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Toshiba Lifestyle Three products, a refrigerator-freezer, a cordless vacuum cleaner, and a cordless clothes steamer, won the 2022 Good Design Award.

Toshiba Lifestyle
Three products, a refrigerator-freezer, a cordless vacuum cleaner, and a cordless clothes steamer, won the 2022 Good Design Award.

Toshiba Lifestyle Corporation won the 2022 Good Design Award sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. We are pleased to inform you that 3 products of the clothing steamer La・Coo S “TAS-MX6” won the “Good Design Award”.
Our company pursues important thoughts and everyday usability that do not change in everyday life, even if the world and lifestyles change. I am working on design development. Going forward, we will continue to provide products that pay close attention to details, such as convenient functions and comfortable operability to harmonize with the living space and enrich the lives of our customers, so that we can stay close to them. We aim to improve.
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[About award-winning products]
1) Freezer VEGETA “GR-U600FZS/GR-U510FZS”
[Image 2

■ Design features:
1. An exterior that pursues both interior design and cleanability by eliminating wasteful forms as much as possible based on horizontal and vertical lines.
2. Comfortable design with easy-to-reach drawers, ceiling bright lighting that illuminates the interior, and a removable vegetable box. 3. Expansion of freshness functions in consideration of SDGs and food waste issues, and interior and exterior decoration that gives a sense of cleanliness and high performance
■Evaluation comments from the judges:
The dignified and quiet appearance brought about by the horizontal and vertical appearance is exactly the aesthetics of subtraction. For example, the brand logo has been changed from mirror printing to the same gray color as the main body door. However, it is not just a design that draws out elements, but a careful and detailed design that improves functionality with a simple form, such as a straight handle that realizes high cleaning efficiency that can be cleaned with a single wipe.
■ Details of award-winning products: 2) Cordless vacuum cleaner TORNEO cordless “VC-CLW31”
[Image 3

■ Design features:
1. An ultra-lightweight design with a standard weight of 1.0 kg that can be used quickly and easily carried around the house when you want to use it.
2. Grip shape that reduces the burden on the arm and operability that pursues the balance of the center of gravity in every cleaning scene 3. The shape that eliminates useless elements and the extension tube CMF [*2] that uses carbon materials embody the lightness and functionality of a reliable cleaning tool.
* The standard mass is the total mass of the main body, extension tube, head and battery.
*1 Measured according to the JEMA voluntary standard (HD-10). *2 COLOR, MATERIAL, and FINISH, which are the three elements that make up the surface of any object.
■Evaluation comments from the judges:
The overwhelmingly slim appearance is a major feature that encourages the desire to clean up easily when you notice it like a broom. The impression that it is slim but not delicate is that the CMF of the carbon material of the extension tube, the subdued color, and the molding around the grip are factors that create a sense of reliability as a tool. In addition, the good weight balance creates a lightness that you can feel when you hold it in your hand.
■ Details of award-winning products: 3) Cordless clothes steamer La・Coo S “TAS-MX6”
[Image 4

■ Design features:
1. The layout of the water tank has been revised, and the height has been reduced compared to previous models, resulting in a compact and easy-to-use design that brings the center of gravity closer to the hand.
2. A highly visible grip design with large ring-shaped water level windows on both sides, regardless of handedness or operating angle 3. Symmetrical and rounded closed handle for easy operation from any angle ■Evaluation comments from the judges:
There are various steamers on the market that can also be used for ironing, but this steamer’s drastic symmetrical design and beautiful styling are highly complete. The oval shape of the water tank fulfills the function of showing the water level, while impressing the roundness and symmetrical design of the main body. Furthermore, while considering the overall balance, careful attention has been paid to the design of the hanging surface and operation display. This compact feeling and beautiful appearance as an interior will change the troublesome act of ironing before going out to a positive mindset. ■ Details of award-winning products:
* What is the Good Design Award? The Good Design Award is Japan’s only comprehensive design evaluation and recommendation movement that originated from the Good Design Product Selection System established in 1957. Today, it is a global design award in which many companies and organizations in Japan and overseas participate.
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Freezer GR-U600FZS: Freezer GR-U510FZS: Cordless vacuum cleaner VC-CLW31: Cordless clothing steamer TAS-MX6:
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