Tokyo Solamachi November 11th is “Cheese Day”! Tokyo Solamachi (R) Cheese Fair

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Tokyo Skytree Town
November 11th is “Cheese Day”! Tokyo Solamachi (R) Cheese Fair Held from November 1st (Tuesday) to November 30th (Wednesday). There is also an event at a cheese confectionery specialty store!

Tokyo Solamachi will hold the “Tokyo Solamachi (R) Cheese Fair” for the first time from November 1st (Tuesday) to November 30th
(Wednesday), 2022, in honor of Cheese Day on November 11th (Friday). It will be held.
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Japanese, Western, Chinese, ethnic, etc. Tokyo Solamachi has a wide variety of cheese menus!
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Melty Cheese Butter Chicken Curry & Cheese Nan Set ¥1,520
-Indian Cuisine Amara- (East Yard 6th floor) Sales period: November 1st (Tuesday) to 30th (Wednesday)
The chewy naan is filled with melty cheese. Excellent compatibility with mild butter chicken curry.
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Potato cheese ¥1,320
-Skyscraper- (East Yard 31st floor) Sales period: November 1st (Tuesday) to 30th (Wednesday)
The strongest tag of potato and cheese is sure to attract everyone! It’s a dish that goes perfectly with sake, and the hot, melty cheese is irresistible.
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Beurre de cheese fondue ¥1,900
-Bakery & Public Penny Lane- (East Yard 1st Floor) *Available all year round The creamy and rich sauce made with white cheddar cheese goes perfectly with our homemade bread! There is also a volume, so it is recommended to share!
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Beef tongue cheese cream stew set meal ¥1,540
-Charcoal-grilled beef tongue Toshihisa- (East Yard 6F) Sales period: November 1st (Tuesday) to 30th (Wednesday)
Completely limited menu during the cheese fair period! A superb dish made with soft, melty beef tongue and rich cheese! Please enjoy the new sensation of beef tongue that can only be tasted at the Solamachi store during the fair period.
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Creamy Cheese Noodles with Black Pepper ¥1,000
-Sora Toraya- (East Yard 1F) Sale period: November 1st (Tuesday) to 30th (Wednesday)
The aroma of pepper and the richness of the cheese will whet your appetite! This is a cheese fair limited menu.
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Cheese Gapao Rice Set ¥1,680
-JASMINE THAI Express- (West Yard 3F) Sales period: November 1st (Tuesday) to 30th (Wednesday)
Cheese is topped on the signboard menu gapao rice! A great value 3-piece set with mini tom yum goong ramen and mini fresh spring rolls. [Image 8

Caprese tempura ¥800
-Tempura Uzuki- (East Yard 7F) Sales period: November 1st (Tuesday) to 30th (Wednesday)
A dish of tomato and cheese caprese rolled and deep-fried in Uzuki no Yuba. It is also recommended as a snack with alcohol.
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Galette of your choice (pictured is shrimp and avocado) + melty grilled cheese & high-grade Swiss cheese “Tet de Moanne” topping Galette alone ¥2,200 (cheese topping + ¥500)
-Patisserie PAROLA- (30th floor of the East Yard) Sales period: Now on sale until November 30 (Wednesday)
For an additional 500 yen, you can add toppings of melted cheese and special cheese “Tet de Moanne” to your favorite galette.
In addition to sweets using cheese, we also offer products that are perfect for meals and snacks!
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1. Truffle & Cheddar Cookies ¥1,188 *Limited time offer
2. Honey & Gorgonzola Cookies ¥1,080 *Available all year round 3. Salt & Camembert Cookies ¥1,080 *Available all year round -Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory- (Tower Yard 2nd floor) Sale period: On sale until November 30 (Wednesday) *1.
“Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory” is based on the concept of a factory full of creativity that offers surprises and delicious sweets by thinking about new combinations of ingredients every day. Cookies using various cheeses are recommended.
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Hokkaido Fluffy Fresh Cheesecake ¥324
-Morozoff- (Tower Yard 2nd floor) Sales period: Friday, November 11 (Cheese day only)
Using two types of cheese, cream cheese and fromage blanc from Hokkaido, sweet and sour raspberry sauce is combined with a soft textured rare cheese dough with honey from France.
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Potato puff quattro cheese and olives ¥1,100
-AND THE FRIET- (tower yard 2nd floor) *Available all year round Quattro cheese (camembert, cheddar, gouda, blue cheese) flavored potato puffs with dried and salted olives. You can enjoy the richness of 4 kinds of cheese and the taste of olives.
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Creamy cheesecake (whole) ¥1,620
– apples and butter. – (Tower Yard 2nd Floor) *Sold all year round A rich apple cheesecake with an exquisite balance of sourness and sweetness, using plenty of cheese and apples.
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Fig cheesecake ¥680
-SOL’S COFFEE- (East Yard 7F) Sales period: November 1st (Tuesday) to 30th (Wednesday)
Cheesecake for adults with fig red wine compote.
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4 Kinds of Cheese Bread ¥330
-Kurasuwa- (East Yard 1F) Sale period: On sale until Wednesday, November 30 A bread that allows you to enjoy the rich aroma of cheese using Gouda, Gruyère, cream cheese, and parmesan cheese.
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Smoked smoke and cheese pickled in oil ¥864
-Kitano Ace- (West Yard 2F) Sales period: November 1st (Tuesday) to 30th (Wednesday)
The combination of smoked smoky smoke and delicious cheese is a perfect match with white wine.
Various cheese events are held! ! “CHEESE GARDEN FESTIVAL 2022” “CHEESE GARDEN FESTIVAL 2022” will be held at the cheese confectionery specialty store “Cheese Garden (Tokyo Solamachi Tower Yard 2F)” in conjunction with the cheese fair. Please enjoy the cheese event only during the fair period.
■ Cafe menu
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1. Choose! cheese pandu
Customers can freely combine and order 5 types of bread, 7 types of cheese sauce, and 4 types of side dishes specially prepared for this time, and enjoy their own original cheese pandu. The number is 140 ways!
Sales period November 10th (Thursday) to 13th (Sunday), 2022 Selling price: 1,500 yen
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2. Toppings to choose from! cheesecake soft
A collaboration menu with a cheese factory in Nasu Kogen. You can choose your favorite toppings from three workshops: “Cheese Factory Nasu no Mori”, “Ima Bokujo Cheese Factory”, and “Amatani Cheese Factory”.
Sales period November 10th (Thursday) to 13th (Sunday), 2022 Sales price: 550 yen each
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3. Cheese on fruit tea
From Cheese Garden’s original blended tea “Techa” to Earl Gray based “Goyotei”, colorful fruits are added to create a refreshing fruit tea topped with cheese cream. If you mix it and eat it, it will have a mellow taste.
Sales period November 1st (Tuesday) to 30th (Wednesday), 2022 Selling price 680 yen
■Cheese sales and events
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