TIGER Tiger Mahobin, celebrating its 100th anniversary, has renewed its official website! “Spreading happine ss around the world.” New official website opens in October

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Tiger Thermos, the official website has been renewed! “Spreading happiness around the world.” New official website opens in October
A site that delivers the enjoyment of viewing and using with a UI optimized for smartphones https://www.tiger-corporation.com

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Tiger Thermos Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshitoshi Kikuchi, Headquarters: Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture), a world leader in heat control technology, will open a new global official website
(https://www.tiger-corporation.com) in 2022. We will open from October.
Our company will celebrate its 100th anniversary on February 3, 2023. Since our founding, we have been researching and developing products that make full use of “vacuum insulation technology” and “heat control technology”, and have been loved by many customers under the vision of “spreading happiness around the world.” I’m here. In order to continue to value our connections with customers around the world for the next 100 years, it is a place where we can directly communicate our Vision and Mission, as well as the thoughts that we value in each product, to the world. We will release the new official website as.
Through the new official website, which integrates the existing company/product information site and the official online shop, we would like customers to more deeply convey our thoughts and product concepts to our customers, select Tiger products based on their empathy, and become fans. We believe. In addition, we have made a thorough commitment to ease of use on smartphones, and have adopted a UI/UX that intuitively delivers the value we think of through images and visuals.
 Our company will steadily evolve in order to “spread happy
togetherness all over the world” by delivering products that are filled with our passion for the global market.
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To the site that conveys the thoughts that Tiger Mahobin values ​​to the world As our company celebrates its 100th anniversary, we have adopted a global common page design in order to deliver our company’s important corporate philosophy and thoughts as it is as we expand our global expansion for the next 100 years.
From 2023 onwards, we plan to gradually release the unified design in the countries and regions where our main sales bases are located, such as the United States, ASEAN, and China, starting with the current release of the Japanese version only.
In “ABOUT US” on the top page, our company’s Vision is “Spreading happiness around the world.” We would like to be a company that will continue to be chosen by those who share our thoughts regardless of country or region.
 Even if the times change, even if the country or region we live in is different, the desire to have a fun and happy time with family and friends has not changed. We have always been, and will continue to be, wholeheartedly committed to providing products and services that enrich the time spent deepening human ties.
On the product page, we introduce the thoughts of Tiger Thermos and the technology that makes it come true.
At the core of all Tiger Thermos products, there is a desire to make our customers’ lives more comfortable.
For 100 years, as a result of continuing to face the temperature, we arrived at “restaurant rice” as one answer to, for example, what is delicious rice in a jar rice cooker. The surface of each grain is glossy and firm, and the inside is plump and soft. “I want many people at home to enjoy the deliciousness of earthenware pot rice that is served at Japanese restaurants.” With this thought in mind, we have continued to refine our heat control technology since our founding. Was born. Other products also have their own stories, and we will directly convey the thoughts that we value to our customers. We also introduce the technology that “uses and manipulates heat” to make that wish come true.
We will change the lifestyles of our customers and cutting-edge industrial fields with technology that precisely controls the heat of 1°C.
We have also enhanced the product information page, allowing you to more intuitively understand the product features with images that remind you of the usage scene, and also introduce the development story of the product. In addition, you can see the comments of those who have already used the product in the review function.
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Expanding the D2C product lineup and integrating the online shop into a more convenient site
The conventional D2C site “Tiger Bottle Site” handled only some products of vacuum insulation bottles, but the new official site has expanded the product lineup including cooking appliances, and many products can be purchased directly. Now
The conventional EC site “Tiger Online Shop” will be integrated into the new official site, so you can enjoy everything from gathering information on products and brands to shopping on the new official site.
You can log in to the new official site with the ID of the Tiger Thermos membership site “TIGER FOREST”. If you log in, you can use useful functions for shopping, such as product favorite function and review writing. In addition, since the purchased product is
automatically registered in “TIGER FOREST”, smooth after-sales support is realized.
In addition, special campaigns and sales will be held to commemorate the opening of the site. Details will be announced later on the new official website.
Note to customers:
* The conventional corporate official website (https://www.tiger.jp/) will be closed with the release of the new site.
*Tiger Online Shop (https://tiger-netshop.jp/shop/) and Tiger Bottle Site (https://www.tigerbottles.com/) will be closed when the new site is released.
*Please note that purchase history from the Tiger Online Shop will not be carried over to the new official website.
(You can still view your purchase history on the Tiger Bottle site.) Online limited products are also appearing one after another Custom bottles that were sold on the D2C Tiger Bottle site and online-only products, including new products that will be released from October, will be released one after another.
・ Online-only products to be released from October
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Tiger custom bottle new lineup MMP type
A lineup of all 9 earth colors!
200mL capacity mini bottle that is lightweight, compact and
comfortable to carry.
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Vacuum insulation bottle (flower design bottle) MMZ-F035
The electronic jars sold in the 1970s gained popularity
The nostalgic floral design “poppy” and the “English garden” drawn in the early Heisei era are adopted!
Introduction of Tiger Mahobin membership site “TIGER FOREST” Collective management of product support information, notification of member-only campaign information, etc.
This is a membership site for Tiger Thermos, which aims to improve customer satisfaction.
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Click here to register for “TIGER FOREST”
(Registration fee/annual fee free)
■ Official SNS introduction
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[Tiger Thermos Official Instagram]
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[Tiger Thermos Official Twitter]

Tiger Mahobin NEXT 100 Year Statement Movie “Do Hot! Do Cool!” Now Available! [Image 9d27804-160-b81f4050933a2476ac99-8.jpg&s3=27804-160-7fbfedb22d205d87d1935cbc920e0ac9-484x501.jpg
Tiger Thermos will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023.
Since our founding, we have continued to focus on high-dimensional heat control using “vacuum insulation technology” and “heat control technology.” We will continue to make use of this technology for the next 100 years, and realize the goal of “Spreading happiness around the world.”
“Do Hot! Do Cool!” 100 years warm. 100 years, cool. https://youtu.be/MQe_G1aveuM Details about this release:


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