Topic on SNS A hateful and adorable “Mozuku” stuffed animal is now available!

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[Topic on SNS] A hateful and adorable “Mozuku” stuffed animal is now available! Manga that depicts everyday life with humor is a hot topic on SNS!
From CAMPFIRE Co., Ltd. (CAMPFIRE Creation), a stuffed toy featuring eyes that embody “emptyness” and a dosukoi body, drawn by Mozuku, the creator of comics that depict everyday life in a humorous way on social media.
This is now available at Village Vanguard Online.
[Image 1d18131-3815-7027489c109c72020145-0.jpg&s3=18131-3815-507626fd0388fd86ded903e82f5fd1dc-2048x1366.jpg
“Mozuku plush toy” has been decided to be commercialized through crowdfunding! What is “mozuku”?
He is a creator who has become a hot topic on SNS for comics that depict everyday life with humor.
It is characterized by eyes that embody “emptiness” and a dosukoi body. The sight of the hateful yet adorable Mozuku working hard encourages us. ■ Sales page
Mozuku stuffed toy 7,502 yen (tax included)

[Image 2d18131-3815-de0c9688dfbb9521db9d-1.jpg&s3=18131-3815-6ea0e8f62e51d24ed7460663de0df3af-1219x813.jpg
The round eyes are also expressed by embroidery!
[Image 3d18131-3815-6de2a8ea35cf0eae7d4f-4.jpg&s3=18131-3815-8c931de7c01877ab17ec1176ddffbceb-2048x1366.jpg
The Dosukoi body has been realized with detailed modifications made by the creator himself!
Please hug me.
[Image 4d18131-3815-0cb86bda5689f4d17b10-2.jpg&s3=18131-3815-a4d72169585e2b3faacfa5f0eaa8d38b-2048x1366.jpg
If you put it in your room, it might give you a little encouragement…! [Image 5d18131-3815-768ebeb4dcbc7e5934c2-5.jpg&s3=18131-3815-0fa6f2741d2102c91238f7ce5b0192b8-1008x756.jpg

[Image 6d18131-3815-304c310eb3d8fcd13334-3.jpg&s3=18131-3815-dcadaf242e70e674de1a8a94aabe98a8-938x628.jpg
If you put it in your room, even if you fail
You may feel like you’re going to go ahead somehow!
■ Sales page
■ Product information
mozuku plush toy
Price: 7,502 yen (tax included)
Size: Width 16cm.Height 20cm.Thickness 11cm
Material: 100% polyester


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