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Tokyo We will support the planning of new travel products that make use of the characteristics of the region!

We support the planning of new travel products that make the most of regional characteristics!
– Start of application for management support business (3rd round) by promoting cooperation between tourism-related businesses –

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau will subsidize part of the necessary expenses when travel agencies in Tokyo collaborate with tourism-related businesses to create new travel products that make use of the characteristics of the region. We carry out “business support business by promotion of cooperation of tourism-related business operators”.
We are starting the third round of recruitment, so please make use of it. [Summary of Recruitment]
1. Persons eligible for assistance:
travel agent in Tokyo
2 Subsidized projects:
Create new travel tours or online tours with special meal menus and hands-on activities that make use of local characteristics, etc., in collaboration with tourism-related businesses
3 Subsidized expenses:
Expenses in the table below to implement the subsidized project
[Table 2: ]
*There are notes on each expense, so please check the application guidelines. 4 Amount of subsidy:
Within a maximum of two-thirds of the subsidized expenses, the limit is 2 million yen.
(Up to 3 million yen when collaborating with 4 or more tourism-related businesses)
5 Recruitment period:
From October 5, 2020 (Wednesday) to December 28, 2020 (Wednesday) * After the application period ends, a review will be conducted to determine the recipients of the subsidy.
6 Application method, etc.:
Please attach the required documents to the prescribed application form and apply to the Tourism Industry Promotion Division, Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau.
Please refer to the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau website for details of the project and downloading of application documents.
This project is a project to promote the “Future Tokyo” strategy. Strategy 15 Cultural and Entertainment City Strategy “Attractive Tourism Content Creation Project”
【contact information】
-Overall business-
Reception Environment Division, Tourism Department, Industrial and Labor Bureau, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Telephone 03-5320-5984
-How to apply-
(public interest incorporated foundation) Tokyo Tourism Foundation Tourism Industry Promotion Department Tourism Industry Promotion Section Telephone 03-5579-8873

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