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Toda Corporation Outdoor photo exhibition “Tokyo Dialogue 2022” will be held from Saturday, October 1!

Toda Construction Co., Ltd.
Outdoor photo exhibition “Tokyo Dialogue 2022” will be held from 10/1 (Sat.)! At the same time, a collection of works created for the exhibition will be published.

Toda Corporation (President: Seisuke Otani) and the outdoor
international photo festival T3 PHOTO FESTIVAL TOKYO (Organizer: TOKYO INSTITUTE of PHOTOGRAPHY / Representative: Masato Terauchi) will start a joint project from Saturday, October 1st. We will hold “Tokyo Dialogue 2022”, a special exhibition of “Tokyo Dialogue 2022-2024”. [Image 1

In this exhibition, six photographers, Go Itami, Yuki Shimizu, Wahei Kimura, and writers Hiroshi Homura, Yuki Horimoto, and Hachikaimimi, are set in Kyobashi, Tokyo, through a “dialogue” through “photographs” and “words.” During the T3 PHOTO FESTIVAL TOKYO 2022, we will be exhibiting the newly created works this summer in the construction temporary enclosure of TODA BUILDING (provisional name).
In addition, we will sell a collection of works created for this exhibition. [What is T3 PHOTO FESTIVAL TOKYO]
T3 PHOTO FESTIVAL TOKYO is a photo festival with three pillars: photo exhibitions, student projects, and talks and events, based on the concept of “Thinking about Japanese photography culture/the future of photography.” After holding the predecessor “Tokyo International Photo Festival” in 2015. From 2020, it will be held as an urban outdoor photo festival using public open spaces in the east side of Tokyo Station (Yaesu, Nihonbashi, Kyobashi). Taking urban walls as media, we aim to be a place where many people can meet excellent photographic works without charge, and a place where photographers can challenge various exhibition methods. This year, which will be the 4th time, will be held from October 1st (Sat) to 30th (Sun).
Highlights of Tokyo Dialogue 2022
[Image 2

“Tokyo Dialogue 2022” exhibition
In this exhibition, works were created through a “dialogue” in which the writer responds verbally to the photographs taken by the photographer, set in Kyobashi, Tokyo.
These works, while resonating and complementing each other, express the visible and invisible things, such as the (provisional name) TODA BUILDING construction site, the scenery of the city that changes daily, and the memories engraved in this place. I draw organically beyond time and space. This series of works is a living record of the city, and at the same time presents a way of asking the question, “What is dialogue?” It overlaps with the appearance of the city itself. The artist’s diverse expressions and collaboration, such as the interesting details of each work and the expansion of
interpretation by combining photographs and words, will be connected to each viewer’s experience of the city, and the work will be presented. Please enjoy the “dialogue”.
◆ Exhibiting artist [photographer]
Go Itami
Born in Tokushima Prefecture in 1976. Main collections of works include “this year’s model” and “photocopy” (both from RONDADE). A new collection of works will be published from RONDADE in November 2022. Yuki Shimizu
Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1984. Graduated from the Imaging Department of Musashino Art University. While researching the past and legends of the land, he takes landscape photographs and creates and expresses stories. Received the 5th Photo “1_wall” Grand Prix. In 2022, he participated in the exhibition “Summer Vacation at a Certain Museum” at the Chiba City Museum of Art, and held a solo exhibition “Sleeping Glass” at PGI. Started writing novels in 2018. Received Shinchosha’s R-18 Literature Grand Prize. In 2022, published “Hanamori no Isu” (Shueisha).
Kazuhei Kimura
Born in 1993 in Fukushima Prefecture. In parallel with his activities in the fields of fashion, movies and advertising, he continues to create works. Received the 19th Photo “1_WALL” Jury Encouragement Award (selected by Nozomi Himeno). Major solo exhibitions include “Stone and Peach” (Roll, 2022) and “New Window” (BOOK AND SONS, 2020). house), etc.
◆ Exhibited writer [writer]
Hiroshi Homura
Born in Hokkaido in 1962. poet. Debuted in 1990 with the songbook “Syndicate”. In addition to tanka, he also writes essays, critiques, picture books, and translations. His publications include Tegami Mamami, Summer Moving (With Rabbits), Hydrofoil Ship Burning, and Stray Cat wo Respected Day. Received the 2008 Osamu Ito Literary Award, the Ars Electronica Interactive Division Honor Award, the 2017 Kodansha Essay Award, the 2018 Wakayama Bokusui Award, and others. Yuki Horimoto
Born in Wakayama Prefecture in 1974. haiku poet. He presides over the haiku group “Aomi”. Part-time lecturer at Nishogakusha University. 2022 “NHK Haiku” Selector. Received the 36th Haiku Association Newcomer Award for the haiku collection Kumano Mandala. Beginning with the second collection of haiku “Ichimawa”, co-authored with Naoki Matayoshi “Entertainer and haiku poet”, co-authored with Hiroshi Homura “The 50th game of tanka and haiku”, dramatized in February 2021 starring Suzu Hirose. He has written many books, including the novel “An Sakuragi Haiku Haiku Haiku Haiku”.
Mimi Hachikai
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1974. poets. Professor at the Faculty of Literature, Rikkyo University. Received the 5th Chuya Nakahara Award for his collection of poems “Ima Mo Uru Oteki Iku Jinji”, 56th New Artist Award for his collection of poems “Eatable Nights”, and Nobuo Ayukawa for his collection of poems “Water Washing Faces”. Award winning. His major publications include the collection of poems Hidden Leaf, the essay collection Peacock Feather Eyes, the book review collection Morning Reading, and the picture book Ukiwaneko
(Illustrated by Chiho Makino).
Collection of works “Tokyo Dialogue 2022”
[Image 3d52811-12-78bf05d1e5ec9e7905e9-4.jpg&s3=52811-12-1b6cccec605c100e5da54bdf3c618531-636x935.jpg
Cover of “Tokyo Dialogue 2022”
Includes works created for the exhibition (38 photographs, 17 poems, including works not shown at the exhibition). During T3 PHOTO FESTIVAL TOKYO 2022, we will sell it as a set with the T3 PHOTO FESTIVAL TOKYO 2022 official catalog.
Title: Tokyo Dialogue 2022
Photo: Go Itami/Yuki Shimizu/Kazuhei Kimura
Words: Hiroshi Homura/Yuki Horimoto/Hachikaimimi
Editing: Tomoki Matsumoto (T&M Projects)
Specifications: A5 size, 64 pages
Date of publication: October 1, 2022
Sales period: October 1, 2022 (Sat)-October 30, 2022 (Sun)
Sales location: 72 Gallery (3-6-6 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Exart Building 1F / Business hours 12:00-19:00)
Online shop (
Sales price: 1,500 yen (tax included) *Set price
(Tentative name) About TODA BUILDING
[Image 4d52811-12-025bb5ddce5485e55720-1.jpg&s3=52811-12-0a9f1aac679e1a9f15bb9a10404a51d9-650x488.jpg
Toda Corporation is proceeding with large-scale development, including the rebuilding of its head office, in Kyobashi 1-chome. Utilizing development systems such as special urban revitalization districts and land readjustment projects, we will create a “new base for art and culture” that takes advantage of the regional characteristics of the Kyobashi area in the lower part of the building. The upper floors will consist of office floors with business support facilities exclusively for tenants, creating a place where visitors and workers can encounter art.
Overview of outdoor photo exhibition “Tokyo Dialogue 2022”
Date: October 1, 2022 (Sat)-October 30, 2022 (Sun)
Venue: (Tentative name) TODA BUILDING temporary construction enclosure (east side) 1-7-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Access: 5-minute walk from JR Tokyo Station (Yaesu Central Exit), Tokyo Metro Ginza Line/Kyobashi Station (Exit 6), Tokyo Metro/Ginza Line/Tozai Line/Toei Asakusa Line/Nihonbashi Station (Exit B1) Organizer/Planner: Toda Corporation, T3 PHOTO FESTIVAL TOKYO Director | Korehiro Hayami (T3 PHOTO FESTIVAL TOKYO), Curation | Miho Odaka Editing | Tomoki Matsumoto (T&M Projects) Design | Yuta Nakajima (YUTA Design Studio)
Contact Tokyo Dialogue:
Toda Corporation Kyobashi Project Promotion Department ( )
T3 PHOTO FESITVAL TOKYO Executive Committee ( Details about this release:

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