Tokyo International Finance Organization (FinCity.Tokyo) Tokyo Asset Management Forum 2022 Autumn

Tokyo International Finance Organization (FinCity.Tokyo)
-Sponsored by FinCity.Tokyo-Tokyo Asset Management Forum 2022 Autumn
The Tokyo International Finance Organization (FinCity.Tokyo) will hold the Tokyo Asset Management Forum (TAMF) on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. At this seminar, we will introduce presentations by new and diverse domestic and foreign asset managers, with a focus on emerging asset managers, as well as lectures by well-known domestic and foreign asset owners, and panel discussions by leading domestic and international asset management companies and university foundations. etc. is scheduled. Please feel free to apply.
Name: Tokyo Asset Management Forum 2022 Autumn
Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2022, 15:00-18:30 (Japan time)
Organizer: Tokyo International Financial Organization (FinCity.Tokyo) Holding format: Offline / online hybrid holding
Offline Venue: KABUTO ONE (7-1 Nihonbashi Kabutocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo) 4F Conference & Hall
Online venue: Zoom
Participation fee: Free
Application site:

way to participate:
If you are online, you will need to pre-register for Zoom after applying for a ticket.
The procedure for participation is as follows.
1. Apply for tickets at Peatix
2. Check the ticket on the Peatix app, access the URL and pre-register for Zoom 3. Receive ID and password from Zoom by email
4. Enter the seminar room with Zoom
Remarks: By the day before the event date, we will contact everyone who has applied for information about the ZOOM URL via the application site.
* Participation applications will be accepted until 15:00 on Friday, November 11th.
General moderator: Ms. Emi Onozuka, President and CEO of Eminent Group ◆ Opening remarks
・FinCity.Tokyo Executive Director Keiichi Aritomo
◆Keynote Speech 1: “Advancement of Asset Management through Asset Allocation Strategy”
・Grace Qiu, Senior Vice President, Total Portfolio Strategy, GIC ◆Keynote Speech 2: “Concepts of University Fund Management”
・Mr. Naoya Sugimoto, Deputy General Manager, Asset Management Office, Japan Science and Technology Agency
◆Keynote Speech 3: “About the sophistication of the asset management industry” ・ Financial Services Agency Asset Management Advancement Office Director Yuri Adachi
◆Asset manager presentation 1.
◆Panel discussion 1. “Vision of Industry Leader and Expectations for Emerging Asset Managers”
・Akira Kanno, President of Asset Management One Co., Ltd.
・Fumiyo Harada, Managing Executive Officer, Development Bank of Japan Inc. ・Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Asset Management Co., Ltd. President and CEO Yoshio Hishida
・FinCity.Tokyo EMP Special Advisor Hidekazu Ishida
◆ Fireside Chat “Advancement of Asset Management through Academic Research” ・Kenny Lam, CEO, Two Sigma Asia Pacific
・David Siegel, Co-Founder and chairman, Two Sigma(Video message) ◆Asset manager presentation 2.
◆Panel discussion 2. “Vision of Industry Leader and Expectations for Emerging Asset Managers”
・International Christian University Mr. Ryoichi Arai, Special Assistant to the President and Trustee
・ Waseda University Ventures Co-Representative General Partner Hiroo Ota ・Mr. Yuichi Katayose, Innovation Capital, Tokyo University of Science ・ Sophia University Specially Appointed Professor / Special Advisor to the President Sophia School Director Masafumi Hikima
◆15:00-15:10: Opening remarks
◆15:10-15:25: Keynote Speech 1 “Advancement of Asset Management through Asset Allocation Strategy”
◆ 15:25-15:35: Keynote Speech 2 “Thinking about university fund management” ◆ 15:35-15:45: Keynote Speech 3 “About the sophistication of the asset management industry”
10 minute break
◆ 15:55-16:25: Asset manager presentation 1.
16:25-16:55: Panel discussion 1. “Vision of industry leader and expectations for emerging asset managers”
◆ 16: 55-17: 20: Fireside chat “Advancement of asset management through academic research”
10 minute break
◆ 17:30-18:00: Asset manager presentation 2.
◆ 18:00-18:30: Panel discussion 2. “Vision of industry leader and expectations for emerging asset managers”
Organizer: FinCity.Tokyo
Supported by: Financial Services Agency / The Investment Trusts Association, Japan / Japan Investment Advisers Association / Japan Securities Dealers Association / Japan Securities Analysts Association / Japan Exchange Group, Inc. / Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. / The Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) / Japan International Asset Management Center Promotion Organization (JIAM) / Alternative Data Promotion Council
Media Partner: Soken Co., Ltd.

FinCity.Tokyo TAMF Secretariat
-About Tokyo International Financial Organization (FinCity.Tokyo)- Fincity.Tokyo is Japan’s first public-private partnership financial promotion organization that aims to make Tokyo a world-leading international financial city. FinCity.Tokyo, whose members include Tokyo-based financial institutions, business companies, industry groups, and government agencies, disseminates information on the attractiveness of Tokyo as a financial city, delivers user voices to related institutions, and promotes financial We are improving the environment as a city. In addition, we are conducting various activities to expand the base of the asset management industry, including this Tokyo Asset Management Forum.
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