Tokyo Century Corporation Tokyo Century President Baba will give a lecture at “NTT IR DAY 2022” on September 29 (Thursday)

Tokyo Century Corporation
September 29th (Thursday) Tokyo Century President Baba will give a lecture at “NTT IR DAY 2022”
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Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Akira Shimada; hereinafter referred to as “NTT”) held a briefing for analysts and investors “NTT IR DAY” on Thursday, September 29. 2022”, our President and CEO Baba gave a lecture on the theme of “Collaboration between NTT and Tokyo Century”. You can see the pattern of the lecture on the day from the URL below.
“NTT IR DAY 2022” [Image

Tokyo Century President & CEO Koichi Baba
“NTT IR DAY” is a briefing for analysts and investors that has been held every year since fiscal 2014 with the theme of the NTT Group’s growth strategy. The two themes were “Collaboration between NTT and Tokyo Century.”
Tokyo Century and NTT are accelerating their collaboration with the capital and business alliance concluded in 2020. On the day, Mr. Baba spoke about the business expansion of NTT and NTT TC Lease Co., Ltd., a joint venture leasing company between NTT and NTT DATA, as well as a wide range of collaborative businesses such as auto leasing business, environment and energy business, data center business, overseas business, real estate business, and the future. explained the outlook for
Tokyo Century is developing a unique business model of “Finance x Service x Business” through co-creation with leading partner companies, and NTT is an important business partner in our growth strategy. We will continue to contribute to the resolution of social issues and the realization of a sustainable society by providing high value-added finance and services that support the realization and development of NTT’s growth fields and further accelerating
collaboration between the two companies. I will come.
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Tokyo Century Public Relations & Investor Relations Department tel 03-5209-6710
[About Tokyo Century]
Tokyo Century is an industry-leading financial and service company that has its origins in leasing and is developing a business model that integrates “Finance x Service x Business” through co-creation with partner companies in Japan and overseas.
“Domestic leasing business” with a broad customer base, “Domestic auto business” including auto leasing for corporations and individuals as well as rental cars, “Specialty business” driving growth centered on aircraft and real estate, more than 30 companies worldwide We are developing our business in four fields of “international business field” with a network of bases in 10 countries and regions. We provide unique financial services that contribute to solving social issues in a wide range of business areas.
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