TMJ Co., Ltd. TMJ starts offering “office work digitalization and automation service”

TMJ Co., Ltd.
TMJ launches “Administrative Digital/Automation Service”
Contribute to DX of internal office work by streamlining office work starting from business visualization

Secom Group TMJ Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Hideki Maruyama, hereinafter referred to as TMJ), which builds and operates call centers and back offices (business processing centers), conducts business surveys, clarifies issues, and introduces solutions.・We have started to provide an “office work
digitalization/automation service” that packages implementation verification. ( About TMJ’s WORK Design & Outsourcing (WDO) service
Our WDO service is a BPO service that realizes management efficiency and stability by designing business processes with the power of technology and professional personnel and substituting clerical work. Visualization of work for semi-routine work* (*routine work that was conventionally accompanied by employee judgment). We provide cross-sectional business design and operation, and have received high recommendations from clients.
Background and provision concept of services
In response to the business trend of work style reform and DX, organizations and leaders aiming to transform corporate operations are implementing various initiatives such as business research and analysis, concept verification (PoC) and technology verification (PoT). On the other hand, due to the lack of resources, period, detailed business consultation, verification work, etc., it takes time to create results, and there are problems with insufficient accuracy. In response to such needs, we are responsible for a series of verification processes, and we have created a service based on the concept of providing end-to-end support for operational stability. We strongly support the success of corporate office work transformation. Service features
1. Implement goal setting by visualizing operations
We analyze issues and risks by visualizing the current situation, define new flows, formulate hypotheses, and propose various solutions. 2. System construction considering business characteristics
Considering business attributes, we thoroughly identify systems and solutions that are effective for business from a professional perspective. We do not limit ourselves to specific tools and systems, and propose and introduce only appropriate elements so that you can choose between them.
3. Accompanying consulting by business experts
Established a clear work flow after implementation and transfer based on a large number of operation results. We will build an operation cycle that continues to produce results, rather than ending with the introduction of tools.
4. Safe and secure business transfer, stable operation
In each phase and process, we carry out a reasonable transfer while performing quality control based on our standard design. We provide a safe and secure continuous support cycle, such as system maintenance and improvement activities after business transfer.
[Image 1d40416-62-e7cb4b23de479a0e23d8-0.png&s3=40416-62-b9a5f47ce2157dd0849776377a09a78f-807x459.png
Example of operation after introduction (in the case of insurance claim work) First, we grasped the bottlenecks by visualizing the work in advance and redesigned the flow as it should be. After that, the automated elements are verified and only effective solutions are adopted (in the case of the diagram below, automatic sorting and automatic judgment). We minimize the period and cost until introduction, speed up processing and quality assurance by formulating business logic and automating judgment, and realize paperless document storage. [Image 2d40416-62-d1234c41bf8b4b948b25-1.png&s3=40416-62-f62612480e314abab6009d8222f2d44e-973x405.png
About introduction
◆ Service content:
We provide a one-stop service for business research, requirements definition, business process design, solution/system
study/construction, implementation verification, operation rule development, post-publication operation, etc. )
◆ Introduction period and price:
From 1 month after contract (consultation required), price is estimated separately for each plan
*For details on the service, please see

Details about this release:

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