Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Toppan Printing Lines Up Packages for ALL PE Liquids in “GL BARRIER”

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
Toppan Printing Lines Up Packages for ALL PE Liquids in “GL BARRIER” We have developed an ALL PE mono-material configuration package that achieves both strength and environmental suitability. Eco-friendly packaging with a single material structure that supports boiling sterilization and is highly recyclable.

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President: Hideharu Maro; hereinafter referred to as Toppan Printing) has announced a new lineup of the GL BARRIER* series, a comprehensive barrier product brand centered on transparent barrier films. We have developed a PE (polyethylene) mono-material barrier package for liquid contents.
[Video 2:] This product utilizes the vapor deposition and coating technology of “GL BARRIER” to enable vapor deposition processing, which was difficult with PE (polyethylene), and achieves higher barrier properties than conventional PE monomaterial packages.
It can handle high-moisture content and liquid contents, which have been problematic in terms of physical properties in general PE monomaterials, and has excellent drop strength as a liquid product application. Can be used for any purpose. In addition, the
mono-material construction makes it highly recyclable, and it is a package that achieves both strength and environmental friendliness. With this product, we have further expanded the “GL BARRIER” lineup to meet the demand for mono-materials, which is leading in Europe and the United States.
For a wide range of industries, including food manufacturers and toiletry manufacturers, sample shipments will begin around the spring of 2023 worldwide, and full-scale sales will begin in 2023.
In addition, this product will be displayed at the Toppan Printing booth (East 2) at the “2022 Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition -TOKYO PACK 2022-” (Venue: Tokyo Big Sight) to be held from October 12th (Wednesday) to 14th (Friday), 2022. It will be exhibited in Hall / Booth No. 2-52).
[Image 1d33034-1029-c0aa2080da11bcc1220e-5.png&s3=33034-1029-c42684810d9bef277dd3398f95cf8d1f-1615x1107.png
Image of package product for ALL PE liquid (C) TOPPAN INC.
■ Development background
 In response to the growing global momentum for promoting
environmental consideration and resource saving, such as SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), packages that reduce environmental impact are attracting attention. In the medium-term management plan announced in May 2021, Toppan Printing aims to realize a sustainable society as a leading company that solves social issues worldwide through “DX (Digital Transformation)” and “SX (Sustainable
Transformation).” We are promoting our business activities with environmental initiatives as one of our priority measures.
In 1986, Toppan Printing developed the barrier film “GL FILM” to solve social issues such as food loss reduction and resource conservation. At present, we boast the world’s top share in the market for transparent vapor deposition barrier films, with the world’s highest level of barrier performance and a wide range of products for various applications. In the EU, each country has started working on resource recycling of packaging waste, such as the goal of making all packaging materials reusable and recyclable by 2030.
 The use of monomaterials for packaging is an effective means of improving recyclability, and there is a demand for the development of PE-based barrier films and barrier packages for monomaterial packaging. The development of a PE mono-material barrier package with excellent drop strength will make it possible to replace refill pouches for detergents, shampoos, etc. with a mono-material
■ Features of “PE mono-material barrier package for liquid applications” ・Excellent recyclability due to PE monomaterial composition
By using PE as a single material for the packaging, we have achieved excellent recyclability.
・High barrier properties/Boil sterilization suitability
A high-quality barrier deposition layer developed based on the technology cultivated through the development and manufacturing of “GL BARRIER”, a proprietary barrier coating agent and converting technology realize high barrier properties and boil sterilization suitability. We can also handle a wide range of contents that require high barriers, which was difficult in the past.
・Realization of PE monomaterial packaging for liquid applications The development of a PE mono-material barrier package with excellent drop strength will make it possible to replace refill pouches for detergents and shampoos with a mono-material configuration.
“Mono-material barrier package” introduction
Column page: ■ About “TOPPAN S-VALUE (R) Packaging”
[Image 2d33034-1029-94d6a63ae29dee0156fd-1.png&s3=33034-1029-6dcd2b446a42fa1de6bd10720c46a1c1-1076x1244.png
Toppan Printing has set up “TOPPAN S-VALUE (R) Packaging” that contributes to a better society and a richer and more comfortable life with “valuable packaging”, and has created a “smart life value package (R)” that is valuable to “people”. )”, a valuable “Social Value Package (R)” for “Shakai”, and a valuable “Sustainable Value Package (R)” for “Chikyu”.
[Image 3d33034-1029-fb4a81cfd65b7d3537c0-2.png&s3=33034-1029-419ca2ec9de7502c43fad90c83b0d4d0-648x648.png
“People” / “Smart Life Value Package (R)”
We provide optimal value for various aspects of life, such as smooth purchasing, efficient storage, delicious cooking, easy disposal, and safe and secure handling, and develop solutions that maximize the customer experience as a communication medium. increase.
[Image 4d33034-1029-cb30bace1031ed21829e-4.png&s3=33034-1029-284df5821592ad4d8ec6290ea93ffc0a-648x648.png
“Shakai” / “Social Value Package (R)”
We will develop valuable packages and services that solve various issues that occur in the supply chain, such as improving operational efficiency, improving productivity, and optimizing sales, and realizing continuous corporate activities.
[Image 5d33034-1029-cffb6e08dbe5069310ea-3.png&s3=33034-1029-8142375c984c5c6a54c09b0890c90e83-648x648.png
Chikyu/Sustainable Value Package(R)
Developing solutions that reduce environmental impact and realize a recycling-oriented society, such as packaging materials using recycled plastic, packaging materials made from a single material with improved recyclability, and packaging materials using plant-derived materials such as paper and biomass plastics. To do.
-URL- ■ Future goals
Toppan Printing will expand sales of mono-material packages including this product in Japan and overseas, aiming for sales of approximately 20 billion yen in 2025, including related orders. To realize a sustainable society, we will promote initiatives to realize a sustainable society worldwide.
■ About “TOKYO PACK 2022”
Name: 2022 Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition -TOKYO PACK 2022- Date: October 12th (Wednesday) to 14th (Friday), 2022
Opening hours: 10:00-17:00
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, East Halls 1-3, East 6
Theme: New Era Package Gather here! – Functional evolution and mission for the future –
Organizer: Japan Packaging Institute
Official website URL:
“TOKYO PACK 2022 special website”
URL: ■ Access information
・Access to Tokyo Big Sight
Rinkai Line Kokusai-tenjijo Station (get off, walk 7 minutes) Get off at Yurikamome Tokyo Big Sight Station (get off, walk 3 minutes) ・Access to the Toppan printing booth
Toppan printing booth location
East Hall 2 Booth No. 2-52
“GL BARRIER” is based on “GL FILM,” a transparent barrier film developed by Toppan Printing that has the world’s highest level of barrier performance.
A comprehensive barrier product brand. “GL FILM” is a multi-layer structure that combines unique coating layers and high-quality vapor deposition layers.
Demonstrates stable barrier performance. In addition, many excellent properties have been highly evaluated, and it is used in foods, medicines, pharmaceuticals, and industrial materials.
Adopted in a wide range of fields.
URL: * Product and service names mentioned in this news release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. * The information contained in this news release is current as of the date of the announcement. Subject to change without notice.
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