Tomorrow (10/12) Exhibition where 600 companies gather for the latest products and services in the medical, nursing, and pharmacy industries

RX Japan Co., Ltd.
[Tomorrow (10/12)] Exhibition where 600 companies gather for the latest products and services in the medical, nursing, and pharmacy industries

RX Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Takeshi Tanaka) will hold Medical / Nursing Care / Pharmacy Week at Makuhari Messe for three days from October 12th (Wednesday) to 14th (Friday), 2022. [Tokyo] will be held. This exhibition is a
comprehensive exhibition of hospitals, clinics, nursing care, pharmacies, and infection control where all products, technologies, and services related to medical care, nursing care, and pharmacies are exhibited under one roof.
In addition, seminar 50 lectures will be held at the same time. Gorgeous instructors such as Takafumi Horie, Minoru Kamata, and Yuji Maeda of SHOWROOM will be on stage every day. Please listen to seminars by representatives of each industry. We are looking forward to seeing you at the interview.
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Tomorrow, October 12th (Wednesday) to October 14th (Friday), the 5th Medical, Nursing Care and Pharmacy Week [Tokyo] will be held at Makuhari Messe. Today, we would like to introduce you to the points that you should check out before interviewing us!
Please check it out and use it to plan your coverage on the day.

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CORI-Surgery support robot

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Surgery support robots for artificial joint replacement in the field of orthopedics support safer and more accurate surgeries. In addition, since the size and shape of bones and the condition of soft tissues such as ligaments and muscles are different for each individual, we also support surgery tailored to each individual.
■ Company name: SMITH & NEPHEW PLC
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Pedestrian bridges, station stairs, getting on and off trains, you can reach your destination without assistance! movBot(R) ACE is a wheelchair that keeps the seat level on any road, climbing stairs, climbing over steps, running on slopes, and running on any road. Obstacles are wheelchairs that run rampant and slip through. ■ Company name: Access Engineering (Yes)
Virtual radiography training
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Using VR technology, this is a simulator that allows you to experience X-ray examination procedures in the virtual space of VR goggles. With multiplayer, up to 10 instructors and experiencers can enter the same virtual space at the same time and experience the same experience as an actual seminar while checking the X-ray imaging technique. ■ Company name: Kishibur Co., Ltd.
GeneSoC(R) mini
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[Real-time PCR device] GeneSoC(R) mini is a small palm-sized real-time PCR device.
■ Company name: Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Medicine pack sorting device -for nursing homes-
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By registering the prescription information and setting the medicines in the device together, the medicine distribution tray will be completed automatically. You can check it before handing over to the medication assistant.
■ Company name: Ricoh Technologies Co., Ltd.
Working power suit X (assist suit)
[Image 8

Working power suit X is attracting attention with 6,000 units sold in a year. The XX structure based on ergonomics and the force of the spring reduce the burden on the body. We have a proven track record of implementation in a variety of industries.
■ Company name: R-e Co., Ltd.
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● – Japan’s largest exhibition – to hold an exhibition for infectious disease control
● 600 companies including major companies in the medical, nursing care, and pharmacy industries will exhibit! An exhibition where the latest trends in the industry gather

– Gorgeous lecturers such as Horiemon Takafumi Horie and Minoru Kamata will be on stage!

-Overview of the exhibition-
5th Medical/Nursing Care/Pharmacy Week [Tokyo]


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