Tokushima Prefecture Please try the exquisite gourmet that represents Tokushima Prefecture, “Kaifu no Aoriik a”!

Tokushima Prefecture
Please try the exquisite gourmet “Kaifu no Aoriika” that represents Tokushima Prefecture!

“Bigfin reef squid”, with its thick, transparent flesh and exceptional taste, is also known as the “king of squid”.
Influenced by the Kuroshio Current, the coast of Kaifu County in the south of Tokushima Prefecture, which has a rich fishing ground, is a production area for high-quality “Bigfin reef squid”, and the caught “Bigfin reef squid” are shipped both inside and outside the
 The “Tokushima Seafood Quality Establishment Council” has started distributing an introduction video on YouTube to let more people know about the goodness of “Aoriika”.
In order to spread the goodness of Tokushima prefecture’s exquisite gourmet “Aaoriika”, we introduce dishes using frozen bigfin reef squid and resource management efforts by fishermen. We will also post information on the fishery cooperative association where you can purchase “Aoriika of Kaifu”.
In line with the autumn fishing season, the distribution will start from 9:00 am on Saturday, October 1st.
[Video 4:] In addition, so that anyone can easily access the “Tokushima Seafood Quality Establishment Council” YouTube home screen,
We will create a “magnet sticker (5.5 cm long, 9 cm wide)” with a two-dimensional code printed with “aoriika” and distribute it at sales promotion events in the prefecture.

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