Tokyu Malls Development Co., Ltd. GREEN Good MARKET 2022, an event to create opportunities to think about the natural environment and ecology

Tokyu Malls Development Co., Ltd.
GREEN Good MARKET 2022, an event to create opportunities to think about the natural environment and ecology
-Held at Granberry Park on November 5th (Sat) and 6th (Sun), 2022-
The outlet complex commercial facility “Granberry Park” directly connected to “Minami Machida Granberry Park Station” on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line will be open for shopping and workshops for two days on November 5th (Sat) and 6th (Sun), 2022. Following on from last year, we will hold the second “GREEN Good MARKET 2022” as an event that creates opportunities to think about the natural environment and ecology while having fun.
[Image 1

*The image is from last year’s event.
“GREEN Good MARKET 2022” will open 28 stores in Granberry Park. At the three outdoor plazas in the facility, “Oasis Plaza”, “Park Plaza” and “Theater Plaza”, ecology and sustainability-conscious fashion, miscellaneous goods, outdoor products, food sales, workshops, etc. will be held. As a new initiative this time, many exhibitions and workshops related to ecology and sustainability will be held at the sponsor booth of “Grandberry Plaza”. In addition, as a stage event, we will introduce our efforts to convert all Tokyu lines to renewable energy, and we will have a greeting by the Tokyu line mascot “Norurun” and the Tokyu Denki & Gas mascot “Terumaru” at the “Theater Plaza”. [Image 2

*The image is from last year’s event.
■Overview of “GREEN Good MARKET 2022”
Date: November 5th (Sat) and 6th (Sun), 2022, 10:00-16:00 *Cancelled in rainy or stormy weather
Venue: Grandberry Park outdoor plaza, Tsuruma Park, Park Life Site Machi Library General reception: Installed in Granberry Plaza
[Image 3

*The image is from last year’s event.
■ Main implementation plans
1. Store / sponsor market booth (partial introduction)
Stores in Granberry Park and supporting companies will sell products, workshops, and exhibitions that consider the natural environment, ecology, and sustainability.
〇 Number of stores in Granberry Park: 28 stores
〇Store area: Oasis Plaza, Park Plaza, Theater Plaza
[Store booth]
・Fleur message
In addition to selling dried flowers made in the store to reduce waste, customers can choose their own flowers in a “bouquet bag” made of sustainable materials and create an original bouquet like a workshop.
[Image 4

※The image is an image.
・Snow Peak
Sells apparel products made from recycled cotton, polyester, and down. At the workshop, we will hold an eco-bag dyeing experience using dyes made from ecological waste ingredients from the restaurant “Snow Peak Eat” attached to the store.
[Image 5

※The image is an image.
・Fukusuke Outlet
“Nemuriito” is the leftover yarn that was left in the factory during the production process. Limited sale of socks that revived the “Nemuriito” using a knitting machine that was not in operation. Find your favorite among the valuable items.
[Image 6

※The image is an image.
[Sponsored booth] *First implementation plan
We will hold a Christmas ornament workshop that utilizes the offcuts from the production of wooden pallets.
[Image 7d73657-15-29deda4a1fe25463e49c-6.jpg&s3=73657-15-b9ff37bac01e47ac4e351f21d2aede48-1477x1108.jpg
※The image is an image.
・Food Ribbon Co., Ltd.
We will sell jeans and Aloha shirts made from pineapple leaf fibers that are normally discarded, and hold a workshop to create original accessories using the same material.
[Image 8d73657-15-27320759f989389154a9-7.jpg&s3=73657-15-6853334d7818870e12cc1f0322b93d84-1590x1598.jpg
※The image is an image
2. Stage event (partial introduction) * First implementation plan ・ Norurun & Terumaru Character Greeting
A character greeting will be held by the Tokyu Line mascot “Norurun” and the Tokyu Denki & Gas mascot “Terumaru”.
Date and time: November 5th (Sat) and 6th (Sun) 1.11: 30-12: 00, 2. 14: 30-15: 00
*First 20 people each time. Numbered tickets for each session on the day will be distributed at the general reception from 10:00. It will end as soon as it is gone.
[Image 9d73657-15-058dd8aecb88c7d0ec29-8.png&s3=73657-15-7d47890d1eb5f20b7f625efb2e798b73-1742x1315.png
・Regarding environmental initiatives of Tokyu Corporation and Tokyu Corporation We will introduce the goals of “Environmental Vision 2030” aimed at solving environmental issues caused by climate change, and Japan’s first initiative to operate all Tokyu lines with 100% renewable energy (*).
*Electric power with virtually zero CO2 emissions by utilizing non-fossil fuel certificates with tracking
Date and time: November 5th (Sat) 13:30-14:00, November 6th (Sun) 15:30-16:00 3. Collect G coins!
G coins are coins that can be collected and used at “GREEN Good Market 2022”. You can earn G coins by collecting old clothes, participating in workshops, stamp rallies, etc., and shopping at target stores. If you collect 5 G coins, you can exchange them for a “Granberry Park meal / shopping ticket worth 500 yen” at the general reception. [Image 10d73657-15-4053d824f8222993367f-14.jpg&s3=73657-15-5fcfc7f4b3f130a7ac474dd8be2f18c7-2780x2408.jpg
*The image is from last year’s event.
4. Used clothes collection
Collect clothing items at the General Reception. Collected clothing is recycled into various raw materials including recycled polyester. * Only clothing items are eligible for collection. Small items such as socks, underwear, and hats are not eligible.
[Image 11d73657-15-bae6cdbb407bc39634ac-10.jpg&s3=73657-15-59101f0c7b96e502f0b2c16760e4c7be-3347x2668.jpg
*The image is from last year’s event.
5. Tsuruma Park/Park Life/Site Machi Library Interlocking Project (partial introduction) *First implementation project
Various events will be held, such as a mini steam locomotive using bio-coal made from combustible waste, selling organic vegetables grown using fallen leaves from the park, and setting up an
environment-themed bookshelf corner in the town library.
・ Mini SL riding event that runs on bio-coal
A mini SL using bio-coal made from combustible waste runs. Children to adults can ride.
Date and time: November 5th (Sat) and 6th (Sun) 10:30-16:00 (Last reception 15:00)
Place: Tsuruma Park Suidomichi
Participation fee: Free Capacity: 15 people per session (no age limit) *We may stop accepting applications once the capacity is reached. [Image 12d73657-15-aa712933c369f404ed82-12.jpg&s3=73657-15-e5d909b829bb5ad4db8b0ef80b76cedc-3072x2304.jpg
*The image is from when the event was held at another venue. ・Tsuruma Park SDGs Project Harvest Vegetable Market
We will sell organic vegetables grown in a recycling-oriented farming method in which seedlings are raised in a fermented hotbed in which rice bran and water are added to the fallen leaves of Tsuruma Park, and the humus created in the process is grown.
Date and time: November 6th (Sun) 9:00-16:00
Place: Tsuruma Park Suidomichi
[Image 13d73657-15-f959023499b61ba87063-11.jpg&s3=73657-15-5d06d103711c2baee3adf5ef06e0d957-1478x1108.jpg
※The image is an image.
■Granberry Park Overview
Located in Minami Machida Grandberry Park, which was redeveloped through a public-private partnership between Tokyu Corporation and Machida City, this is Tokyo’s largest open-mall type outlet complex commercial facility. Adjacent to the lush greenery of Tsuruma Park, this is an entertainment park where you can enjoy not only shopping, but also a variety of experiences in the seven outdoor plazas within the facility and Tsuruma Park. .

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