Tokyo Open the door to possibilities!

Open the door of possibility!
~ Recruiting participants for the 2nd Para Sports Next Generation Athlete Discovery Program ~

Beginning with the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games, it is possible to experience a variety of parasports, providing opportunities for those who aspire to become athletes to encounter competitive sports. This experience has inspired many athletes to take part in competitive sports and participate in various competitions.
We look forward to your participation.
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1 Program overview
(1) Date/venue
   Date: November 26, 2020 (Saturday)
Venue: Musashino Forest Sports Plaza (290-11 Nishimachi, Chofu City) (2) Participant recruitment period
From September 7th (Wednesday) to October 26th (Wednesday), 2022 (postmark valid if mailed)

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Measurement meeting
(3) Measurement meeting
Contents: Body measurements, 20m run, grip strength, endurance tests, etc. Understand your own ability characteristics.
(4) Competition experience session
   Contents: 1. Competition experience
       Experience the actual competition and find a competition that suits you.
2. Competition consultation
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State of competition experience
Based on the measurement session, experience session, degree of disability, etc.        You can consult with the sports organization to start the competition. ▼Scheduled sports
 Athletics, judo, taekwondo, skiing, badminton, powerlifting,  Triathlon, wheelchair curling, boccia, rowing,
sitting volleyball, visually impaired bowling, canoeing,
shooting, wheelchair basketball, soccer for the intellectually disabled, cycling,
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Competition consultation
Swimming, wheelchair fencing, equestrian, table tennis, wheelchair rugby

2 Target person
Those who meet all of the following conditions (whether or not they have a disability certificate)
(1) Willingness to continue to engage in competitive sports and aim for international competitions in the future
(2) Those who live, study, or work in Tokyo
(3) From 10 to 45 years old at the end of 2022
(4) Persons with physical disabilities, visual disabilities, or intellectual disabilities
3 How to apply
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(1) Application via the Internet
Please apply from the entry form on the official website.
(2) Application by mail
   Print the application form that can be downloaded from the official website, fill in the necessary information,
   Please send to the following address.
Address: 3rd floor, Suehiro Building, 1-20-7 Kita Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0004
To the Secretariat of the “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Program for Discovering Next-Generation Para-Sports Athletes”
Inquiry dial: 03-5974-5517 (weekdays 10:00 to 17:00)
4 Implementation of follow-up program and trial program
The following programs will be implemented for participants of the measurement event and competition experience event.
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follow program
(1) Follow-up program
Under the supervision of experts, we hold seminars to learn training methods and theories based on sports medicine science.
(2) Trial program
  Provide opportunities to visit the activity site of the sports organization and participate in practice.
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trial program

On September 23 (Friday/holiday), the Tokyo Para Sports Next Generation Athlete Discovery Program (1st) was held.
On September 23rd (Friday/holiday), the “Tokyo Para Sports Next Generation Athlete Discovery Program” (1st) was held at the Chuo Ward General Sports Center.
On the day of the event, 73 people participated in a “measurement session” to learn about their own physical abilities and a
“competition experience session” where participants could meet the competition, such as actual competition experiences and competition consultations.
(Participants on the day)
· Physically handicapped 36 people
· Visually impaired  5 people
· Intellectual disability 32 people
      73 people
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5 minute run
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