacterial unprocessed products. *
SIAA certified antibacterial fabric
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“Antibacterial properties” that suppress the growth of bacteria, “safety” that satisfies our own safety standards, and “appropriate labeling” of antibacterial properties.
*Test result: Antibacterial activity value of 2.0 or more
SIAA certification number: JP0122676X0001G
The SIAA mark is an antibacterial symbol established by the
Antibacterial Product Technology Council.
The SIAA mark can be displayed on products that meet the following three criteria: 1. Antibacterial (*1), 2. Safety (*2), and 3. Appropriate labeling (*3).
(*1) Compared to the surface of products that have not been
antibacterial treated, the rate of bacterial growth is less than 1/100, and the antibacterial effect is confirmed even after the durability test.
Antibacterial properties are determined based on the results of tests conducted according to the international standard ISO22196.
(*2) Meets the safety standards independently determined by SIAA. (*3) The type of antibacterial agent and the processed part must be specified. “Super Clean Plus” processing that is resistant to stains and odors The inner surface of the bottle does not use fluorine coating, which has a high environmental impact, and achieves the same level of anti-dyeing with our unique electropolishing technology “Super Clean Plus” processing.
With a smooth and glossy finish, it is resistant to stains and odors, and can be used cleanly with just a quick wash.
It’s also rust-resistant, so you can even add a sports drink. (Clean immediately after use)
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 In order to realize consideration for health, consideration for human rights, and consideration for the environment
Tiger Vacuum Insulated Bottles have four promises: “NO: Conflict Minerals”, “NO: Fluorine Coating”, “NO: Round Production”, and “NO: Plastic Waste”.
Click here for more information on “Four Promises”
https://www.tiger-corporation.com/en/jpn/about-us/sustainability/ Product Specifications

[Image 13d27804-159-39146737fcc19a73d07b-21.jpg&s3=27804-159-8fc612d204d6dc0f50e2cf66dac1501d-2072x801.jpg

[Image 14d27804-159-325803e3bc4772726cf5-23.jpg&s3=27804-159-0c27cbd490c762749500206888eab13b-960x472.jpg
[Image 15d27804-159-d26b3ffa328521071a2e-3.png&s3=27804-159-582436c05015c6cef6cfa4b782300963-352x352.png
Tiger official website sales page▶

Tiger Mahobin NEXT 100 Year Statement Movie “Do Hot! Do Cool!” Now Available! [Image 16d27804-159-bff37a2a5c75a89b9734-15.jpg&s3=27804-159-1e70e8429045cace59662686347c7b74-484x501.jpg
Tiger Thermos will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023.
Since our founding, we have continued to focus on high-dimensional heat control using “vacuum insulation technology” and “heat control technology.” We will continue to make use of this technology for the next 100 years, and realize the goal of “Spreading happiness around the world.”
“Do Hot! Do Cool!” 100 years warm. 100 years, cool. https://youtu.be/MQe_G1aveuM

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