Tokai Electronics Report on the relationship between the number of disinfection orders for alcohol detectors and the number of people infected with the new coronavirus, September 2022

Tokai Electronics
Report on the relationship between the number of disinfection orders for alcohol detectors and the number of people infected with the new coronavirus, September 2022
-Similar to the 7th wave, despite the highest number of requests for disinfection in August, no secondary infections were observed-
Tokai Denshi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture, CEO Tetsuya Sugimoto), which develops and sells alcohol detection systems, IT roll call systems, and operation management systems, has recently announced that alcohol detectors will be installed at offices with new coronavirus infections. We have summarized the latest results of the collection disinfection service (September 2022 version). 1. About collection disinfection service at the time of infection outbreak From April 2020, we have made an important request (to alert and provide disinfection services) to companies using alcohol detectors in the event of an outbreak of the new coronavirus.
Posted on our website on May 1, 2020
“If the detector user is found to be infected with the new coronavirus” This service is limited to contracted users, and is a service that promptly collects, disinfects, and returns the alcohol breathalyzer that was used when an infection occurred. This is intended to eliminate the possibility of secondary contact infection for businesses that are having trouble physically treating the alcohol detector used by the infected person, and that the alcohol detector may cause secondary infection or It also serves as a manufacturer’s responsibility to monitor whether it is the cause of clusters. Currently, we are the only alcohol breathalyzer manufacturer that publishes such fieldwork reports.
2. About the correlation between the number of disinfection cases in two and a half years and the number of people infected with the new coronavirus
As the awareness of this service increases, and as the actual infection status of the new coronavirus changes, the number of post-infection disinfection service requests will change. In the past six months, the number of requests for disinfection in August reached a record high, similar to the peak of the epidemic of replacing Omicron strains with BA5.
[Graph 1: Number of requests for disinfection of alcohol detectors due to new corona infection and 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th waves] [Image 1

Overlapping the change in the number of infected people (monthly) and disinfection (monthly), it almost coincides with the X wave. *1 Data on the number of people infected with the new coronavirus is created using the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. [Graph 2: Number of infected people in Japan (*1) and number of disinfectants] [Image 2

Trucks inevitably have the largest number of users of our detectors, as they are in the trucking industry. The number of requests has increased at a stretch, resulting in the second largest number. [Graph 3: Industries that have been disinfected]
[Image 3

There is still a suspicion that multi-user alcohol breathalyzers may be a cause of the spread of coronavirus infection. However, as a result, it has occurred with both portable (mobile) alcohol detectors. This fact means that even if the operation uses one portable alcohol detector per person, there are naturally possible infection routes other than the detector (depending on the behavior of the individual). It is also possible to make a positive hypothesis that the use of the detector reduced the chances of using the multi-person type and lowered the possibility of secondary infection. In any case, don’t be careless or overconfident that you can feel safe after making it a personal or portable type.
We still believe that the risk of spreading infection is theoretically higher for multi-person sharing types than for portable, portable, and personal use.
[Graph 4: Models that have been disinfected]
[Image 4

3. Cluster incident at a business office using an alcohol breathalyzer in Tottori Prefecture
In mid-March 2022, it was reported that several people were infected at a business establishment in Tottori Prefecture where an alcohol breathalyzer was used and in an environment that was thought to be poorly ventilated.


Such things are quite possible.
In fact, one of the questionnaires received at the time of requesting disinfection this year said that secondary infection may have occurred due to the installation of the alcohol detector, the environment in which it is used, and the ventilation situation. There was a report that (not the public health center, but the subjectivity of the business operator).
[Image 5

4. Alcohol detector and new coronavirus-related special site Until now, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, transportation industry associations such as trucks, buses, and high taxis, and alcohol detectors have determined whether clusters have occurred at transportation offices, and the facts, possibilities, and facts of mediation of breath alcohol detectors when clusters occur. There was no information that a survey was conducted or announced. Among them, the official report of Tottori Prefecture in 3 above seems to be the first case.
Now, in March, we opened a special site about alcohol detectors and the new coronavirus. Please check here for various government guidelines and information on our equipment.
-Special site URL-
[Image 6

5. Overall review of 510 cases and our view on alcohol detectors and corona infection
As we support alcohol detectors on a daily basis, we can see that customers are thoroughly sterilizing and disinfecting their sites every day. Some questionnaire results seem to indicate that
disinfection and ventilation are insufficient, but basically it seems that alcohol detectors are used while taking considerable measures to prevent drunk driving.
Under such circumstances, in the past half year, the number of cases has suddenly nearly doubled compared to the previous two years (about 280 cases six months ago → increased to 510 cases this time). I am really wondering why the number of infections is increasing while taking measures against infection so far, and what the “new
coronavirus” is.
So far, there is one company that holds the view that it cannot deny the place where the alcohol detector is used and the origin of the alcohol detector (whether it is a contact infection or an aerosol infection, even if it cannot be scientifically verified). I was. We also interviewed the actual situation, but it was also a case that was difficult to determine. I had a similar impression to Tottori Prefecture, but there was no information that could clearly say that the detector was not involved, so I have only one case where the possibility cannot be denied. However, in addition to this one case, in 509 cases, none of the customers thought that there was a secondary infection originating from the detector. (The basis for this one report is only the subjectivity of the business operator and our company. It is not an epidemiological or scientific survey by a public health center or a scientist.)
At this time, there are no “remarkable numbers” of clusters or secondary infections clearly derived from alcohol detectors. This is the general review of our demonstration over the past two and a half years.
6. society in motion
From September to October this year, overseas travel and domestic travel will be gradually eased, and the flow of people is clearly changing. The number of “infected” will continue to decrease and increase. The results for this half year were also as expected in March.
For about two and a half years, we have been issuing reports that appear to be “clinical sites of alcohol breathalyzers.”
However, it cannot be said to be a true demonstration of whether or not “the number of secondary infections increases precisely because the office uses alcohol detectors” without conducting the next survey. Infections (persons) at establishments using alcohol detectors (white number / green number) / 6.3 million establishments (*)
Infections (individuals) at general business establishments other than the above that do not use alcohol detection / 6.3 million business establishments (*)
This method is theoretically possible, but it is unlikely that the government, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the National Police Agency, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, or any other government will conduct such a survey in the future. That is why this survey is a kind of social science research, and above all, we will disseminate information so that the entire alcohol breathalyzer industry will not be stigmatized by rumors that “alcohol
breathalyzers have mediated an increase in the number of infected people”. I think it is important to keep going.
For companies using alcohol detectors, continue to thoroughly sterilize and disinfect alcohol detectors, keep 2 emails or more apart during roll calls, have handhelds brought to you by yourself, and ventilate. It is necessary to take measures that look ahead to the long-term “3rd and 4th years”, including thorough implementation of IT roll calls and increasing the usage rate of IT roll calls.
In particular, in April 2022, the ban on “remote roll calls” was lifted.・I think that it is the most rational response to prepare for the new corona (and also to improve digitization and labor
We would like to ask our customers for their continued cooperation in preventing infection and responding to questionnaires.
Report on the relationship between the number of disinfection orders for alcohol detectors and the number of people infected with the new coronavirus September 2022 version [Report on the relationship between the number of disinfection orders for alcohol detectors and the number of people infected with the new coronavirus]
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