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To commemorate the airing of a new TV commercial starring Airi Taira, a tote bag gift campaign for moms will be held.

Shiroku Co., Ltd.
To commemorate the airing of a new TV commercial starring Airi Taira, a tote bag gift campaign for moms will be held.
~ Airi Taira is also a favorite! Tote bag for mom by mom

The lifestyle beauty brand “N organic” developed by Shiroku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuta Iizuka) has appointed actress Airi Taira and her son Bambino. To commemorate the airing of the new TV commercial, a new campaign to present a limited tote bag has started on October 1, 2022.
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Produce a tote bag for moms by moms
This time, “N organic” has produced a tote bag for moms to commemorate the airing of the new TV commercial. “N organic” mama employees, who are having fun raising their children every day, exchanged opinions based on questionnaires from customers, and bags that incorporate the perspective of moms are sure to become companions in busy days. With plenty of storage and a chic design, it will look stylish in any occasion, such as commuting to work, picking up children at nursery school, shopping, and more.
Airi Taira also loves tote bags
[Image 2d57605-41-0320f646e9d4cc6857ad-2.jpg&s3=57605-41-60baef9f38ef1fb964d6ab28e476a803-1280x630.jpg
Airi Taira, who is appearing in the new TV commercial of “N organic”, also loves tote bags! I received an impression unique to mom. “The material is durable and doesn’t get dirty, and the length of the shoulder strap is just the right fit. It’s big enough to put everything I need in it, so I’ve come to use it every day. I definitely recommend it!”
Comment from Airi Taira on the start of nationwide broadcasting of the commercial
ーーFrom October 1st, Taira-san’s commercial began airing nationwide. How was your family’s reaction?
My family in the living room told me, “Airi! I was very embarrassed to see my TV commercial for the first time in a long time, but I am very happy that my grandmother and all my relatives can see it. ーーI think that Bambino, who appeared with you, will also watch commercials at home, what kind of reaction do you think he will receive?
Since I can operate my mobile phone, I seem to be able to take pictures of myself (laughs)
He seems to boast to his younger brothers that he is a big brother. ーーPlease tell us if there are any episodes in which you cherish skincare time as healing time after shooting a commercial.
As always, skin care time is a really healing moment!
These days, my kids go to bed early, so it’s time to take care of my skin after they’ve fallen asleep.
I can be impressed the next morning as much as I apply it properly, and it is a happy start from the morning.
New campaign overview
[Image 3d57605-41-e84d66269b38038f884f-1.jpg&s3=57605-41-aee447e66a7ac822f85ba80af0ddcf6f-1280x630.jpg
To commemorate the release of the new TV commercial, we will present a limited tote bag in the following campaign that started on Saturday, October 1, 2022.
・N organic lotion/serum set regular delivery ・N organic Vie lotion/cream set regular delivery ・N organic Bright lotion/cream set regular delivery ・ Target 7 products including single items and sets
The tote bag that will be given as a gift has a gusset and a large capacity * 1. It’s made of durable, thick, and sturdy material, and the long handle makes it the perfect size to carry over your shoulder. You can fold it and carry it as a secondary bag, or put small items in the inner pocket for everyday use.
*1 400 x 250 x 150
*The above campaign will end as soon as the tote bag runs out. Overview of the TV commercial being aired
“N organic x Airi Taira-Daily life with parent and child-short ver”
“N organic x Airi Taira-Relaxing time at night-short ver”
“N organic × Airi Taira-Mask worries-short ver” “N organic x Airi Taira-Interview-short ver” “N organic x Airi Taira-Daily life with parent and child-long ver”
“N organic x Airi Taira-Mask worries-long ver” “N organic x Airi Taira-Interview-long ver” “N organic × Airi Taira-CM making video-” Broadcast area: Nationwide
Starring: Airi Taira, son (Bambino)
“N organic” First Aging Care *2 Product Overview
[Image 4d57605-41-95982863dd8feeec0e9c-3.jpg&s3=57605-41-ada447dce0c887e30ba737d72bf72de6-1283x630.jpg
Left: “N organic Moisture & Balancing Lotion”
A lotion that prevents fluctuations due to dryness, fills with plenty of moisture, and leads to firm and glossy skin.
Contents 100mL 4,180 yen (tax included)
Right: “N organic Moisture & Balancing Serum”
A beauty emulsion that aids the barrier function and leads to beautiful skin. Contents 60mL 6,380 yen (tax included)
*2 Moisturizing care according to age
About “N organic”
“N organic” has a brand concept of “enriching your life”, and since the birth of the brand in 2017, “N organic” makes you feel that every day is lovingly and importantly repeated. “N organic Vie” to age beautifully, “N organic Bright” to make life brighter again, and three skin care series are released. In addition, we will develop brands other than the skin care series, such as “& WOLF,” which makes up while caring for the bare skin, and “N organic HOME,” which creates time to create a wonderful accent in your life, and are even closer to your lifestyle. We are aiming.
・”N organic” official website
・”N organic” Instagram
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