Tominaga Trading Co., Ltd. Cheap, smart and convenient from world gems to affordable products! Tominaga Tradin g Co., Ltd. official online shop “Tasty World!” Starts regular course service!

Tominaga Trading Co., Ltd.
Cheap, smart and convenient, from world-class gems to affordable products! Tominaga Trading Co., Ltd. official online shop “Tasty World!” Starts regular course service!
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Tominaga Trading Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kobe City, Hyogo
Prefecture), which develops a wide range of businesses centered on “food” around the world, is the No. 1 (* 1) manuka honey brand “Manuka Health” manuka honey. We have started a service that allows you to regularly purchase high-quality products that are particular about the quality and taste that you want to eat every day from around the world, such as . No need to place monthly orders and free shipping. Moreover, the first time is up to 20% OFF, and the second and subsequent times are up to 15% OFF.
Tasty world! Regular course: [Image 1

Tasty world! ] concept, we are particular about the quality and taste of the ingredients, and we have prepared a rich product lineup full of joy and discoveries by utilizing our experience cultivated over many years and our domestic and overseas networks.
We started a new regular course this time. With the regular course, you can conveniently enjoy the Tasty world! products at a great price. [Conveniently enjoy! Advantages of Regular Course]
[Image 2

Up to 20% off your first purchase, up to 15% off your second purchase. Free Shipping Anytime!
It saves you the trouble of ordering every month and prevents you from missing when you want to eat and when you want to drink.
You can change or skip the delivery schedule at any time!
Multiple delivery intervals can be selected and can be changed freely from My Page.
You can easily change your address or cancel your contract at any time on My Page.
We will notify you of the expiration date of your credit card. [Regular course eligible brands and products]
Manuka Health: Manuka Honey
[Image 3d20736-67-1b05c27ad4a405e2179c-3.png&s3=20736-67-24645aa56c16beebe0dbe31480ac6bef-1800x1026.png
Manuka honey is a honey harvested from the manuka flowers that are native to New Zealand.
The indigenous Maori people of New Zealand call the manuka tree, which has a strong vitality, “the tree of resurrection, the tree of healing”, and it has been used as a remedy for health for many years. Manuka flowers can only be harvested for 6 weeks a year, making it a very rare honey.
And it is rich in a special natural ingredient called MGO (dietary methylglyoxal), which is rarely found in other honeys.
Manuka Health boasts No. 1 * in both recognition and purchase rate in Japan, and is a leading company of Manuka honey loved by more than 45 countries around the world. We procure raw materials from our company and reliable contracted beekeepers, manage all manufacturing processes in our own factory in Japan, and manage quality. It is popular for its creamy and rich flavor thanks to its unique manufacturing method. (*1) Survey subject: Tominaga Trading Co., Ltd. Survey implementation agency: INTAGE Inc.
Survey implementation period: March 1 (Friday) to 4 (Monday), 2019 Subject conditions: Tokyo metropolitan area (1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures), Kinki area (2 prefectures and 4 prefectures) / 20-79 years old / Male and female / Manuka honey aware Sample size: n = 6,546
AHMAD TEA: black tea
[Image 4d20736-67-9b3fea67b1998f3def9a-4.jpg&s3=20736-67-cbf8f6c91bbda15f10b30fe3ad7806a0-3024x2016.jpg
Ahmad Tea is popular in more than 80 countries around the world to date, based on the founder’s desire to “drink high-quality tea more easily.” I’ve been
Since 2015, it has won every year since 2015 the Great Taste Awards, an international food competition sponsored by the British Luxury Food Retail Association.
With a wide lineup ranging from traditional blends to fruit teas and decaf types, we aim to be a tea brand that delivers “a special cup that colors today”.
[Image 5d20736-67-d3c3f3c51fa398a915ab-5.png&s3=20736-67-57a86c9307e488f376d111736aae5a22-1100x511.png
With a history of more than 150 years, authentic Spanish olive oil that has been handed down for five generations. Since its founding in 1872, a long-established manufacturer with a history and tradition that has been passed down for five generations is committed to maintaining the “quality of extra virgin oil”.
For this reason, we use integrated production to ensure strict quality control until the olive oil is ready. About 30,000 olive trees are cultivated in Garcia’s olive groves, which are located near Toledo, the ancient capital of Spain, a large country of olives. The harvested olives are transported to the nearby company’s own factory, where they are pressed while maintaining their freshness.
Garcia’s olive oil is 100% from Spain! We blend mainly 3 varieties of olives representing Spain. Garcia’s original blend that has a slightly tangy and pleasant spiciness when it goes down your throat. (*The blend ratio and variety will vary depending on the harvest year and the flavor at the time of filling.)
The acidity of olive oil is greatly influenced by the time from the moment the olive fruit falls from the tree until the oil is pressed. The shorter the time from the moment the fruit falls until the oil is pressed, the lower the acidity and the higher the quality of the olive oil. Garcia insists that the oil be pressed within 24 hours of harvest.
Mon Favori: maple syrup
[Image 6d20736-67-a9414b9de23e1e2f903d-6.png&s3=20736-67-178cef02250d4cc267671b165a77c45c-1100x511.png
Mon Favori means “my favorite” in French. In Canada, maple syrup is a common condiment in every household and is used in a variety of everyday situations, from breakfast to dinner, desserts and drinks. Monfavori has a desire to deliver deliciousness and fun as “my favorite” not only to Canada but also to many dining tables in Japan. Latino: Pasta
[Image 7d20736-67-821178caccf479399a6e-7.png&s3=20736-67-fbed215fa9a994a19ffc9536c9e6d00e-1100x511.png
From the beautiful country of the Mediterranean Sea, we offer authentic pasta that is particular about taste and quality. Eurimac, which manufactures “Latino” born in the country of wheat, Greece, boasts about 30% of the share of pasta products in Greece.
Manufactured with 100% durum wheat from Greece and thoroughly not using any genetically modified crops. Semolina is used to create a springy texture and an al dente texture.
We have popular long & short pasta and fast-boiled & whole grain pasta, and you can choose from consumer packs and large capacity packs that you can choose according to the frequency of use.
Bodega Iniesta: wine
[Image 8d20736-67-c66860e8afe46eebc7e6-8.png&s3=20736-67-cbce30f77a05eeee79f0e7eae2223ae7-1100x511.png
Wine of the gem which Andres Iniesta devoted love and passion to Bodega Iniesta is a winery owned by Andrés Iniesta, a former member of the Spanish national football team, in La Mancha.
“Bodega Iniesta Corazon Loco” was born in 2010. Corazón Loco means “outburst of love”.
Along with Iniesta’s signature, the keyword “La pasion va por dentro” is also printed on the label.
After 10 years, the brand created by the Iniesta family called “Corazón Loco” has been highly evaluated by many people, including experts in the wine industry in Japan and overseas.
【company overview】
[Image 9d20736-67-83d11e7db808b34510ff-9.jpg&s3=20736-67-ad61a0ee31c31f7bad4595ef6f432de4-2661x1460.jpg
Company name: Tominaga Trading Co., Ltd.
Founded: May 1923 (Taisho 12)
Established: September 1949 (Showa 24)
Location: 5-1-21 Miyukidori, Chuo Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture 651-0087 Company HP:
【Related Links】
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