Toshiba Brave Lupus Tokyo joins NTV’s athlete dispatch matching service “Dream Coaching” as a coach

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Toshiba Brave Lupus Tokyo joins NTV’s athlete dispatch matching service “Dream Coaching” as a coach
~ Receive high-quality instruction from Rugby League One ~

Nippon Television Network Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Akira Ishizawa, hereinafter referred to as NTV) and League One (Division), which has a track record of broadcasting Japan Rugby League One 1) Toshiba Brave Lupus Tokyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fuchu City, Tokyo; President: Yoshikazu Araoka) has started
collaborating on the sports athlete dispatch matching service “Dream Coaching” operated by Nippon Television. We will start rugby coaching activities by coaches and OB players.
High-quality instruction that emphasizes the basics that we have provided to children as “Lupus Juku” is used as training for individual instruction and group training such as club activities and club teams on the ground in Toshiba Fuchu Plant, which is also used by the top team. carry out.
For details, please check the Toshiba Brave Lupus Tokyo coach page of “Dream Coaching”.
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About Toshiba Brave Lupus Tokyo
Established in 1948, the prestigious team has led the Japanese rugby world, winning three times the All-Japan Professional Tournament, winning the Japan Rugby Top League, which was launched in 2003, five times, and winning the Japan Rugby Championship six times. Belongs to “JAPAN RUGBY LEAGUE ONE” DIVISION 1, which opened in 2022. Starting with Michael Leitch, captain of the Rugby World Cup 2019(TM) Japan Tournament, the team is working to win League One with a large number of Japanese national team players.
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▷Comment from Yoshikazu Araoka, President of Toshiba Brave Lupus Tokyo We are very pleased to start collaborating with NTV’s sports athlete dispatch matching service “Dream Coaching”. Academy coaches and OB coaches will teach the rugby know-how and skills that Toshiba Brave Lupus Tokyo has cultivated over its 74-year history. We hope that many children will feel the charm of rugby through the guidance of Dream Coaching.
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Features of Dream Coaching
1. Sports athlete dispatch matching service
Dream Coaching is a matching service for dispatching athletes with individual coaching as the core of its business. When a user reserves a coach of their choice, training will be provided in various formats such as one-on-one individual instruction and group instruction. In the future, we will focus on dispatching top athletes to events, sports classes, club activities, etc., based on the teaching methods and data cultivated through 5,000 individual coaching.
2. Reservation service each time
You can specify a convenient time and place from the coach’s free schedule and use it. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, from one-time use to regular training, and there are no restrictions on time or place. If the date and time do not match, there is also a schedule request function to the coach.
3. Many famous athletes participate
Many top athletes who have been active in professional and Olympic games participate. It is also a feature that active players
participate as coaches, so you can receive the latest training. In over 2,000 reviews from coaches, 98% of them gave us the highest rating of 5 stars. *As of October 2022
[Main participating coaches] (Titles omitted)
2021 Tokyo Olympics: Kohei Kameyama (gymnastics), Rie Matsubara (rhythmic gymnastics)
2022 Beijing Olympics representative: Sena Suzuki (ice hockey) Other Olympic athletes: Masumi Mishina (softball), Tomomi Morita (swimming), Takahiro Watanabe (track and field), Kyoko Oshima (gymnastics), Honami Tsuboi (rhythmic gymnastics), etc.
Professional baseball: Yoshinori Sato, Masanori Hayashi, Keiji Ohiki, Masashi Hashimoto, Ryosuke Kisato, Daisuke Fujimura, Hirotaka Koishi, Tomohito Yoneno and others
Professional soccer: Kenta Watanabe, Takaya Kawanabe, Naoya Tamura, Hiroki Hattori, Kiichi Sakata and others
* In addition, many top athletes and coaches such as V leaguers and corporate runners participate as coaches.
4. Suitable for people with various purposes and levels
From those who are good at sports to those who are not good at physical education and sports, we will respond to people with various purposes and levels. From small children to junior high school and high school club activities, and adults who want to enjoy sports, you can find a coach that suits you.
5. Enrollment fee 0 yen, monthly membership fee 0 yen
Unlike existing exercise classes and sports lessons, there is no need to go to a fixed time and place every week. It is a simple fee structure that pays for each training session without any enrollment fee or monthly membership fee.
▷ Nippon Television Network Corporation
Representative: Akira Ishizawa, President and CEO
Established: October 15, 1952
Location: Nippon Television Tower, 1-6-1 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo URL:
▷ Toshiba Brave Lupus Tokyo Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yoshikazu Araoka, President and Representative Director Established: August 2, 2021
Location: 1 Toshiba-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo
▷Contact information
Company name: Nippon Television Network Corporation
Department name: President’s Office New Business Department
Person in charge: Yasushi Shintani, Shuichi Suda

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