Tokyo Metro “Tokyo Metro x Saga Prefecture Shigenobu Okuma Stamp Rally” will be held!

Tokyo Metro
We carry out “Tokyo Metro X Saga Shigenobu Okuma stamp rally”! ~ Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the opening of the railway ~ From October 7, 2022 (Friday) to October 30, 2022 (Sunday)

Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President: Akiyoshi Yamamura, hereinafter “Tokyo Metro”) and Saga Prefecture will hold the “Tokyo Metro x Saga Prefecture Shigenobu Okuma Stamp Rally” on Friday, October 7, 2022. It will be held until October 30, 2022 (Sunday).
 In commemoration of the opening of Japan’s first railway between Shimbashi and Yokohama on October 14, 1872, October 14 is designated as “Railway Day” every year. This year, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the opening of the railway, Tokyo Metro and Saga Prefecture cooperated to hold a stamp rally around places related to Shigenobu Okuma, who was born in Saga Prefecture and contributed to running Japan’s first railway. Original stamps designed by Shigenobu Okuma will be installed at four locations: Mae Station, Gokokuji Station, Waseda University History Museum (closest Waseda Station), and Minato Local History Museum (closest Shirokanedai Station). If you collect all four stamps, the first 4,000 people will receive an original souvenir. Please enjoy the “Tokyo Metro x Saga Prefecture Shigenobu Okuma Stamp Rally” with your family and friends.
 Tokyo Metro will continue to contribute to the prosperity of the region through co-creation with various prefectures, organizations and companies.
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Tokyo Metro x Saga Prefecture Shigenobu Okuma Stamp Rally Details 1 Implementation period
  From October 7, 2022 (Friday) to October 30, 2022 (Sunday) *Prizes can be redeemed until November 6th (Sun)
2 Participation fee
  Free (customers are responsible for the transportation expenses necessary for the stamp rally.)
3 How to participate
(1) Obtain a special stamp mount from the rack installed at each Tokyo Metro station (excluding some stations).
(2) Collect stamps by visiting all four locations where stamps are installed. (3) The first 4,000 people who present the special stamp mount that collects all the stamps at the achievement prize exchange place We will give you an achievement award.
*The order in which the stamps are installed is free, and it is not necessary to visit them all in one day.
    *Distribution will end as soon as the dedicated stamp mount is exhausted. *Distribution of special stamp mounts is available at Kita-Senju Station (Hibiya Line), Naka-Meguro Station, Nakano Station,
Nishi-Funabashi Station, Yoyogi-Uehara Station,
   Excluding Wakoshi Station, Shibuya Station (Hanzomon
Line/Fukutoshin Line) and Meguro Station.
4 Stamp installation location
(1) Kokkaigijidomae Station ticket gate for Nagatacho (outside the ticket gate) (2) Gokokuji Station near exit 4 (outside the ticket gate)
(3) Waseda University History Museum main entrance 5 minutes walk from Tozai Line Waseda Station Exit 2/3a/3b
(4) Main entrance to the Minato Ward Local History Museum  1 minute walk from Exit 2 of Shirokanedai Station on the Namboku Line     *Stamp installation time at each station is from 9:00 to 20:00. *Waseda University History Museum stamp installation time is from 10:00 to 17:00. (Closed days are Wednesday, holidays)
    *Stamps are installed at the Minato City Local History Museum from 9:00 to 17:00 (20:00 on Saturdays).
5 Contents of prizes
[Achievement Award]
Hard ticket replica and original can badge… First 4,000 people     ※I’m looking forward to the design of the can badge after receiving it. *Prizes can only be exchanged once per person throughout the period.     ※Distribution will end as soon as it runs out.
[Image 2d20053-949-e37781339be9d31235dc-1.png&s3=20053-949-3069adedef45f8a02033a410124409dc-267x186.png
6 Achievements exchanging place
Waseda University History Museum (5 minutes walk from Tozai Line Waseda Station Exit 2/3a/3b)
  Address 1-6-1 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Waseda University, Waseda Campus Building 1, 1st floor
  Prize exchange time: 10:00-17:00
  Closed days: Wednesdays, public holidays *Please check the Waseda University History Museum website for details. *Achievement awards cannot be exchanged on closed days.
   *The exchange time may be changed or closed without notice due to measures against infectious diseases or for weather reasons. 7 Achievements exchange period
  From October 7, 2022 (Friday) to November 6, 2022 (Sunday) 8 Inquiries
  Tokyo Metro Customer Center TEL 0120-104-106 (9:00-17:00, year-round) 9 Request when participating
(1) Please wear a mask when participating.
(2) Please leave a space between customers and participate.
(3) Please use the disinfectant.
(4) Please refrain from participating if you are not feeling well. (5) This event may be canceled or changed without notice.
[Image 3d20053-949-b58d8d74ed8f32fab0bd-2.png&s3=20053-949-5f6363409a90e7571c42dbdf9410551d-1058x310.png

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